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Critique Jaxxon, please!

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    06-20-2010, 07:16 PM
Critique Jaxxon, please!

Since I only know a little bit about conformation, I figured to ask online about my newest boyís confo.

So, here he is...

Quarterhorse gelding (unregistered, bloodlines are unknown).
3 years old (though he looks younger, IMO).
Roughly 14.2/14.3 hands.

Iím well aware that he still needs weight... Iíve only had him for nineteen days (and believe me, heís put on a bit of weight since I got him). Iím also aware that his hooves are in bad condition (long toes and under-run heels in the front and bullnosed, flared, and major toeing out in the back). As soon as my farrier can get out, Iím having him come trim his hooves (he got called in to work last week when he was supposed to come out and wasnít able to make it).

Sorry for the not-so-good pic quality... I had no helper to help set him up and keep him set up, so I had to do it all myself and hope that he didnít move too much...

Please and thank you!

Right Side

Left Side


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    06-20-2010, 08:54 PM
Good luck with your boy; he's got a kind eye! What are you doing to put the lbs on him?

As far as his structure goes, he looks a little long in the pasterns and a little cowhocked to me...but I'm sure others who are more knowledgeable can chime in here. Beautiful color; looks like a new penny!
    06-20-2010, 09:06 PM
Green Broke
He looks like he's built a little downhill, but that may be because he's growing.
    06-20-2010, 10:35 PM
I'm not a critiquer but his pasterns stand out to me too, very angled! Hopefully getting his feet trimmed properly will be able to help that. He also seems really toed out in the back but, again, maybe this can be less pronounced once his feetsies get taken care of.

He has a nice willing face and eye and I agree, he looks JUST like a new penny, what a lovely color!
    06-21-2010, 10:34 AM
Thanks guys, he is really copper colored! Brighter than the other two chestnuts/sorrels in the pasture for sure...

'm actually not doing much to put weight on him... for the first time in his life he's getting 24/7 turnout with grass (AKA, he's no longer in a fifty-foot-by-fifty-foot-gravel-with-no-grass pen) and I'm feeding him alfalfa and oats daily.
    06-21-2010, 11:05 AM
He actually doesn't look any older than 2 to me. He's still no where near done growing and filling out. And he still has that goofy ewe neck of a yearling! But he definitely is a cutie. I'm not going to talk about proportion in this too much because he isn't done growing so it would be incorrect anyways.
Like you said, he needs to put on a lot of weight, but that will just come with time. His neck will look a lot better once he starts getting weight on it. He has a nice long sloping shoulder which will allow for free movement of his front legs. He has a nice long forearm and shorter cannons. His pasterns look a little long but they are sloped enough to allow for better shock absorbsion. Just watch that he doesn't get sore from the angle they are bent at. I could see him pulling a tendon on the back of the lower leg from over working it. His back legs look like they are "camped under" but I think it is just the result of his feet needing a trim! He has a deepish heart girth (enough for that of a young horse) , and straight back and a sloping croup (good for speed!). His back legs, I won't judge too much because his feet are making them look a little wonky but they are nice and clean with good proportions to the lengths. The only thing is, it looks to me like he has a long femur. But I'd like to see some more pictures after his feet have a trim and again after he gains some more weight!
He's definitely going to need some more muscle definition and weight on him but I don't suggest working him until you get those feet trimmed! Anyways, good luck with your baby, he looks good :)
    06-21-2010, 05:41 PM
Thanks for the detail!

The vet told his last owners that he was three, but he just doesn't look it... my other gelding looked so much more like a 'horse' instead of a 'baby' when he was three, and comparing the two... Jax just doesn't look like he's three (though that's not really fair, as they're different breeds, etc...)... and he doesn't act like... well, he just acts too much like a baby.

I'm inclined to believe that he's two, or, at most, two and a half.

I'm not working him, or even thinking about starting him, until he's grown up more and matures mentally and physically. Right now, i'm slowly desensitizing him to things, but not doing much, as I don't want to stress him too much.

And I'll def. Be posting another critique when he gains weight and muscle!
    06-21-2010, 06:17 PM
Awh that's great :)
Yeah he definitely looks too baby-ish to be a three year old.
And kudos to you for deciding not to start him until he's more mature. That is my method as well but nowadays you see people with yearlings and barely two year old's under saddle doing w/t/c and starting jumping! It's just not worth the strain it puts on their joints that haven't closed yet.
Looking forward to seeing some new pictures :)

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