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        05-03-2010, 03:26 PM
    Critique Please :)

    These are some clips from my last lesson - Mainly just want a critique on me, but you can comment on Annie too if you want.

    Little Background - Annie is a 16 year old QH mare, was a broodmare for most of her life and has been undersaddle for the last 5 years I think? She's pretty sensitive and isnt too confident over fences.

    What I see:
    - hands up and thumbs on top! Geesh, no wonder I couldnt get her round (my coach was telling me to bring my hands up - they just kept going into my lap)
    - eyes up!
    - my legs seem to be back too far... and I need to sit up a bit taller, maybe that's because my legs have come back, so Im tipping forward?

    - Is it just me, or am I jumping ahead some of the time? I know with Annie she really pops over the fences and Im used a flatter jump.

    Okay, enough ranting, Thanks in advance and enjoy!

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        05-03-2010, 06:02 PM
    Your legs are a little far back, but not by much. About your back, it's fine... it's your shoulders that you need to fix. Push your shoulders back, as if you were swimming.

    When trotting: Your heels should be down a bit more, and pointing more forwards. Right now they are pointing outwards, which causes your knee to come off the saddle and the wrong part of your calf against the horse's side. Your toes should only slightly pointed outwards, and your knee should be against the saddle. But, when I say against the saddle, I don't mean pinching. Just slightly against it. Also, your hands and arms should be nice and quiet, not flopping around.
    Lean forwards slightly more, and that way your upper body can be quieter.

    When cantering: You're actually doing pretty good at cantering. Your legs are nice and quiet, and it seems that your toes are better. Just remember: heels down. Another thing I noticed is that you are off balance. You are leaning to the left. This causes your horse to be off balance while cantering. Think of putting equal weight in both stirrups.

    When jumping: At one of the jumps your leg wobbled a bit. You also seem to get into 2-point position a little early. However you are not jumping ahead, and that's good. On a few of the jumps you came back a little late, and stay in jumping position longer than you should. Is that intentional?

    Other than that, you are a very good rider. Please don't be offended by my critiquing; I actually do think that you are a great rider and those are the little errors that I see. Good job. :)

    Anyways... *hides in box incase my critiquing was wrong* :)
        05-03-2010, 07:27 PM
    The only thing I can comment on is, during your bending and framing section, you have her stretching over her topline seeking contact with the bit. She's supple and using herself well. Later when trotting on the same horse toward jumps, she's stiff, hollow and bending to the outside rather than in her direction of travel. If you can get her to those jumps connected as she was in the first part of the video, her jumps will be much more balanced and with better rhythm. That's all from me for now.
        05-06-2010, 03:51 PM
    Thanks for your comments guys! I appreciate it! I have a lesson tonight and will try to keep this all in mind! Hopefully there will be someone there to tape for me so I can compare!

    Thanks again,

        05-06-2010, 04:13 PM
    Try closing ur thigh more when trotting and cantering this will help push ur heels down and allow ur weight to sink into ur heels and will help with balance and the pinching with ur knee. You should never be able to see daylight btwn ur leg and the saddle
        05-06-2010, 09:11 PM
    I agree with the above posters answers :)
    Shoulders back,thumbs up heels more down and forward I have these problems to.
    Over-fences your just fine. Coming into two-point maybe what your trainer wants you to do right?
    My trainer makes me do it 1-3 strides before the jump.

    Anyways, your a good rider I love the horse.

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