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That is Fantastic. I had no idea you are so new to horses. Good for you for not settling with the first horse you saw and making sure you had the right match. I can tell there is just something special with this guy :)

Promoting the beautiful Canadian Horse
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i have loved animals since birth-rode alot as a kid then adulthood got in the way-my oldest brother was a stepplechaser in Euorpe in the 60's then a polo player also in Euorpe for 25 years-He is fanominal in the saddle-anyway i answered an ad i found for riding lessons-met my beloved Christy-former national eventing champiion, and began riding again-i leased a 4yr old APHA gelding for 5 months-adored him-owner wanted to start jumping him so i dumped my lease-he was too young and too inexperienced and i saw bad things happening that i could not in good heart take part in. The owners of the barn where i was leasing came to me and offered me any one of 8 of their horses- i chose Sonny-just loved him at first sight-he isnt fancy but he has more personality!!!!!!! he is just plain fun- they will never sell him but we did a lease and i have exclusive rights so it is working out. My life was getting the better of me for awhile with family problems and all the crap we deal with as working adults-the horse put it back into prespective for me. I am doing what i was born to do-spending time in the company of horses. Doesnt matter really that i dont own him-the family that does gives me all the space, respect and help that anyone could ever ask for. Maybe in the future?????
funny how just making the commitment to ride again gave me 4 of the most wonderful people i could hope to know and the experience of loving Romeo and loosing him (valuable lesson) and then getting Sonny. Now i also have all of you to learn from-life can be very very good!
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I have always LOVED horses, ever since I was little. I had always wanted to take riding lessons but never even asked my parents because I knew they would say no. Back then I thought that you could only ride if you had a horse, lol. :P One time I remember thinking that perhaps I could fit a horse in my little in-city, hedged, backyard! Hehe. Since I did not have a horse of my own, I would always pretend I did, usually with my bicycle. My friend and I would ride around the neighbourhood pretending to be on horseback. My first imaginary horse was black, had a white star and was called Lightning, a name that later changed to Moonlight. Hehe. When I was 11 I had my first riding experience. I went trail riding and rode this old, gentle horse named Missy. I started taking lessons when I was 15 at a barn called Westwind Stables. I rode basic western, mostly on an Arab gelding named Dakota. Here is a picture of me when I first started riding on a wonderful paint named Sugar (I find it funny looking at myself when I knew nothing of riding and comparing it to pictures of myself now):

After doing that for 2 years, I moved to a different barn where I started English lessons and rode an amazing little quarter horse named Tessa, that I absolutely fell in love with. I rode Tessa for 3 years and learned sooo much with her. We also did jumping, which I absolutely loved. Here is a picture of us:

Last summer, lessons were over for the year (we don't have summer lessons) and I was fully entending to sign up for another year of lessons with Tessa, hoping that I would have a chance to half-lease her. But there were other plans in store. I volunteer at a summer camp and they offered trail riding for the girls. Some people nearby trailered their horses to the camp. I was talking to this one lady and she told me her friend was giving away a free horse and would I be interested? I said no right away, thinking ... free horse?? No way! And anyhow, how would I ever pay for board and whatever. So we dropped the subject.

Then I was at camp again and we started talking about this horse again. The lady told me all about her, that she was a thoroughbred, really nice personality, healthy, etc. So I started getting curious and asked her if she could trailer her to the camp for me to see her (just for curiousity's sake of course).

When I saw her (Jubilee, now my horse) I instantly fell in love. She was gorgeous!! Drop dead gorgeous and so friendly and oh my ... I just LOVED her. So I told Joanna the lady to tell her friend I was interested, but I would have to give it more thought.

I called my friend Nikki who rides with me and told her all about it. I asked her if she would be willing to help me out with this horse. I went through all my options and went back to Westwind Stables, amazed to find the board $160 a month which included hay, grain, shavings, and full care! Things were starting to really work out! I did have a bit of worries about the whole "free" thing, I mean why would this lady just give away a free horse?? But I talked to her on the phone and she told me all about her. She also said if there's ever a problem with her, just bring her back. She just wanted a good home for a horse that she loved but no longer had time for.

Sooo.... to make a long story short, I payed a $1 for her, and the lady signed a release of ownership for me, saying that she was mine. So we brought Jubilee Rose home and she's fit right in, I have now had her since last October 2007. She is seriously my dream horse. She's healthy, extremely well-behaved, AMAZING TO RIDE (she's trained in dressage and showjumping --- I was told she was at Spruce Meadows in Calgary) and just the love of my life! She's an ex-racer tb, bay, and 17 years old. We have such a connection and I wouldn't trade her for anything else in the world! Now is that a dream come true or what??

Sometimes I think she fell from heaven because she's a perfect horse in my eyes and yet came free!

