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  • Is there a device to stop a horse from rearing

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    04-01-2012, 01:17 AM
Originally Posted by natisha    
IMO: Never teach a horse something you wouldn't want it to do while waiting to cross a busy road.
Off topic but my first thought was my horse and I crossing the road and her dropping flat into a spin [reiner] in front of a semi....
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    04-01-2012, 06:17 AM
Originally Posted by SorrelHorse    
Off topic but my first thought was my horse and I crossing the road and her dropping flat into a spin [reiner] in front of a semi....
Typically, reiners are some of the best trained horses out there. Personally, I don't worry about my well trained reiner doing something like that. I don't think that comparing the average horse owner teaching their horse tricks is comparable, but, JMHO. Plus, the spin itself is not dangerous. Not quite the same as rearing. Most horses are just apt to stop in the road (like a deer in headlights) and that is not something we train them to do, but just as dangerous.
    04-01-2012, 08:24 AM
Green Broke
Barrel Bunny
I personally wouldn't do it, but it's your horse and you can do what you want.

I am curious about the idea of how teaching the rear fixed your pivots?
And when you say pivots I am assuming you are talking about a turnaround/spin.
    04-01-2012, 09:39 AM
Cowchick27, yes that is what I'm talking about. I've grown up calling them pivots. He was really sticky in his front end going around, especially to the left, and would half rear around the circle. So I was thinking of different things to try with him to get him out of his old habit. Since he seemed to like to rear, I decided to give him a command to do it so that he'll be less inclined to do it on his own. Thankfully, it did work on this horse. I'm not saying that this is a solution for everyone or for every horse, but it worked on mine because now he can differentiate between a rear and a pivot. Also, now that he seems to have gotten his pivots down, I am not going to practice this trick with him because, as I said before, I am a big chicken when it comes to these things.
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    04-01-2012, 09:56 AM
Originally Posted by CLaPorte432    
The horse looks balanced, and sure it's a great trick and all that. But I would NEVER teach it to a barrel horse. EVER. Barrel horses are a different breed. They get hyped up and teaching a horse to rear, is just going to cause problems in the future. He's a great horse now, but he's young and hasn't been run very much. What happens in 2 years when he is a psycho horse and you can't get him into the gate and since he's been taught to rear, he thinks it's okay, and does it.
My horse is not young. He is 12 years old and is not the "typical barrel horse." He has been hauled all over the place for years. With me, he trots to the gate, tense with his head in the air, but is never too hot to control. I send him in the arena, he does his job, comes flying out of the arena, and I turn him one way or another and he spins to a stop. After he's stopped, he stands there very patiently while I get off. This horse has a "yes, ma'am" kind of an attitude. I'm not saying that he could do something dumb, but, then again, any horse can do something dumb. I only taught him this trick to help him differentiate between a pivot and rear. I wasn't even sure it would work, but it did. Now that he's getting better in his pivots(or spins, whatever you call them ) I am not going to practice this. I'm certainly not going to sour my horse on purpose, and even if it did happen, I would work him through it. I want to be a professional horse trainer when I am older, and have sucked up as much information as I possibly can. Magazines, books, websites(professionals like Clinton Anderson), and am looking for a clinic to go to soon. (Clinton or Martha Josey??) I'm not your typical teenage barrel racer. I'm not in any classes that will keep me away from my horse. (athletics, band, etc.) When I get home, the first thing I do is ride. I take care of my horses and when I'm done (around 8ish), after making sure everyone is good for the night, I go in and eat, shower, and go to bed. I know that there is no evidence in that of how well I ride, but, honestly it doesn't matter to me how well people think I ride. I know that I can get the point across to my horse and that's all that matters to me.
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    04-01-2012, 10:47 AM
IMO: Never teach a horse something you wouldn't want it to do while waiting to cross a busy road.

Well, I wouldn't want a horse to piaffe in the middle of the road or we'd never get the heck out before a semi hit us! That's why cues are in place. And if the horse takes a bow at that exact moment, your outlook of making it across the street isn't any better than if the horse decided to rear.

But I am also on the fence. Not a trick that I have any interest in training even though I enjoy when the Lipizzans come to town. I am sure that the OP is aware of the risks. Whether she is or isn't aware she didn't ask. To that I say "have at".
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    04-01-2012, 11:09 AM
Some of us don't cross streets with our horses......and just teaching it to STOP is something I wouldn't want mine to do in the middle of the road with a semi coming. THerefore, I don't get the point of the analogy. So, as far as not teaching it anything you wouldn't want it to do while wouldn't teach it to stop?

I also would not personally choose to teach my horse lots of things, including rearing, but it has nothing to do with crossing roads and semis. ;-/
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