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First Rated Show: Critique me please (:

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    10-01-2010, 10:23 PM
First Rated Show: Critique me please (:

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This summer I went in my first rated show, I competed 2ft6 and 2ft9 on a BRAND NEW horse. ~ I wasn't riding how my coach taught me because someone different was helping me, but I want some feedback on that riding style. Thanks! There's a video and some photos!

I'm riding the bay thoroughbred! I wore the yellow shirt, blue shirt, jacket and blouse. (:

P.s. There's a lota pics of other people, please no critique on them! ;P
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    10-01-2010, 10:48 PM
Super Moderator
Sorry, only time for a quick comment.
Your first horse was jumping with a too tight standing martingale and he was using it to brace/balance against while jumping. While I don't mind seeing standings on a hunter, I don't like seeing them in speed or jumping competitions, much. They diminish a horse's desire to balance themselves, IME. Your second horse, while doing his downward transitions is going onto his forehand causing him to throw his head up. He acts like a horse who is used to bracing into a standing martingale, even though he is in a running at this time.

Both horses are quite nice
    10-01-2010, 10:50 PM
Will critique tomorrow
    10-02-2010, 12:14 AM
Allison Finch: I didn't want to put that on him, neither did I want to put a rope noseband, or ride like that! But at the time I didn't have much choice D: I was pretty upset about the whole thing :'(
I'm not sure where you see the second horse? I only rode one horse :P
    10-02-2010, 09:21 PM
Super Moderator
You said that you were wearing a yellow shirt, then a blue shirt (I thought) so, I guessed the horse with blue shirted rider was you. I didn't look too closely.
    10-03-2010, 02:39 PM
In the video only I'm riding and it's all the same horse.
    10-05-2010, 02:09 AM
I think you maybe get a little ambitious with your right hand. (me too!! :o) ) I notice it especially by the right lead at the start, the unhappy moment around :55, over-bent @ 1:00, and the counter-bend (holding to check?) for the 2:00 turn.

It may be a stretch, but I kind of also want to blame the little bit of being jumped out of the tack at fence 1:35-141 on it too. There's a hard pull @ 1:35, then the sort of "oh crap! Too much whoa! Let go of my reins and run to get there in time" longer, lower strides that your horse has to pop out of. I thought it was a good fix though.

Ps I like your horse. He looks like a wicked fun ride!
    10-05-2010, 10:52 AM
Why would you ever think its ok to start a jump on the wrong lead? (at the beginning of the video)

Also the martingale looks too tight, the one where you are wearing the yellow shirt, and your stirrups too long. The part where you are wearing the blue shirt you seem like you are wiggling your upper body too much at the canter.

But other wise you look good.
    10-05-2010, 10:15 PM
ErikaLynn: I didn't think it was. Not to make excuses or anything but, I was sooo scared, nervous and overwhelmed!!! First rated show ever! ~ And it wasn't my decision to have the martingale like that, but I agree.
    10-06-2010, 09:13 AM
Originally Posted by UnrealJumper    
ErikaLynn: I didn't think it was. Not to make excuses or anything but, I was sooo scared, nervous and overwhelmed!!! First rated show ever! ~ And it wasn't my decision to have the martingale like that, but I agree.
Yeah, I know what you mean, I get nervous before shows too...even unrated ones

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