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Slaughter plant to open in New Mexico Jan. 1

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        01-06-2014, 11:48 AM
    Originally Posted by Incitatus32    
    I actually just sat through a lecture on this today. The only reason that that label is on there is for legal reasons. It's a lot like the "for vet use only", wraps all have that written on them, some twitches as well, it's amazing what that's written on. Plus, most if not all vaccines have "not for animals intended for human consumption" on it. Farmers still vaccinate though, and to my knowledge no one's died because their hamburger was injected with a does of antibiotics as a calf. Smrobs is 100% right. :)

    I for one am put at ease a little that the plant is opening. Too many unwanted horses that are dying in more cruel ways than they would in a slaughter house. While it'd be amazing to save them all it's just impossible. :(
    I'm really picky about the all the meat I put in my freezer. I just bought a forth of a cow. It was kill on dec 27. I met it and picked it out when it was alive. I know the people that raised it and I'm pretty sure they aren't shooting up their cattle with anything seeing as it is a small organic farm. The half a pig and chicken in there are also from local places. The same place I get my vegetables every week. The only time I eat non-organic meat is when I go out to eat.

    I know a lot of people scuff at eating this way. And that there isn't a lot of research showing that it is better for you. But I would rather not take my chances. So unless the horse meat was cheaper than beef and raised in a humane organic way I'm not about to go to Fred Meyers and pick up a rump roast for dinner. I totally support horse slaughter. There need to be people eating the meat or there won't be enough demand for it. But I'm not going to be that person.

    On a side note. Isn't their meat a little tough. My horse is 10. She is in great shape. Lots of muscle little fat. I can't imagine she would taste very good. There is a reason you don't run beef cattle into the ground when you round them up. They're finished of corn so they'll taste better. I'm not aware that horses are usually put to a feed lot before slaughter. Has anyone here eaten horse meat? Want to give a review?
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        01-06-2014, 01:57 PM
    Green Broke
    Horse meat is fine. Finer grained and a bit sweeter. I've not had it from grain fed horses, but I also eat grass finished beef usually.

    I used to get it at French restaurants and the homes of French living in Detroit in the 60s when I was a bit of a street urchin.

    I've had it recently at various ranches. It is not illegal to eat horse, just no inspectors for commercial processing.
        01-06-2014, 02:38 PM
    I didn't go through the four pages worth of responses, but I'm quite content to hear a plant is opening. I'd rather a horse "suffer" for the time it takes to slaughter them, as opposed to enduring months of starvation or years of abuse. The horse market tanked after the slaughter plants closed (not that I benefit, I hate trying to sell horses).

    I do, honestly, wish they had more plants in the US. It would keep horses from being transported from longer distances in unkempt conditions to a plant in Canada, Mexico, and now NM.

    That being said, unfortunately I would hate for my horse to go to slaughter, but it has happened to me. I was maybe 15 years old. My parents forced my hand to sell my horses and all I wanted was my horse to go to a good home. She had melanoma (benign) on her tongue and throat. I sold her for a couple hundred dollars when slaughter plants were still open in the US. Guy came and picked her up in a low height stock trailer. I had no idea that someone would be so cold to buy a horse from a teenager in tears for having to give up her childhood horse.

    We called them a couple times, their stories quite flaky, and eventually they stopped answering my phone calls. Undoubtedly she went to slaughter, breaks my heart, but nothing I can do about it now :/
        01-06-2014, 02:50 PM
    Green Broke
    I am very glad to hear that the slaughter plant has opened. While I don't like horse slaughter, the way our society is operated we need it.

    Any other reports? Is it running smoothly?
        01-06-2014, 03:30 PM
    Super Moderator
    Well, the animal rights nuts got the AG of New Mexico to file for an injunction to halt the opening of it. He is running for Governor and everyone said he did this for points with the city people there who do not have a clue. After all, like everywhere else, it sounds go to be against killing horses.

    The judge heard it last Friday and granted a 10 day injunction for both sides (the AG and the lawyers for the plant operator). They are supposed to present their cases then and the judge will decide whether or not to issue a permanent injunction.

    The AG is claiming that the plant is environmentally unsafe for water supplies and that the meat will be toxic.

    In all reality, this is a small plant and probably not the best example of a good slaughter facility. What would be best would be for a brand new plant to be built in a sparsely populated area in the TX or OK panhandles near where they already process millions of cattle and hogs. They process over 34 million cattle a year and you do not hear about pollution or environmental problems from them.

    Right now, no one is going to invest in a nice, new plant until these little plants settle the argument of whether they can exist or not. The one thing in favor of stalling is that ther evidence become more clear that there is a huge unwanted horse problem (something the HSUS has said was untrue and made up by pro-slaughter people) and that something MUST be done with them.

