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Critique my riding please

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        10-12-2011, 03:55 PM
    Critique my riding please

    Hey guys! If any of you could take the time to give me some ctir on my riding i'd really appreciate it :) I already know my heels are awful & I'm very quilty of "quack toes" so I'm working on them already. If you could give me any excercises to help with whatever you point out too that would be really helpful

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        10-12-2011, 04:52 PM
    I;m no expert in jumping, so I'll leave that to the pros, but I love the paint horse in the first few pictures. :)
        10-12-2011, 04:56 PM
    I'm not the most avid critiquer but what really jumps out at me is that your leg is slipping back and as you said, your heels could go down. Try relaxing your shoulders; you look really stiff. And place some more loose bend in your elbows, your arms are quite straight.
        10-12-2011, 05:04 PM
    Green Broke
    Try to give more of a realse in your jumping, you can do this by putting your shoulders back and having the correct hip angle, sounds contridicting but once you get the feel for it you will see what I mean, once you have your hip angle correct your leg should say under you where it should be for support, but don't grip with your knees!

    Pick your hands up and little bit, and remember thumbs up! :)
    Try to"breath" with your horse and gentle not over exageratly fallow his movemnt through your elbow. When you havea stiff arm, the horse will not get the correct if any conection or be able to fully relaxe. This took me along time to get down. I still have to work on it with my green horse!

    Besides that I think you look like an great rider! Good job! We always have little things to tweak out and correct! Right now for me its 'dont look at your horse! He's under you!" and to strech my leg further down!! ( I have been in my jump saddle for about 3 years so now in my dressage saddle my legs like to creep up haha)
        10-13-2011, 03:41 AM
    Thanks guys Ah I have the opposite problem with my legs KS! I hardly ever ride with a saddle so I'm used to having long legs, now when I go to pony club I'm eaten alive for my long stirrups
        10-13-2011, 06:55 AM
    Super Moderator
    You look like a very able rider.

    I do see one of the most common problems here, though. You are grabbing with your knees. When you do this, it makes it almost impossible to wrap your lower leg around the horse's barrel. As a result of the lower leg being off the horse, you have pivoted on the knee...lower leg slips back and upper body topples forward. Some of the photos show you depending on your crest release to prop your upper body up. Other photos show much less of that, and look much better.

    You really need to keep your lower leg at the girth when jumping. Allowing it to slip so far back makes for a very unstable position. If your horse were to put on the brakes before a jump, you would fall way forward, possibly falling.

    How to help fix it? I say put yourself into your jumping position. Then, staying forward, take your hands off the horse's neck. Can you maintain that position? If you are having trouble, move your lower leg forward until you can. You will feel a REAL stretch in the backs of your legs. Until you can maintain your jumping position at walk trot and canter with no hands, you will have problems. To keep the inside of your lower leg on the horse's sides, you will have to relax your knees in the saddle.
        10-13-2011, 05:58 PM
    Thanks so much Allison! I had been taught to grip from the knee down at my old yard (we were made do riding trot without stirrups to make sure were doing it ) I do tend to hit the ground if Border slams on the brakes so I'll be working on that lower leg sooner rather than later!

    Also (sorry to sound blonde!) what exactly is the crest release? I've heard of it before but no defination comes to mind
        10-15-2011, 10:46 PM
    In all the pictures, your heel needs to go down quite a bit. Your eyes need to come up and your shoulders need to go back in many of the flat ones. As for the over fences ones, you pinch with your knees and your leg slides back a lot, pitching you up the neck. You leave your hands down low on the neck and then move your body up so your elbows go out. In lots of the pictures though, your release and your eyes are better and you're not jumping ahead. So in some of the pictures you have a lot to work on but in others you look pretty good other than the leg.

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