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Critique My Hunt Seat

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    10-27-2010, 08:42 PM
Critique My Hunt Seat

Okay well, Im just having a small delimma on what is a correct hunt seat. And Im wondering if mine is too far forward. My trainer said it's good because Im off the horses back and not pulling on their mouth.
This is the horse Im riding on in my first show in two weeks O.o she's a bit green still, so excuse our mistakes, Im mainly asking for critique on my hunt seat in the canter. :P
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    10-28-2010, 05:35 AM
I don't know much about hunters, since it just isn't seen here much. However, to me it looks like you are hunching forward instead of leaning - your spine is curved instead of bending at your hips. Hope this helps :)
    10-28-2010, 06:45 AM
To answer completely need to know what type of hunt seat you are talking about. I am assuming you mean hunter show hunt seat (vs. breed show HUS hunt seat). They look for a different seat, that is why I ask.

Much of the time your base of support is lacking. Your lower leg is too far forward and your weight is not in your heel. There are times that your upper body does not look half bad, but you are missing the shoulder-hip-heel thing because your leg is shoved too far forward, which means you are not as balanced as you could be.

The rest of the time it looks like, what Chiilaa said, you are not bending at the hip but hunching your shoulders forward and bending your lower back.

If you get your base of support (your leg) back underneath you it will be much easier to get a nice balanced and relaxed half seat.
    10-28-2010, 08:13 AM
I have to agree with what's said above.

For Hunters you want to ride in a "light" seat. At the canter you want your seat bones just barely resting on the saddle. I call is a half seat... You don't want your butt completely out of the saddle, but you should be riding forward.
    10-28-2010, 09:33 AM
I agree as well. Definitely bring your leg back. When your leg is well under you, your weight is less likely to fall back behind the motion and you won't have to compensate by curving your back. (I think that's why you feel too far forward.) I've always found that the half-seat feels completely natural if your leg is locked in the right position; just like being up on the shared center-of-gravity between you and your horse.

Congrats on your first show! It looks like you're doing very well!
    11-04-2010, 01:24 AM
Thanks for all the advice :] I'm still a little baffled though. When I'm in what you would consider a 'light' seat at the canter, my trainer wants me more out of the saddle. I'm guessing it just varies for each trainer on that. For my lower leg, I see what you all are talking about, so thanks for pointig it out to me. I knew already my lower leg wasn't far enough back ( I can feel it when riding) but for some reason on Valentine, I just can't put it farther back. On other horses, it's fine, my leg position is 'beautiful' (trainers words :P). Maybe it's because Val is the smallest horse I've ever ridden in all my years. My legs are too long to curve around her and full grip her :P ah well, just something I gotta overcome. As for my curved back/shoulders, I kinda see what everyone is saying, but I think it was a combination of my shirt and just a weird day :P wasn't the most pleasing lesson. Ill probably post a video of me on one of my best days for a more accurate video to critique. I've been exhausted due to a show in three days. I've had to ride after school every single day o.o I love it, it's just tiring.

Lol long thing, but just explainit, thanks for the advice!
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