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I don't have any scars from coming off of horses. I have one above my nose from being bitten in the face, one on my shin from having my horse spook into the horse in front of me while we were riding and getting kicked, and one I just acquired on my thigh a couple of months ago from getting kicked by a horse in the pasture.

My only broken bones didn't come from falling off either: I broke my nose when the horse in front of mine kicked out at my horse's head and she flung her head around to avoid it. I broke my toe when leading my horse by a road...I was looking at the cars.

I'm in my mid-thirties but so far I've always managed to get back on my horse so I guess that counts as still bouncing.

Some of my favorite falls of all time:

When galloping on wet grass my horse's feet slid out to the side and she fell down. We both slid on our sides together in tandem across the wet grass. My friend said it looked really cool. I didn't get sore at all from that one.

Walking through some bushes a tangled vine entwined my horse's front legs. When she tried to move it brought her suddenly to her knees. I was deposited into the bushes.

My friend was riding directly in front of me and we were both trotting on a narrow trail between trees. My friend's foot got caught on a small tree about five feet high. As she rode forward the tree was bent down and then released suddenly, snapping back at me and my horse. It would have hit my horse smack in the middle of the face if she hadn't been so quick at jumping three feet to the side to avoid it. That was one I couldn't ride.

Barbed wire fences terrify me! If a big truck comes by on the road and there is barbed wire nearby I get off and lead my horse. Just in case.
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Originally Posted by gottatrot View Post
Barbed wire fences terrify me! If a big truck comes by on the road and there is barbed wire nearby I get off and lead my horse. Just in case.
Amen to that, when I was probably 10 or 11 My friend and I rode down the road on the neighbours pony and horse (with permission of course!) I was on the 14yo dead broke gelding who was just hard to stop, but unflabbable. My friend was on the newly broken horse who was terrified of traffic.
So here we are walking down a hill in plain view when a horse truck appears about 500m away. Lace gets off the horse because she knows he is scared of traffic, and there is a bank and a fence on one side of road. We flagged down horse truck and tried to get them to slow down, you would think most respectable horse people would slow down but apparently not these ones. They fly past us, Barney breaks loose and gallops off down the road, leaving lace behind on the side of the road. Billy and I take off flat gallop down the side of the road trying to catch Barney, who's saddle was underneath him by this time (don't actually know how he managed that, it was pretty dang tight)
Billy and I catch barney and wait for lace to get down the road cursing at the horse truck. Then we had to take the saddle off and redo it on a poor shaking barney in the middle of a gravel track. Then we carried on, but went through the neighbours paddocks to get back (again, with permission)

-That could have ended very nasty if Lace didn't get off willingly before Barney took off

R.I.P ~ Bubbles - 25yo tb mare - 13.04.2011 ~ 8:30am ~ passed away naturally and peacefully in my arms
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WOW guys I knew there would be some interesting stories out there but ouch! don't really want to go through some of those even the once where you could get back on. I would put the pics of my accident but you wouldn't know what you're looking at, just a red and black mess. At least teachers understood why I couldn't sit in a hard back chair, even with it all wrapped up. I'm really lucky I didn't get massive scars from that one, I do from being cloth lined by a tree when on the trail my helmet visor got caught on the tree branch and wiped my head up cutting up from my chin to my collar bone. And ended up sitting on my butt behind my horse. That was embarrassing and very painful.
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there was one time, also at horse camp. I didn't fall off but was pretty shaken for a bit after. We had this 'trainer' who had us doing stuff in the arena. We had to lean down to the side and pick up a bucket that was on the ground, while riding our horse and not stopping to grab it, just grab the handle as we went by. Well I made several passes and missed every dang time. Then finally I got it! When I sat back up straight my horse started to bronc buck. I just froze but then I heard people say 'DROP THE BUCKET DROP THE BUCKET!' since that is what was freaking him out. Well I more so tossed the bucket to the side so he veered off to the opposite side to get well away from it, still bronc bucking. He slammed sideways into the arena fence and then slowed down and calmed down. I was quick to get OFF even though the trainer was saying 'you did good, you stayed on! Don't get off!' I had a massive cramp in my side and was shaking pretty bad so I needed to catch my breath. Had a nice bruise on my leg a day or so later from being slammed between the horse and the fence
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I've had some doozies, but there was one where I definitely splatted. I was training a herd of paints for a guy so he could sell some of them off, and the area that I rode was about a quarter mile down a gravel road from the pasture. I had been working with Phantom, who I now own, who at the time was a three year old stud. Had gotten him going really well, and wanted to work with Quincy some, who was a 6 year old mare, and who was a lot unpredictable. So I got my hubby to come out and ride Phantom while I worked with Quincy just in case something went wrong. We had a nice long ride and she was really good, so my hubby asked if he could ride her back to the pasture just to feel her out. So he got up in my English saddle, and I got into his WAY too big Western one on Phantom (who I had been riding bareback and every other which way with no problems for a while). He is taller than me, so rather than move his stirrups all around just for a cool-out walk back to the field, I let my legs hang. About half way back down the gravel road something startled Phantom. We assume deer, but we never saw anything. He lost his mind, flew backward, spun around, and took off bronc-bucking, with his head between his knees. And me in a too big saddle with no stirrups, and loopy reins. I didn't stand a chance. I came off at the top of the third buck, and my hubby said it looked like he'd launched me. I went flying up and came down hard, on my hip, in the middle of the gravel road. Splat. And didn't move. I couldn't. All the air was knocked out of me. Phantom made a beeline for Quincy and cowered beside her, and my hubby bailed off and came running. He thought for sure I was dead when I didn't pop right back up. He's seen me fall a lot of times, but that was the only time I fell and stayed down when he was around. I had gravel embedded in my hip, and was so bruised that I couldn't walk for nearly a week without help.

