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How Much Would You Ask?

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        07-12-2011, 01:47 PM
    How Much Would You Ask?

    Lately I've been thinking about selling my Grulla mare as she has a little too much go for me. Registered APHA - Katies Oggi, she stands at 15 or 15.1hhs. She's super sweet and loves attention. Stands good for shots, wormer and farrier. She has had 60 days professional training towards western pleasure. I don't have any pictures much of her being ridden since I'm the only one that takes them usually and since I was riding it was kinda hard. She hasn't been ridden for a while and would need a refresher. Flexes great from the ground and saddle. Leads, Stands tied, and stables. She's more of a timid mare and doesn't stand her ground to other horses. The last picture is terrible but its the only picture I have of her riding :S

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        07-12-2011, 02:25 PM
    I am BC Canada so horse prices are different, more expensive. BC stands for bring cash. How old is she? Would you consider her greenbroke? In my area, she would go for around 2 to 3 thousand if she rode well, collected decently and didn't require an experienced rider.
        07-12-2011, 02:59 PM
    She's 4 this year and I would consider her green since She hasn't been ridden like she should have been I'm hoping to get her to the trainer for a refresher and see how she does from there. My trainer liked her but said she's got one speed for her walk trot and lopes "FAST". I don't have the best balance but every time I rode her she behaved great and reponded great. I may end up keeping her depending on how she is at the end of the summer. She keeps a nice pace on trails, if you ask her to lower her head she slows a bit thank goodness, otherwise the horses with your are left behind.
        07-13-2011, 01:00 PM
    Anyone else?
        07-13-2011, 01:11 PM
    It's very hard to tell you how much your horse is worth without knowing the market you are selling in. You can figure out the best price yourself by looking around at horses for sale in your area. Look for horses that have comparable training and breeding and base your price off of that. Also, you never mentioned water... is the horse scared of water or baths? Grullo is often seen as a more "rare" color, so if you do sell her then it might be easier to find a buyer because of it.

    Where I live horses are dirt cheap and you might get 1,000 if you are lucky. If she has OUTSTANDING bloodlines and was trained by a FAMOUS trainer, then maybe a bit more. I used to live in California, where i'm estimating she would have sold for anything from 4 to 6,000. The region where you are really makes a big difference for how much your horse is worth.

    If you want my opinion I would keep her and train her more. If you still want to sell her then you can raise the price due to training, but if she turns out nice you'll still have a nice horse. Good Luck, and remember to look around your own horse market!
        07-13-2011, 01:28 PM
    She looks beautiful! I love grullas!
        07-13-2011, 01:29 PM
    Thanks much :)
        07-13-2011, 01:34 PM
    Where is she located?
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        07-13-2011, 02:40 PM
    She's a beautiful horse. I know where I'm located, in PA, you can't give a green horse away, you probably couldn't even pay someone to take her. If you were going to sell her here you would probably only get $500-$1000 for her. The horse market in PA is horrible right now. And most horses are only getting sold at auctions.
        07-13-2011, 03:28 PM
    Northern Minnesota

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