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more prospects?

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        06-14-2011, 05:23 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    more prospects?

    I'm still really dissapointed about Moo Cow being sold, but I'm still looking! I have a few more prospects for you guys to look at. I personally don't find any of them as good as Moo, but they're acceptable, in price range, and from what I can see, fairly good prospects. I'll point out the flaws that I see, and if you see anything else or agree with me, just let me know!

    We're looking for an advanced beginner (capable of control at trot)/intermediate lesson horse who can work 7-12 hours every week, is an easy feeder, and is trained in a walk, trot, canter, sidepass, backing, is willing to work poles, and change leads. I am willing to work with horses at sidepassing and lead changing over the summe since I have extra time on my hands and no mount at the moment, but would like them to be well versed in the walk trot and canter already, as well as backing and poles.

    The first horse that I found is Star, a nine year old 14.3hh unregistered QH. In her video there is quite a bit of ground work and she seems absolutely wonderful as far as that goes, but I didn't really see much under saddle. I've requested more videos of her riding. She seems kid friendly if she checks out well at the trot and canter (I saw very little of either of those) and looks to be a bit on her forehand but an easy mover. Horse ID: 1691926 - Star

    I'm still looking so I'll let you guys know x]
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        06-14-2011, 05:36 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    Just adding another horse.

    Max is a fully broke 8 year old 14.3 crossbred gelding. Decent conformation although a bit strangely formed in the front, and easy going looking. No video, but a few pictures. I requested a video of him.
    8 YO GELDING Paint - Appaloosa, 4-H horse, loves to jump, nice trail horse | Buy this Horse at
        06-14-2011, 06:20 PM
    Star: she sounds like a very nice horse and I like her look. She seems to be pretty darn well broke and I really like that it looks like they are riding her in a snaffle. IMHO, that is always a good thing because if you can ride them in a snaffle you can ride them in just about anything. The only thing that even makes me wonder at all is the "tricks" they've been teaching her and if they could be considered dangerous or disrespectful in the wrong circumstance (rearing, pawing to "shake", laying down when you pick up a foot, etc).

    In her video, she seems to have very nice ground manners and she stands very well for saddling. Her neck reining isn't perfect and the training fork makes me wonder as it doesn't appear to me like she needs it. All in all, she looks very nice and mellow and relaxed, but I am like you, I would like to see a lot more riding and fewer tricks. Would love to see her loping/trotting some circles and figure 8's, stops, direction changes, and turnarounds. I would like to know that she can do more than just plod around at a walk and ignore all the external stimuli around her.

    Max: Now, he is a cutie . I think what you are seeing with his front end is the combination of his monster withers and fairly thick neck. It makes him look very front heavy when combined with his lankier hind end.

    He does have a video but the link was hidden in his description .
    YouTube - ‪Paint - Appaloosa gelding, loves to jump, easy on trail rides‬‏

    He seems nice enough but may need his teeth done, he is pretty busy on the bit during much of the video. It does make me curious if he would just continue to build speed if she let off the contact . It looks to me like he doesn't quite have cruise control yet, which may be a big thing for a less experienced rider. Plus, his neck reining looks either really mushy or non-existent as she was direct reining him through much of the video.

    All in all, the pintaloosa is flashy but I much prefer the looks of the pali, providing that she can lope/trot around with the same calm demeanor that she does everything else.
        06-15-2011, 03:54 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    Thank you SO much for pointing out the video. It was very helpful.

    I think that I agree with you, so long as Star's trotting and loping abilities are as good as the rest of her manners. We really need a bombproof horse since we often have many special needs children running around as well as dogs, cats, miniature horses, goats, and the occasional turkey, chicken, or bunny that escapes xD I'm hoping that they did not teach her any of the more dangerous tricks. Laying down when someone is shodding her could be very bad! I'm hoping they'll give me some more saddle work with her within the next few days. I TOTALLY agree with you on the bit with her though! The less complicated the better

    The video proved very helpful when considering max. His withers are definitely something that drawn my attention as you said, not just because it makes him look rather sloped, but because it might make it hard to fit him for a saddle. As for neck reining, I'd like him to have atleast a little experience in that, so I think I'll email them about that. Its always helpful to have a neckreiner, especially when I'm mounted while giving lessons. We usually have all of our potential buys checked out before we finalize anything, so I'm assuming we could find out about his mouth then. You're right though. He seems to either highly dislike his bit, or be uncomfortable. I did notice in the video that he was completely chill with a dog running literally under his feet, which I thought was good (and dangerous!) as far as his temperment. He seemed to like rushing things though.

    Chances are I'll show everyone Star first and see how they like her. I'm partial to palominos anyways, and if she checks out well, we might just be interested! Thanks so much for the help!

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