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        09-06-2009, 01:38 PM
    Talking Critique My Jumping

    These are with my mule of a horse. He is good somedays, and horrible others. Today he was moderately bad. He refused a lot, but jumped a few too. This was a picture of us jumping... sorry its not the best shot, my mom took the pic. I will be getting more pics as soon as possible.
    Please to not points out the folowing:
    My two point.
    My release.
    The ground pole.

    Thank you!

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        09-06-2009, 01:40 PM
    Yo need to tip more, but you have a straight back, are looking up, ad your heels are down
        09-06-2009, 01:44 PM
    Thank you, yeah, I am training him, and I was surprised that he acually jumped. But thank you, and I need to just bend forward more at the hips right?
        09-06-2009, 08:49 PM
    Actually your hip angle is pretty nice. I say this from a Classical From rider, you are very solid all over and are riding like you would find your Classical Millitary Riders - such as GM and other older greats.

    You are over your horses center of graivty, and you are not throwing your upper body over your horses forehand. I like that. I like that you are just dead center over your horse, not interfearing with any of this movement what-so-ever.

    I like that you sat and waited for your horse to lift you out of your tack.

    You are pretty much where you should be. You are doing a little fence, there is no need to collapse your upper body as though you were doing some 4'0" oxer - your hip angle is just where it should be.

    Your seat is over the center of your saddle and you have enough of a space between your seat and your tack to free your horses back.

    Your leg is solid at your girth, and you are allowing your ankles to anchor you, through your bodies weight sinking into them.

    Your release is alright - nothing wrong with it, but on a green horse that is just learning to jump, I would prefer to see you over exaggerate your release to give your horse a more positive experience with his mouth over fences, to keep you from catching him - other than that, you look great.

    You are very solid here in this snap shot.
        09-06-2009, 08:55 PM
    Today he was moderately bad. He refused a lot,
    I just want to add, I would look at yourself for the refusals before putting the blame on our horses.

    Horses jump blindly, and need the educated support from their riders on approach to the fence and at the base of the fence.

    Some horses are School Masters and know their job and just jump anyways, regardless of the multitude of errors that their riders do during the ride - but then there are horses that just wont do the job, without their riders doing theirs.

    Instead of saying "He refused" say - I caused him to refuse through rider error.

    If you go to the Jumping Section, and look for the thread titled "What horses really see when jumping" and watch the vid, it'll open your eyes as to what is really going on - and why you need to be 100% supportive on approach the fence for your green horse.

        09-06-2009, 08:55 PM
    Yeah, I agree about overdoing the release for a green horse. A little chicken wing arm thing going on, but otherwise looks good.
        09-07-2009, 12:27 PM
    MyBoyPuck- Thank you =]
    Yeah, I noticed my elbows out like that too.
    MIEventer- thank you a bunch! That was great to hear, expecially since you look like the type who have been doing this a long time.

    And sorry, I really don't want to sound selfish, or acting like I am a pro... But I have trained about four horses to jump, and his old owner (little older than me... had him for about three years) said that he is a big "I need to test you horse" and she is there when I jump him, and she can tell his is not afraid of it, as is it is not rider error, he is always checking to see who is in charge... That's why we are not that high yet, because I have to get him over the fence from a walk.

    But thank you for your comments, they were fantastic, and great to hear.

    arabian, hunter, jumping

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