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First time on a horse for 25 years!

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        07-21-2013, 10:03 PM
    Glad to hear you're making progress and still enjoying your lessons.
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        07-22-2013, 02:09 PM
    I'm glad you're having so much fun, it only takes one lesson and then you're hooked :).
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        07-23-2013, 10:13 AM
    Thankyou all!

    I'm definitely hooked - had another lesson on Saturday - a group lesson this time. I'd expected a load of experienced riders (bearing in mind this is only my 6th ride!), but to my surprise, after the shock of being the oldest by only ummm 35 years or so , I was actually able to keep up with the "best" rider on the lesson and better than the others so I feel confident in having other group lessons now - much cheaper and a longer time to ride, although i'll be keeping to my private lessons also for a while yet as I feel I actually learn there, then practice it at the group lessons.

    I didn't canter at the group lesson, instead practiced trotting, turning etc - i'm definitely able to keep my horse moving now - not as much stop start etc going on so an improvement there.

    The owner of the riding stables came to watch - she's a 60 something lady with probably as much experience with horses (she taught me way back when) so the pressure was on! But to my delight, she was really impressed .

    Each lesson makes me excited for the next - I can't wait until next year when I'm hopefully good enough to ride Foxy - I'm holding off the temptation to buy a saddle until after Christmas time as I know I'll want to get on her straight away if we have one and I definitely need more practice before I do that but i'm in no rush - she's not going anywhere and can only benefit from me getting more experience .

    Roll on Saturday - no private lesson this week as there's a gala on, but I'll settle for my group session instead. X
        07-23-2013, 10:36 AM
    Originally Posted by Reckyroo    
    Lesson 5:
    Today I finally let my son and his girlfriend (she rides also - and much better than I do haha) come and watch me so as well as my instructor, I had an audience - albeit an audience of 2 .
    We had a trot, then concentrated on the sitting trot so I could feel when I had her moving, instead of me doing all the work.
    That came more easily and thankfully she did the work more frequently this week, then I rode without stirrups! Riding English meant I don't have the knobbly bit to hold on to on the saddle and boy could I have done with it. I managed (just about) to trot without stirrups but found myself bringing my legs up and wrapping them round as though I was kneeling - but did find it helpful when I was corrected and told to straighten my legs and wrap them under April. And she responded and whoosh - we were off again! So I knew my "lazy" lesson horse responds as she should do - if I give her the right signals! When I found the rhythm, I imagined I looked almost graceful - my graceful however, is being hot, sweaty, and with the biggest smile on my face all lesson...........
    I did find it made me have a better position when I trotted again with stirrups and am finding it much easier to trot around barrels/obstacles now too!
    At the end of the lesson, my instructor asked if I wanted a little canter and I jumped at the chance. She explained what to do (the paddock we use has letters at different points around the outside on the fence - a, b, c, d etc so I was told to walk to a, go into a rising trot at b, into a sitting trot at c, then give her a squeeze and she'd know what to do and she did.
    I don't remember it being that bouncy (or me being that bouncy haha) when cantering and used to go for day trail rides cantering most of the day when I was younger but I can't wait until next week when it's more of the same and another lesson in cantering.
    Seriously, I'm enjoying myself so much, I love it!
    So happy for you! That is fantastic news and update! Hope to hear more about your next rides and hopefully get some pictures to go along with it to mark the event!
        07-23-2013, 10:47 AM
    Originally Posted by My2Geldings    
    So happy for you! That is fantastic news and update! Hope to hear more about your next rides and hopefully get some pictures to go along with it to mark the event!
    Haha pictures? Now that will be fun xx
        07-25-2013, 04:42 AM
    I love hearing about your lessons! I'm into month two with mine. I've had well over 6 lessons and have yet to canter lol. I'm still working on my rising (posting) trot. Who knew there could be so many different things to remember to do at the same time while excerising? My legs get shaky too after trotting for a while, we just need practice and to build those muscles! (More horsey time..yes..mwuahaha) I'm so happy you're having fun, keep us updated
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        07-25-2013, 09:16 AM
    So exciting! You sound thrilled to be riding again. : ). I'm having my third lesson today, but my pace will be slower than yours as I have been on horses before but don't have the same foundation you do. It's fun to be riding though! Love hearing about your lessons! : )
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        07-27-2013, 03:08 PM
    Another private lesson yesterday which saw me trotting round barrels again - but as they say practice makes perfect .

    The owner of the stables watched again and I was being told to put the weight into my heels - I said there was no weight from my knee downwards so really didn't need the bottom half of my leg (too many things to think of at once haha) so she came into the lesson and pushed and poked me until I was sitting as I should have been and had been for the first couple of lessons until I started to slouch and got lazy) and it certainly made a difference. From the sidelines, as my instructor told me what to do, the owner would shout "KNEES", "BOTTOM" - to remind me to keep my position and it made a difference in my balance but must have been a sight to see from the sidelines - luckily i'm not self-consious - i'm having far too much fun to be bothered what people think!

    Today I had another group lesson and took my youngest son along. He's rode before but never had proper lessons and was somewhat reluctant! Until he got on a horse! He had an instructor at his side on the ground for the lesson as i'd asked them to start him as a beginner and teach him the correct way to do everything - by the end of the lesson he was trotting around barrels (minus the instructor) and the next time he goes, wants a different horse as his wasn't able to trot over the poles as is prone to lameness and he WANT'S to trot over the poles! He was told to hold onto the front of the saddle while he trotted and after a couple of rounds, asked if he had to as he didn't want to hold on. He's now hooked but to be honest, he'll be overtaking me soon as he's a natural and I can't wait. #proudmum

    I haven't cantered since last week - i'm happy to concentrate on my trotting for a while longer, but I am finding it easier to get the horse going, keep her in trot (she's not the lazy horse you'd think as long as I give her the right signals) and steer - I don't feel i'm having to run over everything in my head as much so it must be sinking in.

    We're on holiday for a few weeks now so i'll be missing a couple of weeks of lessons, so as much as i'm looking forward to a break, i'll be glad to get back to my riding
        07-27-2013, 03:13 PM
    Originally Posted by LilacsBloom    
    So exciting! You sound thrilled to be riding again. : ). I'm having my third lesson today, but my pace will be slower than yours as I have been on horses before but don't have the same foundation you do. It's fun to be riding though! Love hearing about your lessons! : )
    Thankyou and well done

    It's nice to know people are interested in my progress - it's surprising just how quick you can progress though - in a few short weeks, i'm surprised at how far i've come although i've still a loooonnnggg way to go yet until I get on my horse xx
        07-27-2013, 08:32 PM
    It sounds like you're doing great. When I had a couple of group lessons, I totally messed up the traffic!! Hehehe

    I think it's great that there's a lot of people here coming back to riding after years off. Everyone sounds so excited.


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