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    04-01-2009, 08:00 PM
Growing up in a non-horsey family, and absolutely loving horses has been tough. I never take for granted the time I spend around horses. I just recently..the past 4 days, started working with a horse that I can totally love on, and almost treat as my own. I am so grateful for the situation, even if it isn't actually my horse. You are quite smart to want to earn your horse.
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    04-01-2009, 10:44 PM
I have horses now but I was once a horse mad girl without a horse! I wantd one sooooo bad!! So I know exactly how you all feel! I also have a non-horsie family and now that I have horses it is still hard. I worked hard for my first horse too, if I wasnt so devoted to my lessons and if I didnt work 100 times harder than everyone else getting lessons I wouldnt have got my first horse. And I completely took care of him from day one without any help at all. It is hard work owing a horse esspessially if you are learning and you have to do everything your self without help, but it is more than worth it! I was doing lessons and my riding teacher had a friend who was giving her horse to a disabled riding school but my riding teacher convinced her to concider me to have him. I went and rode him and I got a call later that day saying I can have him! Picked him up that arvo! Words can't describe how happy and excited I was! It is still hard having a non-horse family, I have no one to ride with and I am kind self tought for owning horses. I don't even really have any friends who are horsie experienced.

For all you horse crazy horseless peolple out there, I think that it is a good thing growing up having to earn it all your self. People who grow up having horses or people who are just given their horses and don't have to do much don't cherish the experience as much. Once that day comes when you get a horse, I promise, that you will NEVER take it for granted! You will ALWAYS look back and remember what it was like not having horses and you will ALWAYS remember how lucky you are to have horses! Its an amazing experience and I don't think you can fully enjoy it unless you have been through the stage where you are completely horse mad and you watch every one who has horses but you just can't have one! So think of your non-horse days as a good life experience that will help you enjoy your horsie future A LOT more!!! Just be patient and work hard, that day WILL come!!!
    04-04-2009, 02:54 PM
I grew up in a semi-horsie family. When I was younger, my mom had horses, but I hated going to the barn. When I was around eight to ten, we had two Standardbred race horses, and I'm pretty sure that's where I fell in love with them. I went to a horse camp the year after we stopped racing, then I started on lessons.

I got Twende from my trainers when I was fourteen, and my parents paid for it then, but as soon as I turned sixteen, I got a job to help out with board and such. Today, I still have that God awful job, but I do it to support my love of horses. (: I bought a trailer a few weeks ago, I bought myself a saddle, I've bought myself a bunch of little nick knacks that I've needed, I had to save for a car to get me to and from the barn, I worked summer camps for extra cash, and obviously, I still pay half of the board bill.

It's pretty much drained me of money, and I'm only 17, lmao. I intend to go further with it through college and afterward, so...yeah. More money. But it's what I love to do, so it's worth it to me. (:

You'll get there eventually, and good luck when you do.
    04-05-2009, 08:28 AM
Thanks. I felt so jealous yesterday. I have to try to contain myself
    04-05-2009, 10:03 PM
I know what its like to love horses and be horseless!

I rode a bit when I was younger and I worked for alot of my lessons (I only ever had like 20 in the end) It was really hard work and I didnt get anything out of it so I stopped. I have been offered a horse before, a good (old) horse that I loved but I had had to say no. I couldnt afford it and I couldnt keep him where I lived. That was four years ago and Im sixteen now I still love them but I havent been for a lesson or anything since due to money. I have a non horsey family (except for my sister but she kind of 'grew out of it' ) and a non horsey boyfriend. I don't even live with my mum or dad anymore so Im like, on my own except living with my boyfriend and sister. Im lucky I have my boyfriend, he may not 'like' horses but he loves me and supports me. He has offered to pay for lessons and stuff but we are like, poor right now so I wont let him.

I am now going to start riding again soon though, I don't know why I picked now... Im trying to learn how to drive too I have found a place close enough to where I live (THANKS HAPPYGOOSE!!! ) And I will start with whatever I can afford (maybe onnce every two weeks)

I tell myself every day that one day I will own my own horse (maybe two!) and I know its true. Im studying at TAFE and Im going to get my diploma at the end of the year so I can get a good job to pay for everything, and I do it for my dream of horses. Everytime I don't want to do an asignment I think of my boy and my horses. Its that motivation that gets me through. When I get a job I will be saving every penny I resonably can and I will be dreaming of my horses when I have to get up in the cold morning to go to work.

I know I will get there, theres no doubt in my mind because I have decided that that is what will happen. If any of you horseless people do the same, I can guarentee you'll get there too.

(Sorry for the long post)
    04-06-2009, 05:16 AM
Haha no prob sallyjane!!!! I only ever did lesons once a fortnight, that's all I could afford as well, and it still payed off!!!
    04-07-2009, 05:01 PM
Awh this is such a lovely and inspirational thread :)

I am currently "between horses" but I ride livery horses at my barn when their owners can't come up. Its really cool because a) it's FREE and b) they're amazing horses I could never afford haha!! Getting some really good experience while I save up for the next one!!

I definitely advice "getting in" with the livery crowd haha

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