Here are a few pictures of her:

"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord. 'Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future'" ~ Jeremiah 29:11

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great pictures, you are both adorable! this was a great idea your personal stories are wonderful
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Green Broke
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I've owned 4 horses in my life this is going to be LONG but bare with me theres some good stories. Everyone finds this a suprise but when I was younger i had absolutly no interest in horses till I was like 6 when I rode a pony at the fair and I was in love from that day. I had horse models, posters the works. I started taking lessons when I was 7 and My mom let me lease to own a paint mare around 20 yrs old. She passed when I was 10. She was one of the first horses i took a bad fall off of.

After that I still took lessons at a different barn [the one i just left] When I was 13 I rode the new gelding they got named will he was a qh. 12 yr old. He was owned by a 300lb lady who use to ride him on hard rocks. He got hives when ever you put a saddle on him. He was so scared. He was hurt. I loved him and wanted to help him. I worked with him a few days to get him comfortable with the saddle. Once he knew I wasnt going to hurt him he was willing to let me ride him. We rode in a lesson, he had different gaits then what I was use to. But after that lessons i wanted him! I begged that day and my mom said yes! We basicly leased to own. After a few months he was mine! He became my best friend! He gave me head hugs. Stuck by my side where ever I went! I could trust him with my life every inch of it. I retaught him to canter, started him over jumps. I started to notice when I was grooming him he was looseing weight faster and faster each day. I gave him extra hay and grain. It didnt help, it was time for the vet. I knew something was wrong so I said I cant keep him it was to hard on me to lose another horse. The day I came back I found out he had huge masses in his legs and was going to be a pasture buddy. I asked where he was and he was gone :[ I never got to say good bye. I think getting ride of him was the biggest mistake of my life. Here some pictures of my baby will.

After that they got a horse named lexi a drop dead gorgeous morgan mare! I needed her! I was told she was 6, was able to ride on the rode, arena, and trails, and around the feild. Well all that was a lie and I found out the hard way. I was in the round pen and i decided to tack her up and get on her well I got my leg up and my other one not even half way over the saddle and She was gone she bucked and bolted I flew off hit my head off of the fence and she ran over me and kicked me in my head. I blacked out and i was done for the day. I got the lunge line and just lunged her. After that when I wasnt there she was beaat abused and messed up. Sometimes even when I was there they threw the saddle on her and if she moved the kicked her! I yelled stop its not your horse. Lexi still came to me for protection but once she saw the person who has been hurting her she put her ears back and start lungeing at people sometimes me. I was hurt. This gorgeous horse was done with these people. Later on I found out she was accually 3, barley broke and the person who did ride her got in a big crash with her. My old BO sold her with out even telling me. I was so mad! I think I could have worked with her just myself and we would have made a good team because I knew she loved me in a strange way.

and a video http://youtube.com/watch?v=gscATGiG-4A

Then chance. Everyone knows my chance. Yes I was stupid and bought another horse from this lady but I liked chance when I had lexi, she use to follow me in the pasture and just want attention I rode her and It was one of the worst rides of my life. I felt like selling her but I couldnt just give up. I kept working with her threw the rearing and worked her till she couldnt bolt. She learned and it still learning. We can do so much more now! She calls for me when she sees me. I think this is a horse im gonna stick with for now! We are doing some dressage, cross country, hunter jumping a bit and just plain old trail riding and pleasure riding. And in the begining I could hardly ride her. After going threw so much I think my work has finally paid off! Chance is my punky crazy [large] crazy pony. Im not gonna say a ton about chance because you all know her.

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I've been riding since I was 5, but didn't get my first horse til over 15 years later...so I had plenty of time to figure out exactly what I wanted lol

He was a kill pen horse. rescued, then thrown into a field and left. my old barn owner came across him, picked him up for a friend, and brought him home. she hates TBs with a passion, so when her friend didn't want him, she put him up for sale. I went out to see him, and he looked like cr*p. skin and bones, no muscle, violent spooker and no breaks. not the first day, though. I think he was drugged. or lunged for an hour. either way, he was quiet. I told her I wasn't interested, he was too lazy. Other than that, he was perfect. solid bay TB, 4yo 16h, no retraining off the track...so I ventured back for a 2nd look. and he was full of fire, and hardly controlable. at that, I fell in love and brought him home. We've had our ups and downs, and our scares where the vets said he'd never be sound to ride again. We've beaten all the odds, and 5 years later, we're more inseperable than ever. He is my world, and I'd be lost without him.
<3 Gangsta

Booger was kind of an accident. We were at the expo in Richmond, and he was being advertised. a 3yo 11.3h Welsh gelding, unhandled. So I figured 'why the heck not?' lol After battling lots of trust issues, he's successfully competing the local VHSA/BHSA circuit here, with a 10 year old girl. (child not pictured)

Wrangler was a gift from my father. supposed resale, but he's been here for 7 months. so I have no idea when he'll be leaving lol He came in a dangerous animal, and is now quiet, sane and respectful. He's a lot of fun, and event-geared.

