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        01-02-2010, 01:26 PM
    Originally Posted by reining girl    
    Cows were made to be eaten!! Im sick of all this poor cows poor animals, they should not be eaten, bla bla bla. If we didnt do anything with them, we would be overrun with cows and other animals!!
    No, I disagree.
    Why are there so many cows? Because we breed them for our food!
    I'm pretty positive that, when the day comes we all say 'No more cows will be eaten now', the massive breeding for these animals will stop too :)
    (Though I HIGHLY doubt that is EVER going to happen)

    (And I am not a vegetarian, I love my beef and pork and chicken too :angel: )
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        01-02-2010, 04:17 PM
    Originally Posted by JadedEyes    
    The movie was very disturbing. But I am a meat eater. I don't think I could ever not be a meat eater. I like it too much. But I treat my animals with respect. Heck, they got it better than me. Hehehe...

    The odd thing about this video is that they compared specism with racism and sexism. It's a little odd to be doing that. Especially when their sexism argument was about women getting the right to vote. Did anyone else find that a little weird? How was that a bad thing?
    Ditto. I watched it last night on google. To many false statements for me to quote... I was like "wow" I want my hour and half back .

    They showed animals being killed with a bolt gun and how "cruel" it was... BS, I would rather them be stunned with a captive bolt than, their throats slit while they are fully conscious.

    Am I still going to eat meat, hunt, fish, trap ? YES
        01-02-2010, 06:09 PM
    I by no means am a vegan, or vegetarian.

    The movie is right, if you look at the big picture. Don't look at the little things that you guys are going to pick apart and ridicule saying things like "Oh that doesn't really happen", it obviously does.

    This movie really makes you think...
    Humans think everything is an object and can be controlled. What makes us more intelligent? What makes us so much better? Why do we get to choose when something dies?

    I especially love the quote in the beginning "Granted, these animals don't have all the desires we humans have; granted they do not comprehend everything we humans comprehend." Animals just like us though comprehend some of the same things "food, water, shelter and companionship, freedom of movement and avoidance of pain"
        01-02-2010, 06:29 PM
    The wierd thing is that most of our tack is made of leather, and yet we are protesting against this stuff...just a thought:)

    O, and by the way..eating meat and such is the way of life.
        01-02-2010, 10:39 PM
    We are disturbingly far from what the smaller farms of the past are...raising chickens that are pumped so full of hormones that they can't stand at 30 days old, when they are slaughtered...did everyone realize that a roaster chicken is only 30 days old?
    I don't eat meat and don't judge those that do, but no matter if you eat meat or not you have to admit we as humans could be treating them with a lot more kindness, as we use them for whatever we will.
        01-03-2010, 12:49 AM
    Its not just the hormones that make them big, Its the breed. No matter how you raise the Broilers, they need to be butchered at 45 days tops, it would be cruel not to kill them. (I always free range mine)

    Our small private school took a field trip to one of the local chicken houses. It was very disgusting. That's one of the reasons I prefer home grown meat because I know where it came from.
        01-03-2010, 08:38 AM
    Whether some breeds grow faster & larger than others isn't the real point I am trying to make, it is the fact that factory farming has changed the way that animals are raised, fed, medicated and killed..and that we as humans could be doing a lot better. But it is all about the $almighty dollar$ so I highly doubt that it will change anytime soon.
        01-03-2010, 09:27 AM
    OK...That video made me cry :'(
    I am a meat eater! But I wear fur from animals that are used for meat. If you think about it: if the animal is used for meat you might as well use the fur and skin so it doesn't just sit there and go to waste. I would NEVER wear fur that comes from animals not intended for meat usage.

    If we don't shoot/slaughter, Deer, Ducks, Cattle, Pigs, all of the animals used for food then the area with get over popullated. And they animals with die off because there won't be enough food for all of them, especially in the wild.
        01-05-2010, 02:53 AM
    OK watched the film - nothing that I haven't seen before ( sadly ).
    What a person does or doesn't eat has no - or very little meaning on how they treat an animal. In the film there was also horse racing ( we going to ban that next ) .

    Animal husbandry for the purposes of either part of the food chain or for entertainment will always be a controversial issue - those that eat meat or use animals in anyway are not responsible for those that abuse animals.

    If you want to be absolutely - animal friendly - for a start , then I suggest that you stop riding your horse -and demolish every house and road between Yellowstone NTL park and the Pacific - also all human habitation in the mid-west US . This will allow for the ' natural ' migration of the herbivore herds in those areas .

    EVERYONE is overlooking the cause of all our problems .
    In 1900 the earth's human population was 1.5bn in 2009 it was 6.9bn - what are we all going to eat - do the math.

    If an apple tree has a yield of 100 apples per year and a person needs to eat 2 apples per day then each person will eat 730 apples - that's 7 trees per person - or 42bn apple trees . If an apple tree needs 4 Sq mt then that's 168bn sq mt. And that's just for everyone to eat 2 apples each day.
    Now factor in berries grain crops and every other vegetable food supply -- where exactly do the vegetarians suggest we live.

    If we are told - ok chickens are good , they produce eggs. Each person will eat 2 eggs per day and a free range chicken produces 1 egg per day and needs 10 sq mt - that's 20sq mt per person or 140bn sq mt - just fro 2 eggs per day per person

    Now we are told that in 2050 the earths population will exceed 20bn

    Are you scared yet - global warming will be the least of our problems

    And anyway - what has food production got to do with animal abuse , absolutely nothing.
        01-07-2010, 02:05 PM
    People saying that vegetarians eat seafood are very much mistaken
    Pescatarians eat seafood, true vegetarians do not.
    If these people consider themselves as vegetarians, they should re-assess.
    I think there is nothing wrong with eating meat, I love it and would never stop. However I would never harm or mistreat an animal, im just realistic about the world we live in.

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