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Originally Posted by poundinghooves View Post
Wyoming Grandma- NO I HAVE NOT bred any of my animals EVER! The only colt I ever owned I DID NOT breed my mare to get. I bought her after he was born. All my dogs and cats are spayed and neutered. You said the following: "Why not go to your local rescue and spend some time and money there and save a few animals". I HAVE adopted/rescued many animals and will never buy a dog from a breeder (no offense, I understand some animals must be bred or there will be no more animals) and I will certainly NEVER EVER buy from a pet store as the puppys are almost always from puppy mills. And of course, I do not think gas chambers are humane and I wish they were not used to put animals down. I am not a member of PETA or anything like that. I am an animal rights activist on a much smaller level than what you speak of. Please stop judging me. You don't even know me so you have no right to say some of the things you have said (like the statement about going to my local rescue and adopting). When I first put my opinion on this thread I knew I was going to be chewed out for it. But it's my opinion and I'm not changing. I have stated I understand some aspects of slaughter and that I am not completely against it. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. I think horses should not be allowed to cross the border to be slaughtered. And I also think the article I posted has many good points.

I see no yelling here just some emphasais on a few words
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Not that this happened at every lot and for every good horse that went through the pens...
Back in the day, I remember having a dinner party at my parents house and one man attending had a brother who owned a processing facility. They were discussing my horses that they saw when they drove in and were talking about my mare (whom I purchased at a sale barn for $5 more than the meat man was willing to pay). They started talking about all the horses that came in and how they scoured the animals looking for good ones that slipped through the cracks and ended up in the pens. Good horses were pulled and often they had a waiting list from trainers and people looking for a particular type of horse to take home. The price was higher but less than buying from the original seller, they made more money off a good one rather than taking the time rendering them and they saved the horse. The brother even rode himself and had a couple from his lot. So if that makes you feel any better...

Back before the ban I went to dozens of sales and there were few that I'd take home. And the ones that looked fit, were not total bronks, and were decent looking went to good homes. GOOD horses STILL bring decent money, most that head to the sale go for CHEAP. Most of them would either cost a fortune getting healthy or training, or have been deemed unsound for some reason. Most people aren't willing to take the risk. They go out and find the perfect poneh or prospect instead of buying a butt ugly, unhealthy, near feral, or even dangerous horse. There is a man I know who is still going to the sales and pulling the decent horses out, he's a trader and makes his living this way. It is far more humane to give the ones heading to mexico a shorter trip and saferish demise. And RAISING the prices and creating more income in the US. PERIOD END OF STORY.
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capital letters is yelling. Or at least that is what I have been told. I am sure you will correct me if I am wrong.
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Green Broke
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Originally Posted by poundinghooves View Post
Speed Racer- I am afraid I simply must disagree with you. Animals do indeed have rights. The right to be fed, watered, sheltered and treated humanely. Those are animal rights. I assure you I am not a crazy, insane member of PETA. I do believe that humans are more important than animals and that animals are not humans. However, I have known some low-life humans so idiotic, scummy and down right worthless to society that I actually do believe my dog has more of a purpose to live than they do. I belive that animals were put on Earth for our use. I do believe in eating animals, wearing leather and riding horses. BUT I believe when an animal is killed it should be for a good reason and it should be done HUMANELY. I still say I am an animal rights activist. Just on a different level than what you're thinking of it as.

Faye- I stated that I know there is no way rescues can take ALL the animals. I highly doubt an animal sold at auction is actually going to save someone's house. It may for that month's mortgage but when the next month roles around and you don't have the money and don't have another horse to sell than your horse is slaughtered AND you don't have a house, it just happened a moth later. And for your info I flat-out refuse to use a cosmetic tested on animals! Medicine is different because it helps people. Cosmetics don't (they just make girls look "prettier") and if a cosmetic has been tested on animals than I won't buy it. The testing that goes on in the labs is horrendous. So you see as I said I am an animal rights activist just not a crazy one. I believe a lot of what you say about slaughter but did you know that even when horse slaughter was legal in the USA (before it was banned in 2007) thousands of horses were STILL shipped out of country to be slaughtered? So opening slaughter houses in America only saves a small percentage of the horses from being taken out of country and dying terrible deaths. Please read this article from the ASPCA (All I ask is that you read it than you can decide what you think of it):
ASPCA | Horse Slaughter
Well said!! An intelligent, well thought-out post. Good point about horses being shipped out of the country when slaughter was legal; most people don't know that or ignore it.
Agree completely!
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Sometimes I wonder why people worry about how anything dies.. If theyre gonna be dead in a bit anyways, &Hopefully in a happier place..

