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Critique me and chloe

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        08-19-2008, 12:30 PM
    Awesome critique! Thankss.
    The gaping of the mouth thing was actually her chewing on the bit. As you can see, I'm posting up, and I never have a hold of her face when I'm in the "up" position. My trainer forbids me :P. I agree with you about the tight hold though, I have a bad habit about that when she's hyper and we're working on it. The good news is she's only in a french link snaffle

    I've been thinking about 3 day A LOT. She has shown so much athleticism and heart towards cross country. I really want to start her over hunters for the training for about a year. I want her to be able to do a course with a relaxed frame and a slow pace. That way, if I do have to sell her, anybody (well, almost ) would be able to ride her. Then, I want to move up to dressage, jumpers, xc.

    This was an off day for us, I'll try to get better ones of us on a normal day. Because we really don't look like this all the time :P
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        08-19-2008, 12:37 PM
    Oooooooh. I have a suggestion if she ever decides she doesn't like her bit anymore [lol, this is COMPLETELY random].
    But... try her in a sprenger KK Ultra loose ring french link snaffle. Gah. They're amazing, haha. I though I would share that.
        08-19-2008, 12:52 PM
    I might have to try it
        08-19-2008, 12:57 PM
    Mhmmm. My horse is one of the most bit sensitive horses I've ever known. We had to change bits out like ever 3 months or so, because she'd be doing fine in it, and all of a sudden, start freaking out, and rearing and spazzing out when you'd touch her in the mouth. Since I put the KK in her mouth, she's very calm, very flexible and supple through her topline, and reaches for the bit. I love that thing, it's the only bit I'll ever use XD
        08-19-2008, 01:19 PM
    I think everything I would say was covered, but I just wanted to add on to the bit. I have the same KK bit and I also love it! It works really well
        08-21-2008, 07:10 PM
    OK I have a little to say if you don't mind and if any of it comes across rude I am so sorry I do not at all mean it in a mean way. Heres what I see first.. GET OFF HER FACE, You are pulling quiet hard on her face and you can see it in yours arms. Entire seat and her mouth. Pulling or even sea sawing which you are doing does not fix a horse it just adventually agrivates them to no extent after a long period of time (over a year). When you ride in every photo about you are riding with your hand either in your... or by your knees or her shoulders. This does not fix a horse it breaks your striaght line to the horses mouth and it ruins your seat. I ride alot of babies and my horse is very strong and even then I never ride with that much rien because you end up going into a pulling match which they always win. Also you can make a horses mouth very rough and if you constantly do it you don't not fix anything because they are so use to it has NO impact. I would raise your hands to about 3 inches above your palmal close to her mane and work from there. Also if you what the olympics or any professional horse back rider not a single one has there hands lower then there palmal because you can not atteve anything there. Your horse is GEORGOUS and you are a great rider. I would try pushing her foward with your leg and then hold steady with your hand until she gives in her head and you will feel it and the minute she does I would GIVE to her with your leg and hand. That is her reward, AND soon all you will have to do is use a little leg and she will know and even if she is strong then that's good you can chanle her energy. TRUST ME I RIDE THE ENERGIZER HORSE!!! Lol its good to practice this alot in a 40 meter circle working on bending and giving to you and I am telling you that it will work,.. Trust me my horse is a professionaly trainer showmanship and western horse for quarter horse but when he didnt make it in the circut for worlds I got him and I turned him english and I feel I put that energy in him that he wasnt aloud to use when he was younger adn I ma telling you he is a hand full I am not exagerating. BUt all in al I know I am talking alot! But I feel you and your horse are amazing and will be and are a beautiful team! Good luck in the future!
        08-22-2008, 03:32 PM
    Yeah she/he seams a little fussy in the bridle but if that was just that it is fine. If I were you I would just work on bending and loosing up in the shoulder. He/she is a nice mover. I love your JUMPS THEY ARE AWESOME. I have crappy jumps I mean they work but the just are not like cool colors or anything my horse is half blind tho...Litteraly so it doesnt matter much to her lol. But yalll look to be doing great I love your horse.

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