    The other thing that stalling is helping is that the drug companies and several Universities are currently testing elimination of drugs. Ironically, they are finding that drugs are cleared MUCH faster from horses than from cattle. They have been running tests on Bute because it keeps coming up and it in all of the protests. They are finding that the half life of Bute is only a matter of a few hours in a horse.

    Once all of these results are in, they are going to lose one of their biggest arguments. When all of the testing is done, horse drugs will be labeled with withdrawal times just like cattle drugs are. There are actually 2 or 3X as many cattle drugs on the market than there are drugs labeled for horses.

    Laboratories are also testing meat and blood and organ samples. It seems that drug testing on these takes less than 48 hours, so meat is still hanging when test results come back, so any meat with traces of a drug can be pulled before it is cut up.

    As long as any Federal Legislation can be stalled that stops all horse transport and slaughter, it will eventually happen. If there is a Federal ban, the plants in Mexico and Canada will still be able to operate. They will just have to use Canadian and Mexican buyers and they will fall under NAFTA -- not that anyone can dispute what someone 'says' they are buying the horses for.

    We have also heard from the local sale barn owner that they are re-opening the 20,000 head horse feedlot in Morton, Texas. This will be the main feedlot to hold and feed horses until any traces of drugs is undetectable. Once all of the laboratory testing is done, they think the EU will agree to import tested meat. Right now, the meat coming from the US has the same incidence of trace drugs that local EU meat has that supposedly has lived under the 'passport' system all of their lives.

    I have links to the drug testing going on and to the AAEP Vets' inspection of the Mexican plant that they declare is handling and processing horses humanely and holds to any standards they would support.

    I have been watching the Sante Fe and Albuquerque papers on line. I will let you know when anything changes.
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        01-06-2014, 03:50 PM
    And in the meantime we keep seeing this:

    This is just so much better than sending a horse to slaughter.
        01-06-2014, 04:03 PM
    Originally Posted by Kittenkittenkitten    
    1) I'm relieved a plant is opening in the West so horses don't go down to Mexico
    2) I wish it was ran by horse lovers to ensure horses are treated humanely
    3) I guarantee theft of horses will rise in the Western states and I wish brand, tattoo, and microchips were reviewed and cleared before allowed to be processed. I have a microchip and it would only help if I actually found my stolen horse.
    4) I'm against people trying to make a business off of breeding....bad breeding, backyard breeding, laziness of stallions with access to mares. One or two, okay, but it's crazy the amount of young healthy horses going to auction.
    5) I Wish people would get real and educated about the actual cost of owning an average horse. You don't have money to shoe, float, feed enough food to remain healthy? Okay, then don't get a horse.

    Where do you get your information?? I live in Montana a "brand state". Do you live in a brand state? There is no way I could sell a horse without brand papers unless I did it under the table privet sale. Any public sale at action or at a slaughter plant there are brand inspectors. I have to prove that I have ownership of the horse to sell it, to get the brand papers I have to take a bill of sale from the owner along with the owners brand papers to prove they have the right to sell me the horse. Without it I can't sell or transport that horse outside county lines. If I take my horse outside county lines I have to take my brand papers with me or I can be stopped and ticketed.

    I have heard this argument before and I just don't see it being true. Now if you live in a non-brand state then sure I could see that being true but any state that has brand inspections it is going to be hard to take a horse and try to sell it directly to a slaughter plant.
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        01-06-2014, 05:37 PM
    Super Moderator
    It is just part of the animal rights propaganda that she has bought into. We did not see any difference in stealing when US plants were open or closed. We did see a HUGE difference in neglect and abuse when the value went down.

    Right now, people are having to calve out in their yards. A baby calf is worth $300.00 or more and a cow is worth over $1200.00. Why would anyone bother with horses? They are too easy to find and trace and identify.
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        01-06-2014, 11:49 PM
    Originally Posted by Cherie    
    It is just part of the animal rights propaganda that she has bought into. We did not see any difference in stealing when US plants were open or closed.
    Propaganda? I live in Southern California and have read that, according to numbers obtained from the California Livestock and Identification Bureau, since horse slaughter was banned in California horse theft has dropped by over 34%.

    So maybe the facts are all wrong. Or maybe their not.
        01-07-2014, 01:03 AM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by Kittenkittenkitten    
    Propaganda? I live in Southern California and have read that, according to numbers obtained from the California Livestock and Identification Bureau, since horse slaughter was banned in California horse theft has dropped by over 34%.

    So maybe the facts are all wrong. Or maybe their not.
    It would appear that your information possibly came from the horse fund dot org horse slaughter fact sheet page. No citation for their claim was given.

    I share your concern for optimal care for horses. We just differ on whether it is ethical for horses to be used as food.

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