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        12-03-2007, 05:44 PM
    Well my mare is spur trained, but just you don't have to use that.

    Press a finger into where (if you were wearing spurs) your spur would be, watch his back automatically pick up, this is howi started my mare, it took her a while to get the idea, (she too is a paint :)) the fact that he is getting off his hind end, is a really good start.

    What are your paints lines?
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        12-03-2007, 09:43 PM
    I have read a little bit about spur training...the spur stop? It seemed to be quite a controversial topic (negative effects if used/taught incorrectly).

    He is starting to understand the idea of self carriage and getting light on the I suppose that is a start. He is just a very lazy boy, and would prefer to exert the least amount of energy possible :) I have to really build it into habit with him (hours and hours of practice and conditioning I think) to make it a well developed habit so that he won't default to moving heaving on the front and leaning on the bit.

    Dez goes back to Skipa star, Three Bars (in many places :)), Skipper W, and Leo.

    We bred him for a spring baby to our Doc bar, Docs cutty sark, dry doc, poco lena/poco bueno mare.

    I suppose a lot of those are cow/halter lines (Skipa Star), but I do dabble in WP :) Though I am getting very interested in reining, stock horse, etc, so both of them, and the baby seem well fitted. Headset and carriage are as important in Reining and such as in WP anyway, so either way I have something to work at!

    What are some of the better WP lines when it comes to paint breeding? Is your paint mostly white? :) Is that your paint in your avatar, or a different horse?If so, what fun that must be to keep clean :) I complain about white stockings.

    I wish I could go to the 08 paint congress! But, sadly that would be a very long and expensive trip for me to make from Alaska, so I would have to really plan ahead (haul horses in and out with my own to make gas money), and I will want him to be really finished before I take such a pricey and time consuming trip. The good thing is that I am a teacher, so I have summers available to make such a long trip possible, but isn't paint congress later in the year? Oh well, hopefully in the next few boy is only five yet :)
        12-07-2007, 05:50 PM
    No that is not my paint in the pic, that is the first colt I ever broke named tango.

    Yeah darby is pretty much all white (too much so I hear) I think she is really pretty she's a -takes deep breath- strawberry roan, medicine hat, tovero paint. One blue eye one brown eye, and yes she is very hard tp keep clean. Lol I will try to post some pics of her.

    I'm in missouri so its a pretty easy trip for me to go, but darbs is no where near finished, so it will be a couple years before we get there.

    Well I know Zippos Sensation is supposed to be awesome (not a big fan of him however) erm my mare has Mr.Norfleet in her, and i've seen some awesome horses out of him.

    Your stud actually has some of the same lines as tango (the colt in my pic)
        12-08-2007, 02:12 AM
    This is kinda off topic and I have nothing to add about the video other than he's CUTE. But I think it's SO stupid the rules about bits.......I argue this every year at the horsemans get together. I feel and so do alot of people that you should work your horse in what WORKS best for the darn HORSE not what some dummy in the upper upper SAYS you should. This the main reason horses are so mistrained in bits because of this. If the horse is happy in a snaffle, KEEP it in a snaffle. If the horse likes the bosal, USE the bosal. I had an appaloosa gelding who would have made an AWESOME show horse but he was never trained in a bit, always went in a bosal.

    I see now the Dressage federation is trying to lessen the use of the double bridle at the upper levels and let horses go back to snaffles. At least that's what I just read in a magazine. MY personal opinion is bitless.....but that's just me. Both of my horses ride in french link egg butts.

    Sorry, rant mode off, carry on! ;)

        12-10-2007, 05:18 PM
    I do think it is weird that in western you are supposed to move out of a snaffle and into a curb by the time the horse is six years old. This is silly to me because good training dictates that you should be able to do all of your maneuvers in a snaffle that you would want to do in a if you can do it in a snaffle, why move to a curb? Maybe it is a band aid for horses with holes in their training, and became rule by popular desire?

    It seems that people invent all sorts of horrible bits to make their horses do maneuvers that they are just not properly trained to do. Even when I have to ride in a curb next year, I will train outside of the show in a snaffle...and only use a curb in the days before the show. Why go overkill when not needed. The shank on the curb does make it so less pressure need be applied to achieve response, and many western classes are all about subtlety(?).

    In short, I am not sure why the bit rules exist to require certain bits. I am glad they ban certain bits that are obviously torture devices. But is does seem that some of the required allowable bits are often overkill as well. GOOD Question :)

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