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critique possible buy: thoroughbred mare

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  • Thoroughbred pelvic hip length
  • Angle of shoulder of thoroughbred degrees

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    11-26-2010, 01:08 PM
I agree with what Clementine posted as confo analysis; but would like to add a few points.

Her neck ties in very high on her shoulder, which gives her good depth of chest, but can also produce high head carriage and an inverted way of going. Her neck is also short compared to her overall body length.

Prominent wither with a signifigant dip behind the wither; better topline muscle would help but won't change it entirely.

What would worry me most about her as a pleasure/sport horse prospect is that she is going to be extremely difficult to fit for a saddle with that pronounced wither.

She is also going to be a difficult reclaim if you want a horse with a relaxed top line or a round way of going.
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    11-26-2010, 06:24 PM
Body Length = 12.4cm
Shoulder Slope = 48.43 Degrees
Shoulder Angle = 89.2 degrees
Scapula Length = 4.21 = 33% of Body Length
Humorous Length = 3.28 = 78% if Scapula Length
Forearm Length = 2.88 = 88% of the Humorous length
Cannon Length = 2.2 = 76% of Forearm Length
Pastern Length = 1.06 = 48% if Cannon length
Back Length = 5.27 = 43% of Body length
Ribcage Length = 5 = 95% of Back Length
Hip Length = 4.39 = 35% of body length
Femur Length = 3.73 is smaller than hip length
Pelvic Length = 3.7 is smaller than hip length
Hip Angle = 55.07 degrees
Femur Angle = 71.6 degrees
Pelvic Angle = 54.31 degrees
Neck Length = 6.03 = 49% of Body Length

Overall, this mare fit’s the image of a racehorse - which is what she is. That on it’s own is actually somewhat of a hindrance to her as a sport horse though. A racehorse is built to do one thing, and do it well, that’s go fast.

She is square built, and that’s a good thing for. She is uphill - another good thing for her.

Her shoulder slope is 48. 43 degrees, which is actually not bad, it’s almost steep, but not too badly. She has a shoulder angle which is 89.2degrees - which, unfortunately is a rather closed angle. Paired with her steep slope, she’s not going to be the most comfortable ride. Her scapula length is actually bare minimum at 33% of her body length (any shorter and her stride length will be shortened dramatically, especially with the shoulder angles). The Humorous length is countering that a little though with it’s nice 78% of her scapula length.

Her forearm length is great though - and that will help the shoulder issue as well. Her cannon is over 75% of her forearm length… too long for my liking. Her pastern length is closing in on that 50% of the cannon too… paired with her shoulder, and cannon length, I’m not over joyous about it, it’s coming closer to being a serious weakness. She doesn’t have bad bone, or foot size.
Her back length is ok, but her ribcage length is showing that she does have a bit of excess length through her loin - so we’re continuing to add to her “weaknesses”. To go along with that slightly too long loin she is also lacking loin girth… this will weaken the loin in general. When we look at her back the most noticeable thing is that her wither is high, and extends back quite a ways into her back - this will reduce her ability round her back, it will make saddle fit hard too. Being that she also has a weaker loin, I’m going to go out on a limb and say her back conformation is looking more like it gets added to the “weaknesses” list…. The clincher to me, is how far back her LS placement is, not promising when added to the rest of the back.

Her hip is over 1/3 of her body length, which is good, but, her femur and pelvic lengths both drop off. We can see here that she has a pelvic angle which is “thrown off” by this lack of equality to her hindquarter… I mentioned in another thread that this type of conformation is pretty typical of horses bred to do one speed and do it “well”, but it’s a hindrance for horses which will be expected to change gaits smoothly, stop well, collect, or turn sharply because it limit’s the horse’s ability to bring the hindquarter down and “sit”. Furthermore, adding to the "negatives" of her hindquarter is she's post legged... almost extremely so if this photo is even remotely accurate. If you were to picture her hind cannons verticle to the ground her hind limb would lose almost all it's angulation - and she'd ride like a jackhammer.

Her neck is over 1/3 of her body length, so I wouldn’t say it’s too short at all… but it ties in high to her chest (which means she has good chest depth) which wouldn’t be so bad, if she had a better shape to her neck in general… she has a rather straight neck, with little in the way of a natural arch. This may make it tougher for her to be able to relax her topline and come “round”.

Overall… She has some strengths, but, If I were buying, for a sport prospect, I’d pass on this mare. Her weaknesses are too close to potential soundness problems and uphill training battles. As a trail horse, she’d probably do fine, or if you just wanted to lightly dabble in other stuff - but it would greatly depend on what they’re asking for her if I’d “bother” for that purpose either.
I hope this helps you decide J
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    11-26-2010, 08:41 PM
Unicorn, thank you so much for really breaking her down for me. I appreciate it. If I get her I know I will mostly trail ride, and maybe do some playday stuff. I want to learn all I can on english riding, so I can try things out with her, and decide if I really like it or not. I am about to call her owner and see what I can find out about her.

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