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My mare would break into a glorious bucking spree after I'd taken her in water to her belly. No deeper as she was saddled. As we rode away she just couldn't help herself and always warned me with a squeal. She wasn't trying to toss me so I let her enjoy it.
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Green Broke
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oh goodness, where to start. First off, I cant ride a buck. Spook, spin, bolt, no problem, but I'm no bronc rider.

First one I was about 17, and figured I could ride a thoroughbred mare. She was very forward and a bit mean, but I'd seen her ridden and figured I could handle her. Until she pulled a new one out of her bag of tricks. We got half way across the yard and she wanted to take off. I pulled back on the reins(big mistake, a circle would have solved the problem) and she did her best imitation of a saddle bronc. I lasted about 4 bucks before I flew off, nearly hit the fence and badly shattered my wrist. The mare bucked her way across the yard and slammed head first into a plank fence, flipping herself completely over. We both sat up and looked at each other.

The next time was a year or so later, starting my quarter horse filly. She was a total sweet heart and very easy to train. We were trotting circles in the outdoor arena, probably her fifth ride, when a dog jumped out from behind a shed. She launched into a pretty good bucking fit. I tried to stay on and ended up getting thrown forward, hitting the inside of my left leg on the horn, then pulling myself back in the saddle before repeating to my right leg, ending by flipping mid air and skidding down the arena butt first, filling my pants with dirt. I had a soft ball sized bruise on the inside of each leg, and couldn't walk straight for a week.
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Oh man....don't even get me started on mine. I will say until my current horse, I actually could ride out bucks! But Dexter...his bucks are like huge in the air crow hops and I just can't stay on :( I stay on for a few, but once he starts hes on a mission and doesn't stop till your off his back.

The majority of our bucks have come from while mounting. I bought him knowing that he would/could buck sometimes. Had a trainer and she was working with him...he never once tried to buck with her...After she worked with him a few months, things were going good...Well we were going to have a lesson. So we got in the ring, lunged a few minutes, then decide to get on. I got him up to the mounting block, my trainer stood to the side of his face, just casually talking to me/lightly holding him. I was half way on, but not all the way in the saddle and he just jumps straight up in the air! Then flung his had back up, hitting my helmet pretty hard, then went back into a giant crow hop and I went flying. We were both like wth? So trainer worked with him and got on and of course he didn't try it with her! I got back on and then we had a nice lesson lol.

Luckily I'm not the only one hes bucked off, so that makes me feel a little better. I had a leaser, she had rode him plenty of times no issue. Well one day she decided she wanted to try her saddle on him (I was at work). He didn't agree with her saddle. The second she got in the saddle he became a bronc, tried to run her into the fence...she hasn't been back to ride him since. She still tries to say its because his back hurt, she wont take the blame. She used a saddle that was too tight AND used my shimmed thinline pad...

Next he bucked off a trainer I hired :( She came out and test rode him while I was there and he did beautifully! I hired her because I wanted him to relax more about mounting, especially with new people...he gets super nervous about new people trying to get on him. Well second time she came out, I wasnt there...he sent her flying. I think because I wasn't there, he didn't know her well yet, and he just freaked when she got on him. She said his ears werent pinned, he wasn't mad, he just looked completely terrified :(

I did come off a couple weeks ago too, not while mounting! Ha. We were trail riding, pretty much all we do is trail ride now, usually alone :( Well we were walking threw the woods and heard a loud crash! I think a tree fell. He did his usual spook of jumping slightly with a tiny spin, nothing major...he seemed fine. Then all of a sudden he took off bucking! I was completely caught off guard and came off into a pile of leaves and he kept running! Really strange for him. I caught him, and when I did I realized his foot went though his easyboot. Like one of the screws came out and his foot went between the rubber boot and the gator. I guess when he spooked it happened, then he was all of a sudden like OMG SOMETHING IS EATING MY FOOTTTTTTT! He broke two boots from that spook lol! Hes been fine since though. I didn't get back on :( No where safe to mount up and I couldn't get the boot off so I figured was just safer to walk him home and cut the boot off when I got home.
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Our welsh loved to get his nose low and buck when asked to lope. My son quickly learned to ride it out by keeping his body upright and relaxing his lower back. His hips rocked with the movement. One day he even managed to lick his ice cream cone while we were loping down the road. I was bareback and nearly fell off laughing watching those two. For my younger son we had to use a check rein so pony couldn't duck his head so low.
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I have tonnes of bucking stories, my horse is a known bucker. I'll start with my first fall. I was riding on the beach in the UK in Feburary a few years back, some friends thought it would be fun to do a beach ride on some rental ponies. I got one called Cracker (i should have know by his name that he'd be a pistol); anyway we hacked out from the barn, rode about 2 miles down some roads and got to the beach. Our guide said "let's have a short canter" so off we went; everything was going fine until cracker decided he'd have some fun and rodeo bucked me down the beach. I stayed on great, even managing to tell my friend everything was fine and i was okay until he twisted mid buck and i came flying off over his shoulder. He bucked off up the beach having a fine old time and i lay on the wet cold sand on my back for a while. Luckily i only ended up with a mild concussion and the wind knocked out of me but we had a hell of a time catching cracker, anytime someone got close he'd up and buck away like a fool. I couldn't get back on him so switched with the guide who surprisingly got off him and walked him back to the barn not long after the switch.

