The Lacey girl! :D

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The Lacey girl! :D

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        07-31-2010, 05:31 PM
    Super Moderator
    The Lacey girl! :D

    Here she is again!

    She is just SO amazing. I still just can't get over how lucky I am to have her. She's continuously ready to work and she doesn't even get pissy when I let her loose seemingly for the evening and then realize that we have one more ride or something and have to hop on bareback and make her work some more. And she's being THE BEST for all the little girls that want to pet a horse but are afraid to ride. I just bring them over to her or vice versa and she just stands there, perfectly still, not tied up or anything, and lets them pet her for however long they want without moving a muscle.
    It's really cool. I'm kinda worried what's going to happen to her though when she goes back to her normal house in about a month since she won't get nearly this much attention at all. I hope she doesn't get depressed or anything...

    And, the other adorable part of how she's being is that she still adores me, even though other people are giving her more attention than I am. She just wants to be with me, it's quite the situation.

    Here she is! I decided to do "Fancy Friday" but since you can't ride a horse in a dress, I figured that a tutu was a close second. Lacey was terrified of it at first but her trust of me seemed to override it and she could care less after her initial reaction. The kids LOVED it.

    This picture cracks me up, it's like Lacey and my assistant wrangler, Poptart, are getting married!

    She's such a good girl. ^.^

    And then, I took this picture of one of the horses I'm in charge of, Ghost, and I love it a ton so I figured I should share it.

    He is the most awkwardly built horse I have EVER seen. Thank goodness he's a gelding! However, he is basically a tank which is awesome. From my limited knowledge of these things I'd assume that he's probably the epitome of a foundation looking Quarter Horse (even though Ghost is technically a Paint) and that's why he looks like he does, but I dunno... Maybe someone who knows more can correct me.

    Thanks for looking!
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        07-31-2010, 06:03 PM
    Oh my gosh do I love flea bitten gray's [but then again I am a bit biased ] Lacy is so beautiful!
        07-31-2010, 06:09 PM
    Aw I love the lacey girl. She looks so cute! Hehe ghost is a little odd, but cute
        07-31-2010, 06:20 PM
    Lacey looks AWESOME! I love her mane!
        07-31-2010, 11:26 PM
    You need to post more pics of Lacey.

    Also...although Ghost does look rather awkward, he also comes across as a fun and reliable horse...I bet he's quite good with the kiddies?
        08-01-2010, 12:03 AM
    Super Moderator
    I love flea bitten grays too!

    Lacey is loving it so much! There's so much new life in her eyes just from being at camp, I mean, she's always youthful and such but at camp she just doesn't have bad days anymore. It's SO her calling to be a trail horse, I hope to goodness that I can find a way to get her out on the trails as much as possible when we're home again because it's done so much for her mentally. I can't even to begin to describe it. Like, nothing spooks her really ever anymore and she's always prancing around.
    It's really amazing. She's such a gem.

    And then, looking at these pictures I was thinking about how lucky she really is, I mean, 2 years ago she was basically crazy. She couldn't stand still, she ran people over constantly, she could barely be ridden and she couldn't stop while being ridden, she had been retired for 5 years with limited human contact, AND she was about to be put down for those reasons. This is basically a 180 turn around for her. Now I ride her out on the trails bareback with just a rope halter and lead rope all the time (and she stops fine), she's loved by everyone who meets her, she's fun and spunky, and she's spoiled to high heaven, in a good way. I'm SO glad I've been a part of it.

    Speaking of spoiled, the other day I stuck her back in her paddock (she gets to roam where ever she wants over the corral basically all day) with her dinner and I hadn't paid very much attention to her that day. She just kept standing by the gate of her paddock and nickering softly at me as I went around doing my 'cleaning up for the night' duties, so after I got done, I jumped the fence to check her out and make sure that she was doing ok because she was ignoring her dinner and this is a horse that used to be 300-400lbs overweight! So I got in there, went over and messed with the food to make it more interesting but she stayed standing near the gate staring at me, so I went over and just hugged her and started scratching her belly and all her good spots for about 5 minutes. And guess what? When I left after petting her, she started eating. >.< Hahaha what a dang spoiled girl!!

    I do need to post more pictures of Lacey! I've been at camp all summer with a broken camera but now my camera is fixed so from now on I should generally have a few pictures to post every weekend when I come home. ^.^

    Ghost is actually kinda a jerk, and he's horrible with kids. I, however, love him. He has a really hilarious sense of humor and I love it. He walks painfully slow with the kids, constantly eats on the trail, and kicks the horses behind him in line. So he's mostly a wrangler horse because he knows he can't get away with any of that with us so he doesn't even try. Except for the kicking part, but that's fixed by sticking him in the very back of the line. Haha
    But I love him. He's quite the character. He looks like a character and he totally is. ^.^
        08-01-2010, 10:14 AM
    He has such short cannons! Woow.
    She's very cute

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