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Originally Posted by Gremmy View Post
If you don't eat the horse meat, then how does its questionable safety affect you? Those who buy the meat have shown concern for its safety and as a result, research as well as regulations on testing and withdrawal times have followed suit. Again a grey issue - not all medications stay in the meat, and some require a certain amount of time to be completely gone (hence feedlots), and not all are proven to be dangerous to humans in the amounts presented in the meat. It's no different than worrying about mercury in a can of tuna or medications in any other red meat for that matter. If you don't like it then don't buy it, and if those who do buy horse meat feel that way, then they can stop buying it too.

How does awareness about nurse mare foals change one's position on slaughter? It's no different than any other practice that involves mass horse breeding. I won't say "yay" or "nay" to the practice because I don't know it well enough, but slaughter didn't come from it. Slaughter provides an outlet, slaughter profits from it, but should slaughter be punished for it? What would shutting down slaughter to stop nurse mare foals from going there do? The main driver to that industry is not producing foals for slaughter - you're not hitting the heart of the industry, you're just cutting off a limb, and an alternative outlet for the excess would be found - possibly an even more undesirable one.

I agree that stopping horse slaughter would in no way affect nurse mare foals or stop nurse mare foals. It just another serious issue that I thought I would bring up to see if anyone else on the forum has opinions on it as well. (:
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Wyoming Grandma- If I was yelling my entire post would be capitalized. Emphasizing a few words is like raising my voice on a few words not yelling through the entire post.
Druydess- Thank you so much, I was beginning to think I was on a forum where not one other person was going to agree with me on anything concerning horse slaughter and animal rights.
xXSerendipityXx- It matters how an animal dies because while the animal is dying it's going through extreme agony. They can't think to themselves "Oh well, I'm going to be in a happier place." All they know in the moment is that they are experiencing extreme pain and fear. I am an animal lover and even if I have never seen an animal before in my life I don't want it to suffer in anyway. Taking care of all animals is quite literally my calling in life.

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Originally Posted by FlyGap View Post
Is the above yelling too then? Why not comment on that?
Is it just yelling when you don't agree?
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WEll then pounding hooves you need to start seeing the big picture. Yes horses were already transported to mexico to die horrible deaths but a good number of them where humanely shot/captive bulleted in the US. Now thousands of horses would have been given a humane death are now going to go through a slow, terrifying and torturous death.

People who realy care for animals do not support banning slaughter, what they do support is transport on the hook not the hoof and tight controls over the slaughter.

One month can make all the difference for some people. For me one month was all it took to go from living on benefits (and thankfully my mother paying for my pony) to haveing 3 job offers on the table, having signed a contract, gotten a huge relocation package and started a job.
In that one month I went from being on the breadline and worrying about keeping a roof over my head to being fairly well off. I had to make the choice between eating and heating more then once (benefits paided weekly, electricity on a pay as you go meter, by the end of each week it was often a choice between eating and heating, normaly eating won out).

Even if it is only one month you will have to sell the horses at the end of that month anyway as you can't pay for them, the bailiffs will come in and the horses will go to auction anyway. Better selling the horses and hoping that something happens in that month. If you have never been on the breadline you cannot possibly understand that line of thought. Yes I did concider selling my horse in the period I was realy struggling but thankfully my mother agreed to support him and offered what help she could to keep a roof over my head (once I swallowed my pride and went back to her). Not everyone is in the position where thier parents can help them

Thankfully If I ever did need to sell my horse, he is young, extremly sucessfull in the show ring, beautifully put together, got very good lines, very flashy and generaly a nice horse to have around, I have a list of 10 people who would have him off me tommorow if he ever came up for sale, I have been offered an open cheque for him so I know his future is assured even if I can't keep him. Even if he did go to auction all I would have to do is let 2 or 3 people know which one he would be at and when and he would probably be a record sale for them, he certainly wouldnt go for meat!

You do come accross as a young child who has no experiance of the real world, of the hardship faced by some people and of how fast things can collapse or things can get better.

In this current climate horses are a luxury, when it comes to a choice between the basics (food, heating and a roof over your head) and a luxury, people are always going to go for the basics. Would you be able to not eat for a month?
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I wouldnt say that I dont agree with horse slaughter but I do think that some of the ways the horses are treated when their going to the slaughter house are very inhumane. Some are piled into cramp lorrys, no food,water.. its a terrible end for I think we could all agree beautiful animals that we adore. Alot live their lives to the full, giving us such pleasure and enjoyment and for the unfortunate few they end their lives in a misrable way. I once heard a story of a farmer close to where I live, he died and his children had no interest in farming and sold all the livestock to the slaughter house including a heavily pregnant mare! sicking. Why didnt the even try advertising to good home, I would have took her!
Yes, I agree there is alot of over population in many animals and there has to be some knid of control but have it done in a humane way that they can have a decent end to their life and not have to go through offal long journeys to then be lined up and shot in the head...No one would want an end like that..
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