I think my best buck on my horse, the one i'm most proud of is the big one i stayed on! We were out maybe 2 years ago riding the trails near the barn with some friends, everything was going great, lovely weather and all that until we came to the creek. The side to get out was pretty muddy and Phoenix slipped and then lost his **** mind. He bucked me up the side of the creek and onto the flat.. i stayed on but he wasn't near finished. We had to go up a pretty steep hill that has a winding trail going up, it's normally not a big deal, it wasn't too muddy but like i said this horse was off his nut by this point. At 5 different locations up this hill he had bucking fits; the last one and worst went on for maybe 7-8 huge rodeo bucks and ended with a massive near vertical rear on a hill which would have dropped us down through some trees and into a rocky creek if he'd fallen. I heard my friend say "oh my god he's going over backwards" but luckily i'd managed to kick my feet free and shove myself forwards on his neck to balance him. He landed and gave another half hearted crow hop and was done. A stirrup hit me in the knee and i was a bit shaky after he was finished but otherwise unhurt. He was fine the rest of the way back to the barn and i needed a stiff drink when i got home. I think, or at least i think that his saddle had slipped when he tried to haul his fat bum out of the creek which set off his bucking. After that he got a new saddle and a breast collar so no slippage could happen again.

Luckily i've had more than enough experience of my idiot horse to be able to go with his bucks, i deal with this on a regular basis

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When I was in 5th grade all the elementary schools in the district went to a camp for a weekend in order to get to know each other for the middle school years coming up. At this camp there was a trail riding opportunity and it was set up so that everyone went on a trail ride. You picked between beginner and experienced levels. Well, I had horses my whole life so compared to my fellow children, I was experienced. But the experienced ride was an hour long and the inexperienced one was only 30 minutes and having horses to ride at home but not having a pool, I opted for the short ride in order to allow for maximum pool time. I was also a rather short child. Take your normal 5th grader (about 5.5 ft tall) and subtract about...a foot and a half. And you have me They put me on the shortest pony they had. Her name was Ophelia. Anyway. We start out down the trail and I guess Miss Ophelia didn't like horses on her butt because she takes off with little ol' me off the trail and through the woods just bucking up a storm - totally traumatized the poor girl on the horse behind us. I stayed on, of course, and got her under control and brought her back to the group but all the trail people were freaking out 'cause their "beginner safe" horse just took off with a tiny little child. They're lucky I wasn't actually a beginner LOL

When I was 12 my mom brought home a new horse named Zeus. He was a 16.2 hh TBx and he was a nasty piece of work (we learned). Well naive little me was like, "I want to sit on him!" So my mom kneed me up on him bareback and I was there for about 1 second and Zeus promptly pitched me onto my face in the ditch.

Another time I was riding Sonny, my current horse, with my friend in an arena at the local fairgrounds. A 4H horse meeting was happening in the arena on the other side of the fence and I was just warming Sonny up and asked him to do a nice lope. So we're loping along having this grand old time and Mr. Son just goes and gets it in his head that, "OH MY GOODNESS IT'S SPRING TIME! I'M SO EXCITED! WOOOOOO!" And just decides, for no reason other than pure happiness, that bucking is a good idea so, right in front of these 4H kids (ranging in age from 8-11) my horse just launches himself into the air in this massive buck (I have pictures but can't find them at the moment lol) and he totally ruined the 4H meeting 'cause they were all distracted by us just bucking around the arena. He got it out of his system after about 7 of those massive bucks and then he was good lol. My friend's mom was with us and once I had him calmed down again she was like, "Well that looked like it was fun..." <- She's a very experienced horsewoman and she couldn't stop herself from laughing at me because I apparently don't look all cool, calm, and collected when I'm surprised by suddenly riding a bucking bronco.

Just the other day our new horse, Nick, took off with me twice bucking. Also for no reason other than OH MY GOODNESS IT'S SPRING TIME! I'M SO EXCITED! WOOOOOO! - scared the bejebus out of my friend who was with me

Yeah...those are the stories I have so far. I'm sure there are more though.

I don't know...I might just attract the naughties out of horses
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My quarter horse TBird bucked me the ENTIRE first year I worked with him. Nothing physically wrong with him (had him checked), saddle was fine, no one could find anything wrong. He just thought he knew how to do everything and just wanted me to sit there for the ride.

Umm wrong-o I was not going to sit there and let him fly around like a crazy horse with no brakes, being extremely heavy on his front end, pulling, turning on his front end so that his butt flew out sideways from lack of stoppage and he got PO'd at me because of it and he let me know with royal bronc style bucks ALL. THE. TIME. Complete with leaping, pig rooting, and rocking horse style rears.