Scarlet is one of my lesson horses. Bought to be a lesson horse. Used as a lesson horse. got her from an auction a few months back. Her old owners didn't want her cos she's not a good jumper. *shrug* she's great with the kids. very quiet and tolerant, and super quiet. that's all I care about :)

Bri. also one I picked up at auction a few months ago, for lessons. she's great wtc, but a total jumper over fences. initially, she was horrible about jumping...even ground poles. she'd slam on the breaks, buck, rear, spin...anything and everything to avoid jumping. checked her out, was not pain related. she's now used for flat lessons only, and she's become my personal jumper. we're competing 2-2'6, and schooling to 3'. she loves XC and jumpers, and tolerates the hunter world.

Simba's a resale I picked up at an auction a few weeks ago. but I think I'm keeping him for lessons, since he's so great with the kids. out of 14 horses, he's my first chestnut. I always said I'd never have a chestnut....his story's kinda boring lol

aaaaaaaand Jasmine. picked her up from the same sale as Simba. 4yo, fresh OT. again, resale...but I'm keeping her as my 2nd show horse. I like her too much. she was a slaughter-bound pony, the people pulled her from the kill pen and brought her to the sport horse auction, where I picked her up because she's pretty haha Beautiful mover, great conformation, sweetest temperament. Hope one day in the future, she'll become my broodmare, so I can finally get my Salute the Truth baby...I think I've finally found my perfect mare for breeding much later, though, after I have fun kicking butt in the show ring. She's only got a few weeks retraining on her, but she has 'potential' written al over her.

and those are my current critters!

the end :)
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great looking horses, i think the chestnut is gorgeous!!!
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I used to be literally obsessed with horses when I was a little
girl, that's all I ever wanted and all I ever thought of. I had a whole
box of plastic horses I collected and I loved them to death.
Every birthday when I blew out my candles, I wished for a horse
of my own...and no luck. :(

Years later when I turned 17 and had my own money, I built
a small pen with my fiances (now hubby)a nd uncles help and
got me a yearling buckskin pony for $150 named "Echo."
Sadly, she is now passed, a bulldog broke into her pen
and attacked her, she died not to long afterwards, not being
able to recover.

(Sorry, I don't have a picture of her)

Tony and I's dating anniversary rolled by and he got me
"Stormy." A two year old blue roan colt. Lots of trouble
back then when I first got him, very pushy and nasty. After
having my great uncle work with him he came back a whole
different horse, now as sweet as a kitten. But having a stallion
is alot of work, so we will probably be selling or trading him
for a mare.

Then my dad bought me "Ace," to make up for the loss of my
pony.A 6 year old big brawn bay gelding. My grandpa bought
me his tack and he was my first real horse I learned to ride on,
people gave me tips on riding, but I basically taught myself
and gradually improved over time. We had some good times
together, but he was so stubborn and I had a few bad rides
with him, so I traded him. I miss him in a way, but I don't
regret it.

I traded "Ace," for my current horse "Chava." A 9 year old
pintaloosa mare.So far, I'm really satisfied with her though
she needs some work. I've even won my first ribbons riding

It's been awhile, but I'm back & back in the saddle!
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I think I always loved horses, I earned a trip to White Pines Dude Ranch somewhere in Illinois back when I was in the fifth grade (cookie sales money) but it wasnt until I moved to Germany in the seventh grade that I got to actually take riding lessons. I had these dreams of my dad retiring in Wyoming or someplace like that and buying a huge farm. While we were in Germany I read every horse book in the library from learning how to books, historical, fiction, you name it. I read it. I was going to own a pure black arabian stallion and his name was going to be FURY! LMAO....

When we moved to Virginia I was in the tenth grade and there was a marine captain that had 2 horses behind my house. He let me ride them in exchange for feeding and water them twice a day. It was like a dream, Anytime I hear ANY Randy Travis song it brings me back there... It was the same summer that I started lessons at Quantico Stables and joined the Young Americans Equestrien Team. I also did InnerSchool riding team too... Wow, I was a horsey girl!

When I started dating the biggest piece of garbage on earth... he was on the drill team and had a horse, it was a sorrel QH and to me, it was the epitemy of what a show horse was! It was the perfect horse... anyway, this horse was about 200 lbs under weight and he and his brother used to feed him at like monday morning.. lock him in the stall and then maybe Wed. they'd remember to let him out again (he obviously hates to be locked up). that means he would get fed on Monday in a dark stall that had no water and not be let out agani until Wed. he was so hungry he ate the bark off the trees. he also had this hole in the side of his face, above the nostril (in the sinus area) that would swell and drain puss. Did that for years actually... anyway... they thought it was funny to shoot him with a beebee gun because he would buck and run around... anyway... about that time 32 starved and dying morgans were found in our county and so the SPCA came down hard on horse owners. I was able to buy Pistol from them fofr $500.00. I made weekly payments on him! he is 24 years old now and I still have him.

I have Pistol (24 QH), Black (29 TWH), Blue (9 QH), Riley (2QH), Beauty (14 QH), and Style (10) now.... I love them all.....
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