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        08-23-2008, 04:11 PM
    Some Horses Nearby...

    OK... so I'm looking at horses near where I live, and am having a hard time doing so. I ended up finding one site that has a ton of horses one country over (similar to one state over for those of you in the US). I found several horses for sale that I'm attracted to. I was wondering what you thought of them. I'll probably not even get to check them out... seeing as my parents aren't wanting me to BUY a horse until I'm out from under their roof. But I can at least look... and... pray... right? ;)

    I'll translate info for you, and then say what I think about them.
    ^Look at the piebald pony. Info:
    Name: Atira
    Age: seven
    Gender: Gelding
    Breed: Dorat... unsure as to what that is.
    Other: Said to be very calm, sweet, and suited for trail riding/endurance. Bombproof. Height unknown.
    My opinion: seems like a sweet pony... but am I wanting a pony? And will this horse do everything I'm wanting to do? Seems like a good option for trails only, but if I'm wanting to compete, might not be a good idea.
    ^The one horse there
    Name: unknown
    Age: unknown
    Gender: gelding... I think
    Breed: unknown
    Other: height - 18 hh, and then the pictures.
    My opinion: definitely not enough info. The other people who were asking things on there thought so too...
    ^yup... that horse
    Name: unknown
    Age: 13 years old
    Gender: Mare
    Breed: Croation Coldblood (Croation Draft? Unsure of "proper" breed name in English)
    Other: She's in the program for therapy riding, she goes barefoot, she's being sold due to lack of space. Registered. Never foaled.
    My Opinion: I'm in love. But need to keep my head. She seems like a very sweet horse, and a great one for pleasure riding. Though, she probably might not be the absolute best for endurance, but endurance isn't necessary. I like to fit the horse's needs, rather than the horse fit MY needs.
    ^Go down to the friesian stallion... first set of pics
    Name: Gelf Fan e Waskemar "Cobra"
    Age: 6 years
    Gender: Stallion
    Breed: Friesian
    Other: really not a lot of info at all. No height, nothing. *sigh*
    My Opinion: GORGEOUS. Yet... no real info except for the bare minimum. Would like more info.
    ^Go down to the yellow pony... both ridden and normal.
    Name: unknown
    Age: 9 years old
    Gender: Mare
    Breed: Haflinger
    Other: Imported from Italy. Height and stuff unknown. Not much info.
    My Opinion: Seems like a cute pony. And from the pics, seems to be a good ride. Though... she seems to be pretty chubby...?
    ^yup... purty pony... the FIRST post... not the second
    Name: Rebeka
    Age: 7 years old
    Gender: Mare
    Breed: Another Croation Coldblood/Draft Horse
    Other: papers are fully strait, though, no more info.
    My Opinion: Once again... I think I'm in love... not just with this horse, but with the breed. But back to thinking strait, I have no idea if she's trained, and if so, how much. I have no idea about her temperament, etc.
    ^Now for the second horse on here
    Name: Roko
    Age: 2
    Gender: Stallion/Colt
    Breed: Croation Coldblood/Draft Horse
    Other: nothing... same as above.
    My Opinion: Pretty much the same as above. He seems really cute, though something just doesn't seem quite right... though I don't know what.

    This is what I'm asking for:
    Conformation Critique
    Which one YOU would choose, and why
    And... well... just anything you want to throw at me! "Cute" is OK...
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        08-24-2008, 03:44 AM
    Nobody has anything to say about them?
        08-24-2008, 08:36 AM
    Come on... anybody?
        08-24-2008, 10:41 AM
    I think you need more information on them before you can make a decision. However, if it is based on looks only, go with the Friesian. He is gorgeous. But back to keeping a level head, need to find out about training and what they have been doing the past years.
        08-24-2008, 09:16 PM
    First horse: Seems very plain, could use alot of muscling on him. He's young so you could probably train him to do whatever you want, but, you'd have to put in that training yourself.

    Second horse: My favorite. I like her confo the best. I'd look into this one more, go see her, maybe ride her, you know.

    Third horse: Gorgeous, but a stallion. LOTS of responsibility with owning a stallion. You could geld, but that's up to you. With not a lot of information, a six year old stallion will probably need ALOT of handling and training work.

    Fourth horse: Ehhh... has total mutton withers, and a super thick neck. Not my fav.

    Fifth horse: She looks good confo wise, I'd say pursue more questions about training, and a test ride.

    Sixth horse: So young. I'd pass. You don't want to break a two year old, do you? X__X

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