One time he bucked me so hard and I was not prepared for it and I ended up landing on the horn of the saddle HARD. I thought for sure I had broken a bone in my pelvic area. Surprisingly but not I just had severe bruising and it hurt to sit for a while =P

My friend's mom told me just recently that every time she watched me on him she got so scared for me and thought it was a bad idea but now she says it was perfect. We grew together and now he is one of the safest horses I have ever ridden. I've put my little brother on him and Birdie was an angel. He's currently helping me teach my extremely timid sister how to ride and hasn't taken a wrong step since he decided working WITH me was much easier than fighting me. I can honestly say he did a complete 360.

This is Dice. He NEVER bucked once not even while I was training him to saddle. He LOVES to be ridden/worked, if you carry a saddle anywhere near the fence line and he sees you he flies over and starts nickering asking to come out, not kidding it's weird. I've never seen a horse love to work so much.

The bucking clips were from his first show of the season with literally only 2 rides over the winter. I think he was just so happy to be out and he just had to let loose because they were in no way "Get off of my back!" bucks. Although with the first one you can see I was NOT prepared haha, because he's never bucked.

No evidence of pain anywhere I checked his back and everything right after the first AND second set of bucks. After those he did the rest of the events in pure perfect Dice fashion. Oh and the first event (hurry scurry) that was his FIRST time ever going over jumps. May have to try my barrel boy out English, nothing like a good all-arounder!

The second set of clips is from his second show of the season (different arena) we had more prep time before this one haha. He's such a good boy.

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I don't have a lot of bucking stories, way more rearing stories, but I do have a couple.

When I was a kid we had three TWH, a gelding and two mares. They were all related, two full sibs and one half sib. Anyways.

The one mare and I just did not get along at all in the saddle. Not sure what the deal was, but she would just randomly start broncing. Once we were out on the trail, life was good and out of no where she just went nuts. Head between the knees and bucking hard. No idea how I stayed on, except I had a far better seat in those days. Another time she took off run across the pasture, bucking like a loon the entire way. I just held on and (this is embarrassing) yelled for my dad, "Daddddddyyyyyy!!!!" Bahahaha Not sure what I thought he was going to do to save me.

The gelding bucked with me once, we were racing my sis and came across the finish line (winning, that horse was fast) and he let out this big celebratory buck. I flew off over his head (my sis says 30 feet and 15 feet up, who knows, we were kids) and came down cracking my head on the ground. I was just lucky there were no rocks, because I wasn't wearing a helmet. I came to, kicked my sister off her horse and went to catch the gelding.

Otherwise, Soda has bucked once with me. It was a big, high one, not twisty, but high with his head shoved way down. Apparently my instincts were still good (this was my first summer re-riding after 5-6 years off) and thank god for barrel saddles, because I nailed him on the ass with my hand as hard as I could, popped him in the mouth, and kicked him in the gut. His head came up, his butt went down, and the look on his face was priceless. Hasn't bucked since, although he'll do a little crow hop now and again when he's feeling fresh.
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Green Broke
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One gelding I had and started was a horrendous bucker. We thought for a while he would be a good saddle bronc horse, but he eventually matured into a fabulous jumper.
I was foolish and decided one day after a good ride to take the saddle off and play around bareback. All was well until I did around the world and he decided that while I was backwards and bareback would be the best time to throw a royal tantrum. One buck I stayed on, two I started to slip, and on three I realized it was futile and bailed before the 4th. Little stinker :)

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These stories are too funny!

I only have two funny stories to share. The first one was when I was helping bring one of my trainer's horses back after some substantial time off due to an injury. We saddled him up and she had him haltered and on a lunge line. I leaned on him and let him get used to my weight. Once he was fine with that, I laid across the saddle on my stomach while she walked him. He was quiet for a bit, then started bucking like a rodeo horse. I was bouncing on the saddle like a fish flops around when you take it out of water. Lol I slid off of him on the downside of a buck and he immediately stopped. My trainer got him settled down after a few minutes. I laid on my stomach across the saddle again and she walked him. He was being a gentleman at that point so I swung my leg over his rump, sat up in the saddle, and picked up my stirrups. She continued walking him and every thing was good until a car drove by. That jerk dropped his head between his legs and tried to launch me. I have no idea how I stayed on but I distinctly remember trying to figure out what to do with my arms as I had no reins in my hands. Afterwards, my trainer said I was doing the airplane and with the way the horse was bucking, looked like all I had to do was flap my arms to take off flying. Lol

The second incident was when I was riding a friend's horse. He was being really good until all of a sudden he was petrified of the back wall. I tried to get him past it and he started bucking. So I kept after him and really tried to get him past the wall. Well he let out a big buck and a twist. I bit the dust and was livid. As I was lying on the ground, a huge raccoon climbed out of the insulation on the wall and was followed by two babies. They stared at me for a bit as I was laughing hysterically, before they scampered off. The poor horse was trembling in the farthest corner of the arena. Lol
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