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How Does He Look

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        04-13-2011, 02:59 PM
    How Does He Look

    So I have been pleasure riding this horse for MANY years but until last year I haven't asked very much form from him. We have mostly been doing long trails (small jumps 2'7") and when I started we were kicking the quarks of bucking and freaking out around on the trail. So, that being said, I just want to know what you guys think of his look now. (and pointers for me if ya feel like it) Mind you he is 21 years old and arthritic in his right hind but it rarely bothers him. (we stretch before and after any work we do)
    We have just restarted riding this year.

    So the photos are not the best as they are stills from a video. (the owner is not technologically savvy)
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        04-13-2011, 03:38 PM
    Well, the first things first.... Your horse is SUPER cute!

    I would really like to see you shorten your stirrups. Currently, you are not able to keep you leg under you and your stirrups are sliding back too far on your foot. Shortening your stirrups will also help you keep your heels down. Also look up. I will leave other rider critique for others.

    What I see is a very handsome horse who is trying very hard for his rider. My problem is, he is behind the vertical in almost every picture. I would also like to see him rocking back onto his hind end more.

    He looks like a VERY sweet boy. I am a total sucker for the oldies though. ;)
        04-13-2011, 03:53 PM
    I will shorten my stirrups, been riding longer than usual lately just for kicks.
    How do you recomend that I get him to be back on his hind end?
        04-13-2011, 03:57 PM
    For 21 years old, he's looking great! Good job!

    The first thing I see, though, is a tense horse. The ears look angry, he is either behind the bit being pulled, behind the bit with no contact or being pulled on by the riders hands and arms. I can't tell if that's a dropped noseband or a a noseband that is really low. Either way, is he fussy with the bit that you need his mouth closed? You're riding him in a pretty simple bit but something about him, in my opinion, reads tense.

    As for you, look up, look up, look up! You're doing a pretty good job of keeping a nice bend in your elbow but your rein contact is throwing it all off. Because I do not like his head position now--too far back and tense--I don't suggest shortening your reins anymore. You need to use your legs and seat to help push him into bit contact, not using reins alone. Once he is in the correct position, this rein length is good. Shorten your stirrups at least one hole and readjust your stirrup position so that the outside stirrup bar is against your pinky toe and the inside bar is at the ball of your foot. This will help keep your toes pointed forward as well as allow your ankle to flex more easily. A shorter stirrup leather will help your position as well but I also recommend lots of two point and no stirrup work. :)
        04-13-2011, 04:12 PM
    He does try very hard and I believe he was getting impatient with work that day during the video.
    His head gear: that is just a regular nose band lowered (not tight enough to keep his mouth closed) He was cantering nicer for me with it it dropped and he isn't all that fussy with the bit but I am going to be getting him new stuff over the summer. Switching him to a different bit too. (all of his is miss-matched)

    Head placement- I am not holding his head back. I notice when he is feeling done with ring work he pulls his head in like that.

    I will try to encourage him forward more with my leg :)
        04-13-2011, 04:14 PM
    Also, we do a lot of no stirrup and bareback work too.

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