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end of my patience with this nag.

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  • My horse has no patience with me

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    08-17-2011, 07:47 PM

I have read several pages so far and not one has brought up STRONGLY (there was one op that mentioned it in passing) that this may be a lesson horse only to help pay for his board, or a lot of other reasons. That doesn't make him a LESSON HORSE. All that makes him is a horse that gets a saddle put on, and yanked, and kicked, and probably has a mouth like the rock of Gibraltar, and if you looked at his sides, probably has two inch thick extra padding from being kicked, spurred, and I won't even go into the whip part. I'm sorry that so far no one has given you the benefit of doubt about the horses behavior.
If a lesson horse needs to be ridden with a whip, he is NOT a lesson horse. I know in dressage people use those as aids during performances but not trying to get a horse dulled by years of abusive and rough handling to behave. I absolutely agree with you if you're going to learn to carry a crop or whip it should be to further your education, not to, excuse me because it's not a pun, beat a dead horse. Good Luck, Cheryl
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    08-17-2011, 08:22 PM
Originally Posted by Saddlebag    
If he wants to move off as you are mounting, fine, get him going and don't let him slow down. S
Saddlebag- The walking off is a problem I have with a horse I exercise. If you are literally one-foot-up in the stirrup as they start moving off, can you explain what you would do to get them going and not slow down until you're ready? This is a sincere question, I would love your advice as it at times is a potentially dangerous situation where if I'm not 110% paying attention, I could easily get walked off on with one foot in the stirrup, one on the block. I would very much like to end this bad behavior. My strategies so far have been to mount with someone holding the head (obviously not always possible) or to put her facing a corner where moving off is not physically an option (which results in a mounting block sitting in the middle of the corner I'm trying to ride, but is otherwise a successful strategy).

Sorry to hijack the thread for a minute. SB, you can PM me if you prefer...
    08-17-2011, 09:23 PM
Haven't really read everybody's response but here's what I have to say. Been riding horses since I was young. Only went to lessons once in my life (i was taught to ride by my family) and they had a horse that was old and just didn't want to go any more. I still learned to ride him. It was the most frustrating thing ever. But let me tell you this, A horse can sense what you're feeling. If you're feeling upset, the horse will respond. If you're happy then the horse will be content. And yes if you are frustrated or mad the horse will sense it and respond to it in ways..well it'll know it can take advantage of you.

Some horses (all that i've ridden) will test you. My gymkhana horse tested me A LOT when I first rode him. I thought I never wanted to ride him again. He took off on me and did all sorts of thing, you get it right? I was sick of what he was doing with me so I said, That's it. It's time to show him who's boss. YOU the rider are the boss. You want to go right but your horse wants to go left. Make the horse go right. I'm not quite sure how I can explain how I showed my horse who's boss but after a couple weeks, He started listening to me. This problem also happened with my pony. She bucked me when I tried to lope her. But you have to show her who's boss. So after >repetitive< loping in circles one way and then the next, She finally loped without bucking. It wasn't the best lope but she progressed.

Although, Maybe you just aren't bonding with that horse. I find that with every horse I ride I had to bond with them one way or another. That way the horse and I get each other. Maybe you should spend more time with that horse outside of the ring. Spend more time brushing him, etc.

Don't give up on a horse, ever. Every horse has potential and, If you don't give any effort neither will the horse.

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