Another. I had a temporary electric line run around what is now my arena, but used to be just grass. I went out and was sitting on Buck while he grazed. No halter, or tack. I was just sitting and "communing", lol. All was fine until he grazed under the line, and it shocked him on the back of the head. He bolted forward and the fence caught me around the waist and jerked me off his back. When I landed, it was on the back of a straight leg, and I hyper-extended my knee. I was home alone. I managed to crawl to the sidewalk, but I couldn't make it up the steps to the house to call for help. So I sat in the driveway and cried, leg swelling. By the time my hubby got home (he's a paramedic) he had to cut my jeans off just to look at my leg. This was almost 11 years ago, and it still hurts me if the weather gets bad, or if I push it too hard.

"Keep a leg on each side and your mind in the middle"

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I tried cantering my trainer's gelding bareback, he dropped his inside shoulder and broke into an unbalanced, rushy trot.... I went flying, found the only rock in the arena and scraped all the skin off my right arm.

Several weeks later my QH for some unknown reason took off at a full gallop just as I got halfway on her. I went flying, scraped all the skin off my left arm and fractured my wrist (which I didn't discover for a week or so).

I now have matching scars on my right and left arms! A gift from each horse! LOL
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Injured a few times, bruises from clipping fences or bushes. Road rash from falling off after a spook at an idiot with highbeams on in the middle of a cloudy but dry afternoon.
But my BEST injury was on a hack with my dad, generally rather sad stable, a lot of horses gotten older and at auction. A few that were just happy to walk after a leader and ignore their riders. I told them I has some experience riding and they put me on a prickly little mare with the most stubborn attitude. She walked under a tree and started crow hopping, I ended up bashing my helmet into a few branches and seeing stars. Then she reared and tossed me neatly onto a branch and left for home at a dead gallop.

I got a bump on the head and a cracked rib. It was fun breathing hard for a few weeks. One reason I dislike hacking at stables now. You never know what you'll get.
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Jacona I have been there to, and don't enjoy going on hacks off the CNR because of it.
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i don't bounce, i'm 25 and top 230, so i'm not small either. didn't start riding til in my 20's, either.

although i never really had a splat until last year. my horse, twitch, snagged a leg on an electric fence wire i'd forgotten was down and when he decides he's going to GO, he's already GONE. like a rocket. needless so say i found myself on the ground in a hurry. sat up, saw the wire dragged for a couple of strides and laughed because i knew exactly what happened. hurt like hell the next day, but that was it.

second splat recently. one and ONLY occasion with an english saddle. threw it on twitch and was riding around by the house here. started losing a bit of control so i was slowing my horse and suddenly... "THWAP!" dang stirrup leather broke and as the iron hit the ground, i came right behind it. square on my back, somehow. TOTALLY winded but i was in great shape the next day.

last friday was the good one. went out to ride the mare we're selling for just a bit as it was getting dark. between the old silo turned trash pit and same electric fence that got me before. just before the moon came up, so it was pretty dark. mare spooked at a critter (likely skunk) in the pit, all i needed to do was keep her going straight to NOT go through that electric fence. nope, once she hit that she was gone like a rocket. don't remember falling off specifically, or walking home, or the wife catching the mare. i do remember going back out to leave for the hospital, though, and i've got a fractured C6 vertebrae in my neck out of the deal. however, i was cleared to go back to work and ride again on monday.

work's been ok, a little sore before i go to bed at night. got on twitch for just a bit day before yesterday. this one shook me up good. that mare's a few select nasty words to start with, and i told the wife i want her gone ASAP even more now. she'll make somebody a lovely horse, just not us. and she's just really... mareish. anyhow, i'm still crossing my fingers that i'll finish her, or that somebody just has to have her, because i don't want to be stuck with her.
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LOl, ha just the 18th of this month did i not bounce back up. My doesn't sound bad but it hurt like hell and still does. I made a thread here it is.

Getting off my high horse.... But a painful way.

Trouble rides a fast horse.....(Shrug)..... I ride a faster one.

I'm your HuckleBerry- Doc Holliday, Tombstone.
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