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Working Hunter/Eq critique

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        05-29-2009, 09:55 PM
    Working Hunter/Eq critique

    Hi everyone - I am wanting a critique of myself and the horse that I am currently riding. The first one is a practice session at the barn, the second is a working hunter round at the first show we did together two weeks ago. I have already noticed I am over jumping, and am working on correcting that. Let me know if you have any other ideas for myself or the horse (he's not mine, but a friends. Apparently at the last show he went too in March he almost ran off and couldn't get through the course, so I was taking it easy and adding a stride down the lines)


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        05-29-2009, 11:53 PM
    Is there a reason you are in constant two point? I've never seen someone ride a whole course in two point...

    I'm not very show-savy, so maybe that's how they want you to ride in HJ, and if that's the case, really work on solidifying your two-point. It looks like on more than one occasion in both videos that your bum is slamming into the saddle. Keep your two point relaxed and steady.

    And I don't know if this is option for you, it depends on the equipment you have and the sanity of your horse... but I think if you try some "rein-less" riding you will be able to get your center of gravity where it should be, instead of holding on to his mane. I am glad you used his mane though, instead of bashing him in the mouth if you get unbalanced. =] So if you can, set up some small jumps along the rail with a "bumper" on the inside, tie your reins in a knot and jump with your hands on his neck, behind your back, above your head, out to the side, on your knees, etc. You don't need to jump rein-less at first, you can just trot around the arena first, sitting, posting, and in two-point. If he is sane at the canter, do it at the canter too.

    Hope it helps!
        05-30-2009, 05:44 AM
    I don't know much about that discipline so no critique from me but I just wanted to say that I love how calm and controlled your horse stays.
        05-30-2009, 09:44 AM
    I think you are leaning too far forward, even for half-seat. Back up your upper body and sit just a little taller. Right now it looks like you are hunching over. Start by rolling your shoulders back, and then just think about shifting your entire upper body up and back.
        05-30-2009, 10:17 AM
    In your show you weent showing enough impulsion for working hunter, it should be a forward working canter, as if your going somewhere, use your legs a little more, also you where leanign too far forward, causing the horse to flatten his canter, maybe try jumping out of half seat and just fold at the jump, use collection to stop him flattening out, and with this you should get a more inpulsive canter! X
        05-30-2009, 10:33 AM
    Like ponygalmaddy said, your hunter round didn't have enough impulsion. You should have a forward, flowing canter.

    And yes, you need to roll your shoulders back more and sit up and back just a little bit. It looks like you're hunched over rather than in a half seat.

    Good luck
        05-31-2009, 11:22 AM
    Thanks for the input - let's just say I was kinda disturbed when I saw what my position looked like. I've been with the same trainer for the past year, and he teaches many things that I have never heard of before, and kinda goes against what I have been taught. But, it had been 4 years since I had shown, and another 4 years since I have jumped and things change. However, I am looking around at my options, but it seems that all other trainers are 1+ hr away, which is hard to do.

    I am really working on not jumping ahead like I was in those videos (old habit that had been fixed that is coming back to haunt me). Definitely need to get my shoulders back. However, I'm being taught currently to lean that far forward, and am always being got onto for sitting too upright in my two point or 1/2 seat.

    The reason for the lack of forward impulsion is that at the last show this horse went too, they couldn't even get him around a course because he was pulling so hard and almost running off. So I added 1 stride down 1/2 of the lines, just trying to keep him quiet.

    Oh, and there was no holding onto mane during any of the rides. Yes, my hands are up and forward (too much I think), but I was never grabbing mane at these times.

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