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flatwork crits

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        07-21-2010, 06:09 PM
    flatwork crits

    Here's just a small video of my flat work. I have about 10minutes of footage but that's a bit boring. From what you can see am I going okay?

    I'm so proud of Lopez, we have improved so much. Just being able to trot him like this is amazing. He used to rush and never liked to trot slow. And see the few times he starts lowering his head for me? I'm SO proud of him.
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        07-21-2010, 11:48 PM
    It is very difficult to critique anything from this video I'm sorry. It is blurry and too distant to be able to see any of the smaller flaws that may need working on. All I really got was that I suspect your stirrups are a little too long for you as your lower leg seems quite unstable and you look to be holding on with your thighs. Your stirrups should knock against your ankle bone when your legs are stretched out.

    Your upper body appears to be tilted forward as well. Bring your chest up ('tits to the sky' as I have been told many a time!) to get your shoulders back over your hips.

    Your hands look to be pointing down to his wither with locked elbows. 'Pin' your elbows to your hips ;) Imagine that you have weights tied to your elbows, making them heavier than the rest of your forearm. Lift your hands - it's not your horses job to carry your hands - so that your wrist - hand - rein is in line with the bit. Your hands should always point to your horse's mouth. Otherwise you have created a broken connection and you will find great difficulty with getting the horse consistently on the bit. Also move your hands forward, past the wither. You're riding with your hands right on your crutch, if Lopez trips or bucks one day, it's pretty likely you'll go flying over his head, or come close to as your centre of balance is already tipped forwards and your hands have no where to go to balance you.

    What I like is that the tempo is quite consistent, and he is happy in the mouth, not head tossing as you see in many critique videos. He is also going freely forward.
        07-22-2010, 12:58 AM
    Oh gosh, I wish I could better quality videos but my mum won't come and film me down the back of the paddock so I have to set this up. I have a problem with tipping forwards ;P I thought my leg was bouncing around a bit to much! Thanks for pointing that out. And yes, hands hands hands! I went down to my old show instructor and she absolutely went off at me for my hands being so low!

    This was extremely helpful, Thank you!

    Lopez has never been a head tosser, unless you pull him up really sharply, he doesn't quite understand the term 'brakes' yet. :P

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