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        12-12-2009, 03:25 PM
    Green Broke
    Two words, human nature, period. It is human nature to be sick, greedy, prideful, wrathful, envious, vain, lazy, cruel, twisted, and just plain ignorant. All reasons we do the things we do (but not all of the reasons mind you).
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        02-07-2010, 12:02 AM
    Agreed. It's horrible and I can't even FATHOM who would do that. No matter WHAT is wrong or complicated in my life, horses are always there for me. They are the one thing that is never wrong or sad or bad. They always make me feel better. And making them feel better is such a wonderful feeling. I hate abuse so much! So I created a website to spread awareness, and for each member that joins I donate $1 to a reputable horse charity out of my own pocket. Becoming a member is totally free so you've got nothing to lose I hope you join! You CAN help! At Equestrian Club - Home
        02-17-2010, 01:44 PM
    I think it's ignorance and pride.

    I sold my first horse to a young girl, whom I didn't particularly like, but my friend gave her rave reviews and said that since her parents were so rich that he would be fine.

    They fenced in their playground equipment and that's the paddock he lived in. They didn't feed him, although they did give him water. They bought another horse and stuck him in there too. The second horse ended up getting an abscess, which they never had looked at, so he was always lame. Then eventually, they got ANOTHER horse, this time a really young one, who would beat up on the two old guys.

    My family kept calling them and offering to take back Clay, but they kept refusing... although eventually one day they called and said take him back today and he's yours. So we drove the 25 miles and got him. The same friend that recommended this girl tried to claim him too, telling us she'd have a better home for him than us... we pretty much ignored her.

    So we took him back, and he lived out the rest of his days with us. Of course it was hard to get him back up to weight, and his hooves were so long he had trouble walking, but we fixed him up.

    Later, that same girl was galloping the abscessed horse down a road and got hit by a mac truck... poor horse died :(

    So yeah... the point of the story. They must just not care, or lack empathy for animals that are totally reliant on them. Those people were rich, the horse "paddock" was right in their yard, 30 feet from the house in plain view, but they didn't care enough to walk over and give them food, or schedule regular hay deliveries. The parents didn't care enough to make the little girl who wanted those horses so bad to just go out there and take care of them. They didn't know how to take care of horses, and they were too prideful to call up someone and ask "How do you take care of a horse"

    So sad...and so sick.
        02-17-2010, 04:21 PM
    Money and lack of self-control(as well as a lack of intelligence). These people can't handle their own anger and mistakes so they take it out on the horses or do it for the money. Anybody who hurts a horse that disobeys them probably has a hurt ego. Ignorance and selfishness can also lead to abuse.

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