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Zeus again!

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        03-03-2009, 06:16 PM
    Zeus again!

    Sooo, if you guys remember me posting on here about Zeus and asking for a conformation critique you all should know that I just went to see him this past weekend and rode. He was amazing! And he has the best personality i've ever encountered in a horse. Lovely, lovely guy. Anyway, I'm now asking for a critique of my position as well as his movement and stuff. Please keep in mind that I haven't ridden in about 6 or more months prior to this. Thank in advance! And sorry for the limited amount, and blurry riding pictures, my mom tries her best, ha ha.

    Off we go!

    His owner warming him up.

    Just mounted up, doing his lip flapping thing, ha ha.

    Standing around.


    Really wish this one wasn't blurry, would have been nice. Trotting again.

    Badly timed canter picture. Just caught the one moment where he tossed his head, ha ha.

    And adding this on just because it's adorable!

    The End!

    So, as long as I hold up my end of the bargain and find a job we're going to bring him down. We're going to start out leasing him with eventual buy, or a lease to buy kind of situation. So... yay!
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        03-03-2009, 07:04 PM
    I'm doing the whole lease then buy thing with Dude. What breed is Zues? TB? He has a nice extension to him. Your wrists bug me for some reason. Other then that I see nothing else wrong. But I'd have somebody else who has more experiance look.
        03-03-2009, 07:20 PM
    Number one, get bigger polo wraps or boots. Those things are just silly on him. ;)

    2: Gosh he's adorable! <3

    3: Just have to work on getting your back straighter... sometimes we lean forward because we pull back on the reins in order to create contact. This horse does not create his own contact (He goes behind the bit a lot) so some long and low is in order for you both! :)

    4: Sometimes your toes pop out. Don't just turn at the ankle; let the inside of your thighs be the part that has the most contact on the saddle, not the back of them--this will help turn your feet in to give the cues from the inside of the calf, not the back. Sometimes your feet get a little too far forward too, but it's minimal and actually could be the saddle.

    5: You guys look super cute. ;)
        03-03-2009, 07:22 PM
    He's a WB x TB. Yeah, my wrists are wonky. I usually do have my hands thumbs up and stuff but with my jacket it really does looks weird, ha ha. Oh and I LOVE his stride. He has a huge, powerful stride and is a very forward moving horse. That's why it's been hard for her to find someone who matches with him under saddle. Personally, I LOVE that in a horse, and he is very well behaved, just very, very forward.

    EDIT: Just saw you post mayfield.
    Thanks! He KNOWS he's adorable. Oh and ha ha, yeah they are a bit silly, those wraps, I have boots at home that i'll be using on him.
    Thanks for the advice. As soon as we bring him on down i'm going to be taking dressage lessons with him and eventually get back into jumping.
    And yeah, my toes turn out a lot, it's a bad habit, ha ha.
        03-04-2009, 03:30 PM
    He is gorgeous!!!!
    I want him! XD
        03-05-2009, 07:41 PM
    I swear i'm not being impatient, ha ha. Just a quick little bump.
    I'd really like to know what you guys think of him and more critique on my position.
    I haven't had lessons or even ridden in a long time so i'm looking for what I need to work on once I get him.
    I'm already thinking that I need to keep reminding myself to bring my leg underneath me more.
        03-05-2009, 07:45 PM
    Aw, he's a really pretty horse. :) You guys look nice together. For a little critique, I think you should lean back just a bit, really bend your knees & sit deep in the saddle (be careful not too lean toooo far back, just a bit). He looks like he moves well, I really like him! He's adorable. Remember to keep your legs back a little bit too. Overall, not too bad. Like I said, you guys look really nice together. :)
        03-05-2009, 09:35 PM
    I rarely critique so maybe I'm wrong, but aren't the leathers a bit short?

    He sure is a pretty boy! <whistle>
        03-05-2009, 09:38 PM
    I suppose for dressage they could be a bit long, but they felt fine to me.
    Hmm, and not really sure if there's any certain length the leathers should be for dressage?
    I have no idea.

    Oh and the saddle i'll be getting with him isn't the dressage saddle i'm riding in there, it's a different one, ha ha.
        03-05-2009, 11:09 PM
    Your stirrups are a hole or two too short for where they should be for someone without a really secure seat and leg. But that doesn't really matter, riding with your knees that far into the thigh blocks is just not a super thing to do to the saddle repeatedly.
    Overall, you really need to put some more leg on that horse. You are just kind of along for the ride, and when you sit in the saddle (like in the trot pictures) your legs fly out in front of you and you end up in a chair seat. In the canter, the only reason your leg is under you is because you have tilted yourself too far forward, and are leaning on the contact for support, hence why the horse is pulling away from the bit with his neck.
    Put your leg on, sit upright and in the tack and otherwise I see nothing too wrong. I like the feel that your arms have, it looks like you are very nice and soft up front and allow the horse to come into the contact (except in the one canter picture where you're leaning on the bit). Don't let anyone get you pulling on this horse. You don't need to pull this guy around.
    I would recommend dressage lessons with this horse because of his build and big stride. You are going to need to have effective skills to collect this guy before a fence, other than pulling. Plus I already think that you and the horse have a good foundation in dressage and just need some refining and more tools in your belt.
    Good luck!

    (PS, as a guideline the dressage length of stirrups is to stretch your legs down so they are comfortably long, and then the top of the stirrup should rest around mid ankle. Riding without stirrups and just generally practicing more dressage and getting a more secure seat and leg will allow you to stretch the leg down further and lengthen the stirrups slowly.)

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