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Lost my talent at a show, please critique!

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        09-27-2009, 10:34 PM
    Originally Posted by MyBoyPuck    
    I think I remember you posting a video of him a few months ago. I remember you saying the part about him being trained in Rolkur. If this is the same horse, he's definitely made some progress. Yes he has a way to go, but he's not so fussy with his head as before. To further your progress, I would suggest using your seat a little more to influence his trot. When he does start to brace or speed up his gait, just soften your posting slightly until responds by softening. (don't change your rhythm, just soften so your like powerpuff on his back). Softening your posting takes the fight out of the equation and it keeps you out of his already over-sensitive mouth. He should soften in a few strides and then you can resume asking him to go forward correctly.

    The other thing I would practice with him is stretchy circles. Use the above technique while asking for a nice big working trot on a circle. Keep softening him in an attempt to allow the circling affect to create the inside leg to outside rein affect. Once he starts chewing on the bit, ie accepting it, let the reins slip a litte in an attempt to make him stretch forward into the contact. If the 20 meter circle doesn't work, try sprialing in and out.

    I recently did my first show with my horse's first show too. He didn't spook at the judges booth, but his end halt took at least 30 seconds since he proceeded to dance and jig around in place before finally coming to a halt. We got a 3 for it! You took look very nice together. It has to be difficult to work with a horse who was trained that way.
    I posted a video early September, this show happened exactly 7 days after that video. I will try the stretchy circles and position work you suggested. I probably will post a video in few weeks to do another check in. Ride-ability wise, he is a pretty nice horse. He is willing and is sensitive to the aids when he is not bracing/being nervous. What makes him more difficult is that because he was used to being behind the bit with heavy hands, aka hyperflexion, he has never been truly "on the bit" before in his life. So he is basically starting over with contact, but also overcoming a distrust of the rider's hands at the same time. G. Heuschmann said it should take him another 2-3 months to get him in a proper relaxed frame.
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        09-27-2009, 10:41 PM
    The softening of the posting really does work well for horses like that. It just gives them nothing to fight and lets them know they aren't going to be punished in the mouth for being a little stiff. You guys will get there. He looks like a nice horse to ride.
        09-28-2009, 12:12 AM
    You really need to relax your elbows so that your hands won't bounce around so much. Try to let your hands go more forward, and push him into your hands instead of trying to hold him back - this may also help with his resistance to rein contact. You said
    My lower leg is tight and unmoving but my seat is bouncing around
    - these two things are probably connected. You want your lower leg to be steady, but if you are gripping, it will pop you right out of the saddle. Your horse has a lovely trot, and his canter is very nice as well - try pushing him forward a bit more, and I bet they'll get even better.

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