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    09-27-2011, 05:55 PM

I am new to horseforum and I was wondering if I could get some opinions on my recent purchase. I bought my mare about a month ago, she is a QH, and although saddle broke I have been doing a lot of ground work with her as she is broke to trail but not much else. I have been riding roughly for about 15 years and have done some showing all english and some western pleasure. Although I would like to try showing (maybe next summer) at barrels or do some endurance, I would like to know some opinions on my mare's physical confirmation. Just a note my trainer had said she is a quick learner and probably would be good for endurance as she is very sure footed. I know it is hard to tell from a photo but any opinions would be great. I just would like to have an idea what she may look like she is built to do. I know any breed can do anything but I am just curious :) Also, she has gained a lot of weight since I have had her in the past month if that makes any difference.
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    09-27-2011, 10:06 PM
Have any pictures, squared up, from the side, no tack? It's hard to tell from that one, but she appears coon-footed in the front (weak, dropping pasterns), with very fine bone, and something funky going on in the hind end--perhaps a stifle problem--that makes her stand so far behind like that. Is she sound? Those are fairly signficant issues, so I wouldn't push her too far athletically. Proper exercises and conditioning may help the stifle issue.
    09-28-2011, 05:48 AM
I agree with Bubba. I really don't like that hind end. The front legs, she may be a bit long through the cannons (my first thought, and MY horse is long through the cannons) and maybe upright in the shoulder.

Better photos would be brilliant though.
    09-28-2011, 06:39 AM
I love a chestnut mare, I have two myself. She has a lovely face from what I can see. Of-course I think that she is gorgeous. Afterall she is a horse. Lol
    09-28-2011, 07:24 AM
Thank you for your opinions :) The only photo I have without tack is before I bought her and she was very thin. I had the vet come out before I bought her and she is 100% sound. She has never had shoes and has never had a lame step in her life. She does have long pasterns I did notice however they don't seem to effect her at all. I'm glad to be getting different opinions as everyone down here is saying how well she is built, I was just curious as if she was built well.

And thank you the compliment :)
    09-28-2011, 11:11 PM
Yep I'm constantly being told my horse has fantastic conformation. He SO does not! Monty has upright shoulders and pasterns, long cannons, a long back, would like some more substance to his hindquarter... the list goes on and on. I find that a LOT of people really don't know a lot about confo and they think "ooo pretty horsey, must be really well put together then!"

I think a horse with fantastic conformation is a very rare thing, so much so that most people don't know it when they see it. There is nothing wrong with a horse that has lots of faults, lord knows mine has plenty of them! That elusive thing called fantastic conformation is very highly in demand because it lends a horse to versatility, and it can turn its hoof to whatever you want to try, but ONLY if it has the right temperament.

Temperament and passion are SO much more important. Conformation only dictates what the horse is PHYSICALLY capable of, and all the perfect conformation in the world will not make up for a lack of confidence and/or passion. My boy, for all his faults, is a fantastic, talented eventing horse, and has cleared 4' - clearly a case of heart over conformation for sure, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be jumping him.

This mare, with her upright-looking shoulder, may not excel in disciplines where reach and length of stride are required (such as dressage, jumping, and maybe speed events), but it shouldn't affect her too terribly, except that her stride may be a little short and choppy. As I said, heart is far more important.

She looks like she's got the right temperament to excel as a trail horse (competitive trails maybe? That is as much a performance discipline as any other) and I don't know a huge amount about western but maybe there's something that would work for both of you, and that she might be brilliant at.

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