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This could be the one!!??

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        09-03-2009, 07:55 AM
    Super Moderator
    First of all he looks very cute.

    I do understand you want a trial, but I do understand also why other party doesn't want to go with trial: they don't know you either. :) What you COULD do though is suggest them to write them on paper what they say about the horse and that you'll return him for full refund in, say, 2 weeks, if something goes wrong (like he's bucking or rearing or such). Also if you decide on him DO the exam before paying the price.

    To see whether the horse is drugged (and I was told about it by the local horse dealer, btw) is 1) check any blood on his neck (although that's hard), 2) when the gelding is drugged his male private part is very relaxed and somewhat dropped, so with geldings you usually can say whether something is suspicious (with mares it's much harder). Of course, they could give him oral supplements, but personally I didn't find the oral ones all that helpful (at least to the point of making them very calm). Also (yes, I know it's far) you could of show up there without the advance note (or say you'll come at 2 pm and come at noon instead) to see how he behaves in field and while grooming/ tacking.
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        09-03-2009, 08:22 AM
    Green Broke
    Well, there is probably some funki-ness here with the owners. If you read her other ads, she also wants to complete her Western levels 1 -4 by spring of 2010. Western people -- is that doable? And the age vs. experience of the horse doesn't add up. Their comment about "18 mo. Old niece can ride him" is just completely stupid.

    However, none of that means anything about the horse. Personally, when I see a horse, I know if I like it or not and that means personality. You don't need to worry about learning the "skill" of cantering, but maybe the "ability" to canter. So, if you don't trust what the people are saying, but you really like the horse, have a prepurchase exam and sign an contract abour pre-existing conditions at purchase time. Take down their vehicle license plate number as a precaution if you do buy as well. (Maybe on the sly.) A contract is only good if you can find the other party to uphold it later.

    And yes there are lots of drugs that do lots of wonderful things -- like hiding pain and calming down, etc. etc. Ask the vet if (s)he will be able to pull a blood sample for a drug test before you decide on the vet. That's a good idea to say you will ride the same day that the vet comes out, but it's usual. Often the vet will want to see the action of the horse with a rider.

    Good luck.
        09-03-2009, 11:54 PM
    My opinion, for what it's worth:
    *please bear with me, this is me typing on a caffiene/sugar rush - stupid Pumpkin Spice Lattes...

    I understand the no-trial thing, I really do. As a single-horse owner, I don't want the horse to go missing without full payment; she doesn't know you from Joe the Horse Stealer down the road.
    However, there is a professional way of dealing with it, and to me the email she sent was not professional.
    When I was selling Maia, I collected full payment and allowed her to be transported to the new owner's property. The new owners were to get a vet check within a week, and if Maia failed the vet check I would take her back. I told them to do whatever tests they wanted as I had nothing to hide, as long as they were covering the bill, I wouldn't care less. Anyways, during that week they were able to test drive her as well. I stipulated very clearly in the contract that if she was hurt in their care, she was to be considered sold.

    When I bought Denny, he came with a 30 day moneyback guarantee.. but the lady was a big time racehorse owner, and could take that chance no problem.

    I can see both sides, so you have to go with your gut on this issue. If you are seriously interested in this horse, get a vetcheck. Get the vet to do a drug test if you're worried - better safe than sorry! I have bought a drugged horse once, and it wasn't fun to deal with.

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