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please critique us

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        08-09-2008, 08:15 AM
    please critique us

    So here are a couple of vids from my ride with jarred today. I was originally going to pop him over some jumps as he did so very sensibly the other day but today he was rushing them and seeming unconfident so I did some flatwork with him instead. Im in no rush. If he's happy to jump he can hop over some but if he's feeling nervous I want push him.

    For those of you who don't know much about jarred, he's my 8 year old, 17ish-hh (im not exactly sure exactly) pretty green gelding. We've had our ups and downs I suppose you could say but we are finally getting somewhere.

    The main thing I worked on him with today was getting him to not stop dead every time I ask for a downward transition. He has the worst habit of just...stopping :roll: I did a lot of transitions and just kept working on him trotting out of a canter and walking out of the trot etc etc

    We also worked on bending around corners and not dropping our shoulder at one particular spot every single time. He tends to drop his shoulder and head off sideways on me lol

    We did pop over a couple of jumps but he certainly wasnt jumping like he was the other day but he made it over them at least. As small as they were

    So please critique us but don't be too harsh :) we've gone through a lot to get here and even though we arent perfect, we are making slow progress

    The first video is the beginning of the ride.
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        08-09-2008, 08:34 AM
    Oh yeah and there are other random bits edited out because I swore a couple of times lol
        08-09-2008, 08:57 AM
    I need a rubber stamp to always say "ride more forward".

    You tend to look down and I do also but if you do look down be a little less obvious.

    Here is what I saw. Very inconsistant riding, You don't seem to finish anything even with the edits. There doesn't seem to be any goal or reason why you ask for a canter, for you go a couple of strides then walk or trot. It is almost like it simply becomes an idea at the moment.

    What your horse and you need to do is stay at any one gait until the horse is calmer, more relaxed and willing. I see that when he just starts to drop his head, you don't seem to be aware of it and rush off to do something else. This is probably the reason he hollows his back and rushes because he has no idea what is going to happen next.

    What I am trying to say isn't easy to put in words but lets say that if you had a very professional trainer you would be trotting for 5-10 minutes SOLID with turns, circles changes of direction and multiple exercises thrown in before you would be allowed to have a brief walk. I would not expect to get a break and walk just to change direction. The canter is the same, needs to be more continous which will lead up to a jump that will not be rushed.

    This is not really a critism of you for I find many young riders often don't have mindset to stay at one thing until a goal is reached. It needs to be trained into the rider as much as it needs to be trained into the horse.

    If you can train yourself to be more patient with a sort of one tracked mindset you will be surprised the difference it will make not only in the way the horse goes but in your expectations.
        08-09-2008, 07:19 PM
    Normally I would ride very differently but this is only his 4th ride in a long time and as I said we were working on transitions so I can't really work on them if I don't do a lot of them. I get what you mean but in this instance I needed the transitions. His is very green and I know he rushes off sometimes but I am warning him with a half halt that im going to ask for something. Not all the transitions were like that. He's green and learning and I don't expect him to get it straight away. So comes pratice.

    Yeah I have a bad habit of looking down but I always manage to keep the eyes up whenever I am at a show or something. I do try and work on it at home but im concentrating on other things with jarred so I forget about where im looking sometimes.

    I should also have mentioned that my hubby only got about 10 minutes of our ride on camera. We rode for about 35 minutes. Trust me I spent a lot of time trotting circles and figure 8's :)

    Thanks for the critique :)

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