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  • What do they mean by ridicule in earthlings movie
  • Is the film earthlings just vegan propaganda

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    01-07-2010, 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by beckyarchie    
people saying that vegetarians eat seafood are very much mistaken
Pescatarians eat seafood, true vegetarians do not.
If these people consider themselves as vegetarians, they should re-assess.
Thank you.
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    01-07-2010, 02:29 PM
"...How do you know cows were made to be eaten?..."
Because they're delicious?! And soooo good with A-1 sauce!
OK, just kidding. I don't eat 'red meat' because my body has a hard time digesting it...I pay the price if I eat any beef! Do I think it's wrong to eat meat? No. Cows are prey animals (Eyes on the side of the head), humans are predators (eyes in front of head). We are omniverous. We were born to hunt and gather. I tried being a vegetarian once, and it lasted all of two weeks. My body couldn't sustain on just fruits and nuts. It is a concious decision to be veggie or vegan, and I applaud you for being able to do it. However, I don't believe that I should be ridiculed for eating the way God intended me to eat. I like leather, and until there is a better cheaper substitute for it, will continue to use leather. Animal products make life better and easier...for me. I don't wear fur because I don't agree with that practice, which is MY concious decision.
Films like this ARE propaganda. They do serve to raise public awareness, yes, but more importantly, they raise contributions to their corporation. It's big business. See PETA, Greenpeace, et al for confirmation.
    01-07-2010, 05:49 PM
Originally Posted by Nutty Saddler    
OK watched the film - nothing that I haven't seen before ( sadly ).
What a person does or doesn't eat has no - or very little meaning on how they treat an animal. In the film there was also horse racing ( we going to ban that next ) .

Animal husbandry for the purposes of either part of the food chain or for entertainment will always be a controversial issue - those that eat meat or use animals in anyway are not responsible for those that abuse animals.

If you want to be absolutely - animal friendly - for a start , then I suggest that you stop riding your horse -and demolish every house and road between Yellowstone NTL park and the Pacific - also all human habitation in the mid-west US . This will allow for the ' natural ' migration of the herbivore herds in those areas .

EVERYONE is overlooking the cause of all our problems .
In 1900 the earth's human population was 1.5bn in 2009 it was 6.9bn - what are we all going to eat - do the math.

If an apple tree has a yield of 100 apples per year and a person needs to eat 2 apples per day then each person will eat 730 apples - that's 7 trees per person - or 42bn apple trees . If an apple tree needs 4 Sq mt then that's 168bn sq mt. And that's just for everyone to eat 2 apples each day.
Now factor in berries grain crops and every other vegetable food supply -- where exactly do the vegetarians suggest we live.

If we are told - ok chickens are good , they produce eggs. Each person will eat 2 eggs per day and a free range chicken produces 1 egg per day and needs 10 sq mt - that's 20sq mt per person or 140bn sq mt - just fro 2 eggs per day per person

Now we are told that in 2050 the earths population will exceed 20bn

Are you scared yet - global warming will be the least of our problems

And anyway - what has food production got to do with animal abuse , absolutely nothing.
Excellent post. :)
    01-07-2010, 06:13 PM
OK...watched about two minutes of the trailer, and got sickened. Truly a propoganda film, taking the worst of the worst cases, and narrowing it down to a brief clip for sheer shock value. Makes sense then that this film took 6 years to make. If this type of abuse and horrific practice were rampant, it would take six days to make...the footage would be easy to obtain. But it took six years to get enough footage to make a feature length film. So, (and forgive me if I am making this sound too elementary) they really had to work hard to find places in the world that used these practices in order to get footage to use in the film. That would make these practices the exception rather than the rule.
By the way, did you notice the bright orange "DONATE" button on the front page of the web site? Did anyone donate? Does anyone think that, by donating your money to these people, an animal's life will be saved or made any better?
I'm just saying.....
    01-07-2010, 06:29 PM
Since this thread was started over a year ago, I think everything has been pretty well covered. Its being closed. If you wish to start another feel free.

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