Ok, me, me! My turn, please critique me!

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Ok, me, me! My turn, please critique me!

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    11-13-2007, 11:07 PM
Ok, me, me! My turn, please critique me!

First off lemme explain what's going on (not excuses just facts). Boots.....NEED new ones, my toes kept slipping in the stirups. I am riding my friend's 16.1 hand Morab gelding and he's NOT an easy horse to ride. He was crow hopping and just generally pissy this day. I am riding in a dressage saddle, just flat equitation showing at a local schooling show. Sorry for the links but I don't have digital rights to hotlink them so you'll have to click to look. Ok, lemme have it!!!


General riding shot (Beau being sassy)

Halter pic

Another riding shot

Just for fun, is this just the perfect photo of PURE 100% SASSYNESS??

On each photo link you can click the sizes in the top bar to make them larger (FYI)
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    11-14-2007, 03:17 AM
That first photo is really pretty with the mist in the background...oooooohhh aaaaahhhhh

Okay, anyways! Your eyes are always up and looking where you're going...good! In the first photo, you have a nice, straight line from elbow to wrist to bit.

The negative part I am seeing is probably due to the BOOTS! Are they rubber? The tops are just cut straight across (not "spanish" tops) so your leg doesn't look as long as it could. It looks like you're having a hard time getting your heel down because of the boots. And in the first photo, I see what you're saying about your toe slipping forward. That forward toe slip has kind of thrown off your whole center of balance. Remember, there should be a straight line from your shoulder to hip to heel. You can see your heel is way too far forward. Get some new boots (and break them in!) and you'll be looking lovely!!

Overall, you two look very nice and clean too! Oh yeah, I know it's a schooling show, but next time don't wear a top with a hood...it will either hide good posture or make you look like a hunchback! Also, if your horse has a momentous canter, it will bounce in the air and just distract from your pretty presence.
    11-15-2007, 04:20 PM
Thanks! Yes my boots are those cheaper rubber/leather lookalike things w' NO grip on the soles. I have been looking into new boots, around here since I live in WA (which you can relate) I'd like them to be waterproof because it does rain a bit. I saw some in Dover I liked and asked Hubby to buy them for me for Christmas.

Beau is a hard horse to ride, he's big, he's a handful, he's pissy.....lol but when you can pull it all off he's about the fanciest horse in the area. Most people mistake him for a Warmblood and not a Morab. My friend was going to let me ride him and put him in Dressage training but due to his shoulder issues we aren't now. :(

But on a side note we did get the high point that day! ;)

    11-16-2007, 02:31 PM
Very pretty horse. I like morgans :) I do however think that horse is over-flexed. A horse shouldn't be ridden behind the vertical like that. Less hand, more leg...should fix that problem ;)
    11-16-2007, 03:28 PM
Cool, thanks! I will try that. Mostly he holds his head like that when he's being silly and/or when he's going to or has bucked. The first photo was after we came around the corner in the arena and he was bucking....it was a wacky day. :)
    12-03-2007, 04:12 PM
In the first photo it looks like your whole leg has slipped forward just a little bit. And in all your picks you have piano hands. Also try and get off of his mouth. You were hanging on him quite a bit. Pissy or not you don't need to hang on him.
    12-08-2007, 02:02 AM
Well, then tell me how to slow him down? I hang on him because he's 16.1 hands and doesn't really respect any bits. He doesn't ever run away with people but he's a BIG mover and if you don't hold him he will take advantage. He's not my horse so my training techniques go unheard anyways. But I'd like some iput on it, thanks!


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