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        01-20-2010, 06:24 PM
    Originally Posted by nirvana    
    Universities only look at grade 12 courses (my school encourages us to try extra hard in grade 11 just in case.) Im not saying slack off or anything just don't stress about grade 9/10 classes. The most important thing to do in grade 9/10/11 classes is to keep your options as open as possibe. Its better to be getting a 60% in a university/academic class than it is to be getting 90% in college. And take all the science and math courses you can.
    I as well have thought about vet school but like the others said its a big commintment, its harder than becoming a doctor because doctors only learn about one species you learn several. But you may love it. If you find after a couple years of highschool your not liking the sciences in may not be in your best intrest because you have to take all sciences.

    Anywho, I have no problem balancing everything, just make the best of your class time. Lunch is also great too.
    Very good point. Year 8/9 is really not that diffult and the results don't count towards anything other than helping you get into the next years topics. You want to do well in all your classes, but you don't need to put in every scrap of effort you have to do well in 8/9 as you'll burn yourself out for when it counts!! In year 10, it is generally a bit of a 'fun' year before you hit the more serious work of 11 and 12. Yeah 10 you can pick more subjects on your own, so if you want to get into vet science, pick as many science and maths topics as you can, and also english.
    Yeah 11 you can pick I htink all of your subjects, or all but one.. I can't remember! And you generally have one less subject, so instead of 7 subjects a year, you do 6, and the spare lesson is a 'free' or 'supervised study' period. Use these frees!!!!!! My friends used to take off to the shopping centre, or go out buy fish and chips and lay out in the park for an hour. Use this free time wisely, study study study, get as much of your homework done as possible in this time and you'll feel so much better when you get home.

    As Nirvana said, you may not enjoy the science topics and decide to take a different path. If you find you are struggling in science, maybe look into getting a tutor to help you out. But just remember that university science is going to be twice as hard as high school science, and in uni they don't hold your hand to guide you through it, you're on your own. That is another reason why I decided to change my courses, animal science/vet science/agricultural science all have an extremely stron focus on chemistry, and I did struggle through high school chemistry. I passed, but only just and needed to work very hard at it.
    Environmental management also has chemistry, but not quite so full on as in the other courses. I love biology so wanted to pursue a science field, and am very happy with my decision.
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        01-20-2010, 06:29 PM
    Kayty - What Uni are you going to? What is the UAI/TER for environmental management?
        01-20-2010, 06:30 PM
    Awww you guys get study hall! I don't! We have to take 8 courses, in grade 11 you can choose a spear. If you get study hall you should defenatly be able to stay on top. Oh ya don't worry all my elementry teachers scared the crap out of me telling me how hard highschool...and really it isnt that much harder.
        01-20-2010, 06:35 PM
    Wild_spot, I'm going to Flinders Uni in Adelaide. It's the most convenient for me as it's about 10mins drive away, and it's also internationally recognised as one of the top environmental science institutes in the world!!
    The TER was only 61! I got a lot higher than that as I was aiming for animal science which is 80, and I also got bonus points from the university for doing chemistry, biology and maths in year 12. So got in easily!

    Nirvana, what a bummer no study periods!! I don't know how I would have coped without mine! I got most of all that annoying nitty gritty homework like maths and chemistry out of the way in those periods, then did the bigger assignment type work from biology/english etc. at home. It gave me so much more room to breathe, and I probably could have kep riding in those last few months, but because my mare was so young and it always took a bit of effort and guts to get her back into work, I thought it would be best to just put her out for a few months. I was really determined to do well and I figure what's a couple of months of no riding anyway?
        01-21-2010, 07:10 AM
    Green Broke
    Thanks for all your advice guys, I think is just come as such a shock as I was once that year sixer being told "We;re getting you ready for grade 7". Then I was that grade 7 studant.. Now I'm that grade eight studant. . I've always had good grades, but they've never been excellent. I'm not happy with anything lower then a B. Its just a shock that in 6 days I step into my new high school and in 7 days I start classes. For once I am glad I have an older sister, as she can help me with work I find difficult as she has done it all before. I remeber when Jalah was in grade eight and Taylor - my sister was in grade 9. They both sat on eaither side of my jump and would raise/pick up my polls when they fell and did there homework. So I can always ask the worlds smartest hors for help
        01-22-2010, 05:40 PM
    I suggest, like most other people.. be organized, get your class work done as quick as you can so you can start on the homework, And if your really all for competing you'd be doing the rest of your home work during recess and lunch, and you can also do the research for your projects/assignments then as well.

    As for the showing side of things, don't worry about the 'prep' time as much because if your really going to go to a show every weekend then that weekend as well as the ones before ad's to you prep time. I hope that makes sence.

    Just make the 5 school days, well 4 because I assume you'd be giving your horse a break the prep for that show that weekend. Weather it be jumping or hacking or x country etc.

    And also the day off you give your horse will give you time to get you school work done.

    Good luck and have fun!
        01-22-2010, 07:06 PM
    For years 8 and 9 you'll probably be able to get all your homework done during recess/lunch, but in 10, and particuarly 11 and 12, you WILL need to be spending quite a bit of time at home .
        01-23-2010, 09:46 AM
    All ways remember that you love your horse. There will be a time when you will have to remember this. And also remember that your horse will probably like a weekend off here or there. Most of all have fun. As I always say "when the ribbon is the reason for the ride you shouldn't be riding."

    Have fun!
        01-23-2010, 06:07 PM
    Green Broke
    Thank you to you all for your advice.
    PaintingMissy - Its not the reason I'm going to compete, the reason I will be competing is for the experiance.
        01-24-2010, 12:33 AM
    If you are wanting to be a vet - high school should not be hard for you. I achieved honours in high school and I didn't go to class, except to write exams. Otherwise I was at the mall, or somewhere else equally less boring than school.
    I found university hard, without getting a 4.0 GPA (which you will need to get into vet school). Just think about it, if you are in the top 10% of your class in high school then those are the people you are graded against in University. If you are in the lower portion of the 10% while trying your heart out, then you aren't going to make it into the top 10% of the top 10% in order to make it to vet school. If you are applying for lots of scholarships, then yes keep your grades as high as possible, but otherwise don't worry. I got about $4000 worth of scholarships out of high school and I honestly don't remember squat from it. The first thing they tell you in half your first year courses in Uni is to forget everything you were told in High School.

    So, don't stress out. And have a back up plan!!! Very few people who set out to practice veterinary medicine actually make it. Maybe you want to be a nutritionist or Ag. Sci, keep your doors open and your Uni GPA high.

    As far as for the showing, once a weekend is a touch excessive. You are going to run out of money very quickly! Pick a few shows a month and go to those. You want to space your shows out so that you have time to properly train in between. Yes, show experience is good, but always rmemember that we show to train, not train to show!
    I find that 3-4 shows/year is about all I can handle with a f/t training schedule.

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