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        07-06-2013, 12:38 AM
    All Wrong

    So I am leasing a horse for the summer and she is absolutely amazing and I love riding her. My mom came out with me today and took some pictures and I was surprised to see that I have a chair seat in a lot of my pictures. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what I can do about it. I usually have a very good position, but I think my bad position is a combination of a big saddle ($200 ebay stubben that turned out to be an 18" and not a 17", but it is VERY comfortable and doesn't feel wrong at all) and the fact that I need to work on her brakes more so sometimes I was bracing against her to slow her down/stop her. She is 20 years old but you would never know it, I still can't believe it based on how she looks and how much energy she has. Also I think my stirrups are a little long even though they feel fine to me, which worries me.

    Any tips? Thank you very much in advance :)
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        07-06-2013, 02:00 AM
    Super Moderator
    You know, your horse looks happy and so do you, so don't stress to much about it. Your thigh is so long that actually that 18 inch saddle looks about the right length of flap for you. As you get to know her better and feel more comfortable you will find yourself better able to slow her with your core muslces and will then brace less into the stirrup .

    Do some walking without stirrups for a bit to get your leg used to falling further straight down, then pick up the stirrup and try to maintain that angle. It could very well be the saddle does make it hard for you to avoid the chair seat.

    That mare looks SO much like the first horse I leased, 15 years ago. She was 19 but you'd never know it. She was a go-go arab, gray, too.
        07-06-2013, 04:36 PM
    Agree with Tiny. I have your legs and finding the right saddle flap for them has been painful. You have a saddle and flap that fits your leg nicely. I love that you actually bend at your elbows and have that nice straight line to bit. Chair seat is mild. Like tiny said, do some leg stretches out of the stirrups at the walk and get your hip sockets opened up a bit so you leg can hang down more under your center. The other thing you can do is strand straight up in the stirrups every once in awhile to realign things.
        07-07-2013, 12:41 AM
    Thank you so much for the comments, I really appreciate them!! It's weird because I do look like I have a long thigh even though I feel like I don't, I'm average height, about 5'5''. But I'm glad you guys think the saddle is a good fit for me. Thanks for the tips on realigning my normal seat and leg position, I will try those things :)
        07-07-2013, 11:31 AM
    I agree with the opinions above. You have a long femur and the saddle fits your leg.

    You might try going into 2-point (at all gaits) for a few strides, concentrating on where your leg is when you hit that perfect balance. Then as you sit back down, keep your legs where the 2-point placed them. You may need to grab pommel and scootch your crotch a bit forward -play with it. Mirrors would help you with the ideal alignment of anklebone, hipbone, and shoulders, and then you simply need to keep on it until your leg is properly underneath you permanently.

    You may need to play with stirrup length in the quest for the correct position - your stirrups don't look long to me, but I'm not the one in the saddle. By bringing your lower leg back to align ankle and hip, toe and knee, the stirrups may well need to come up.

    FWIW - I noticed that your outside hand is high and more forward in each photo. When the mare isn't too spicy, you might try bridging your reins to force that arm back down and elbow in closer to your body.

    She is lovely and you two fit each other well and make a nice pair

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