I don't know what to do!!! HELP!

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I don't know what to do!!! HELP!

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        07-01-2010, 01:31 AM
    Angry I don't know what to do!!! HELP!

    Since Sampson was dumped on me it's been basically pay board for him and my big girl and not eat or eat and come up short on board. My animals come first so my dogs are getting food, my horses are getting what they need. I on the other hand am stuck scrounging off of my boyfriend and my parents.

    After talking it over with my trainer and my parents they both agree that I need to find Sampson a perfectly fit home. In the long run I wouldn't have a use for him anyways, I wouldn't be able to show Caleigh and him in a team, and I hate the thought of placing him but honestly I really don't know what else to do.

    I hate Kevin for putting me in this situation. I've called Holly his previous owner and told her to call me back asap. I feel I need to give her the option to take him back before I do anything else. I'm going to attempt to care lease him out if I can but in my area drafts aren't very popular and with his training he'll need a very calm and very experienced rider. I hate doing this to him, he's been tossed around so much already and I feel horrible. I cried last night, I cried when I worked with him today and he came over and nuzzled me.
    My goal right now is to get him to a point where he can go to a good home and be used for something.

    What do I do to make sure he goes to a great home. After he's sold as far as I know I legally don't have the right to come and check on him to see how he's doing. I really don't like this! I feel like an idiot for helping this f**ker out when he faked his readiness for taking on such a huge commitment. After this I'm not even open to maintaining a friendship with him. This is beyond disrespect according to me and not excusable!!!!!!!

    Should I post him in the for sale section here and see if anyone might be interested? This is totally different than selling a bunny...I have no clue what to do?!!!!
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        07-01-2010, 01:49 AM
    Green Broke
    Post some ads, say 'to good home only'
    There are some horror stories, but usually you can tell what a buyer is like. When we were selling my horse payday, some eventers came to look at him and I did not like them as soon as I saw them. But then a girl and her mom came and we loved them, so he went to them. It was so comforting knowing he went to a loving home. Trust me, the right owners will find him, you will know them right away. You can also write a contract where they have to tell you if they are selling him, and just be straight out with them. Say. 'hey, I don't want to sell this horse, I love him, could I please come and visit him sometimes if I call you ahead of time? Just to visit?'. Most people would be fine with that. :)
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        07-05-2010, 05:42 PM
    It certainly wouldn't hurt to put him up for sale on the forum.

    Sorry you are is such a place in your life that you can't afford him. Good for you for recognizing it and trying to find a solution. Maybe you'll luck out and the previous owner will want him back.
        07-07-2010, 07:59 AM
    Holly doesn't want him. She sold him because she couldn't afford the shoes he needed and she had no use for him. He was a forced sale to her with the horse she did want. It basically a forced package deal. If she bought the little dipsh*t sampson had to go to.
    I've decided to lease him out and have had a number of inquiries. He's an optional buy if I feel the lease is the right fit and they're interested in him of course. Until then he'll be up for care lease at the barn I have him at which will take care of board for the time being and half of vet costs. My parents and boyfriend have also offered to help me out with my personal costs until I find the right fit. I'm trying to de-stress and tell myself things will work out in the end. So far I think I've hit a happy medium. I have a few people coming to look at him for the lease in the next few days. Fingers crossed!

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