I need some help with my Equitation and my horse

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I need some help with my Equitation and my horse

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        09-17-2009, 04:40 PM
    Green Broke
    I need some help with my Equitation and my horse

    Alright there are a few things that I can easily point out about me and my horse, Razz. There are no western pictures on here, sorry western riders. Sorry about the links.
    PhotoReflect - IN THE GAME action photography
    PhotoReflect - IN THE GAME action photography
    PhotoReflect - IN THE GAME action photography
    1. I need to lean back.
    2. Shoulders back.
    3. Legs farther back.
    4. I need to wear my derby for Saddle seat.
    5. Tighten my reins.
    6. Shut my mouth.

    1. Headset, headset, headset.....she only has it with the walk......

    PhotoReflect - IN THE GAME action photography

    Now for Hunt seat, oh the joys......feel free to laugh.....

    1. Lean back.
    2. Shoulders back
    3. Legs farther back.

    PhotoReflect - IN THE GAME action photography

    1. Headset, headset, headset......only when walking.......
    PhotoReflect - IN THE GAME action photography

    Have fun.........
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        09-17-2009, 06:54 PM
    I'm not really good at this sort of critiquing, but yes there are some things that I can see you need to improve on. Here goes:

    -go forward in your saddle a little bit. You look like your kind of almost falling off the back.
    -yes, your legs need to be much farther back.
    -relax your hands a little and bring them just a tad farther down, near her withers
    -I noticed in the first pic that you were looking down so keep your eyes up or else you'll end up on the ground
    -good job with your heels

    That's all I got right now. Hope that helps! :)
        09-17-2009, 08:24 PM
    Saddleseat! YES! My specialty.

    The main thing is that you need a bigger saddle. What size is the saddle you are currently riding in?
    First off, about the headset. I would recommend long-lining (ground driving). That will really build a nice headset on a saddleseat horse and train them to sit up correctly in saddleseat (ie: sit on haunches and propel front end upwards)

    Now, for you, with a bigger saddle, your position would definitely improve. Make sure to keep your hands even. They should be so even that in a picture you can't see one behind the other. The height of your hands is not an issue. That is something you just need to adjust so it fits your horse and gives you optimal range to get her head set.
    Again, in a larger saddle, I think you would find it much easier to sit up straighter. In the meantime, it should feel as if you are lifting your ribcage off your stomach when you ride saddleseat. Saddleseat trainers often say, touch your shoulder blades together. Obviously don't do it that drastically but you get the point to open your shoulders up.
    Leg position is not bad. If you notice in your walking pictures your leg looks okay but cantering you can see your leg has slipped forward, most likely due to saddle size.
    I assume you are riding a morgan? What's her breeding? (I have morgans and am an enthusiast when it comes to bloodlines)
        09-18-2009, 05:21 PM
    Green Broke
    She's a only half Morgan the other half is Friesian so obviously she's not built for saddle seat. She's also extremely stubborn about her head, it took me weeks to get her to drop her nose at the walk. The trot and canter are terrible. I also love the Morgan breed.....
    I really have to focus to steady my legs wen I ride and I think I'm getting better at doing it subconsciously.
    As for the saddle I don't know what size I ride in. I'll talk to my RI about it.

    When I bit lunged her she looked gorgeous but that was only because she couldn't bring her nose up. I bit lunged her because I lunge her before I get on for reasons that are self explanatory and I know that some people don't agree with lunging your horse for before you get on, but it's better for my health. I couldn't use a martingale, we call it a "Y" at my barn, or the draw reins because some people were using them. I don't know how to ground drive a horse.

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