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        02-22-2008, 11:47 AM

    Excuse our evil red eyes x]
    It was a verticle, stride, verticle type jump. Verticles are small because our indoor arena is small. But yeah, how do we look?
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        02-22-2008, 12:45 PM
    You look like you try to over do the jump and your feet do go out a little. I'm not so sure though i'm still only learning considering I don't actually do jumping myself but I want to. This is only to try and help me find out the correct way by seeing other peoples errors and see if I can pick them out. otherwise good job. I'll see if I was wrong in a lil bit so don't go fully with my opinion lol i'm not the experienced one here.
        02-23-2008, 02:43 PM
    First Pic: Because this pic isn't from the side it is harder to critique but it appears that you are jumping ahead. It looks like your crotch is over the pommel of the saddle instead of in the middle. It also looks like you are resting your weight on your horses kneck. And you have the same problem as me ha ha ha you need to bring your toes in so that they rest with the iron running on a diagonal acrossed your foot. I just realised that it looks like you don't have reins because they blend in with your horse ha ha ha, but it looks like you have a nice release (can't really tell)

    Second Pic: Again your jumping ahead and your leg has slid back. You need to wait for the horse to push you ought of the saddle. And you need to bring your leg so that there is a line from your hip to your heel. I can't see the reins again ha ha ha oh well

    Third Pic: It looks like you waited for her this time instead of juping head. Your leg needs to comver forward agian and it looks like you have a loose grip on the reins(not really sure cause its kind of blurry). You also have a nice long release (YEAH I can see the riens ha ha ha).

    Overall you need to wait for the horse to bring you ought of the saddle, remember the horse is jumping not you. You also need to bring your leg foward. To do this try riding/jumping with out irons. It will feel really weird the first couple of times but it works because you have to strengthen your leg to keep it foward and you have to wait for the horse to lift you up.

    By the way I love your boots ha ha ha I have the same ones!!! GO LIME GREEN!!! HA HA HA

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