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Getting Back On, Any Tips For Those Who've Fallen?

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a higher shock of falling of a horse. I'm afraid of falling. Whether it's just falling off my own feet, or off the back of a horse. My POA gelding bucked me off a few times, and the second time I sprained my hip. It's caused me to be frightened of riding him. I don't think about that time I fell off, but I still am scared to ride him. He's not the only horse I've fallen off of, but yet I'm only scared of him. I can get on any other horse and ride them around bareback or with any type of saddle as long as I'm going relatively slow, (I have balence issues.) I can do ground work just fine with him, too. Even if he's being a butt and freaking out. It's just getting on that troubles me.

Has anyone else been this afraid? Any suggestions for getting back on after being traumatized? I've ridden him since falling off, but it wasn't very pleasureable. I was nervous, causing him to cooperate less. Plus he has separation anxiety from our other horse, so if she's not there he'll toss me off in a flash.

What happened that day that I fell off, I was just walking him around the yard, and he wasn't being very good for me. He took me under a short apple tree and I tried to pull him back, and he reared up. Not expecting it, I fell on my butt and sprained my left hip. I did get back up, but my mother was afraid that I might hurt myself further so I was told to lay back down. They took him and put him in the pasture. My mother called an ambulance because I could not stand back up.

The first time I fell off I was riding him on our own property, also. I decided I was going to trot him around in the field. Nobody was out there with me, but my mom knew I was going to be riding and could see me from the window if she looked. He took off at a lope and kicked up, so I fell off. Landed on my left side, and sprained my arm this time. I had to limp on over to the house, and went through the door bawling because I fell off. I was all full of dirt and my parents took me to the hospital.

Both times I was at the hospital, I also had to deal with being there for about 9 hours just waiting for the people to check on me.

The time I sprained my hip I had to get a MRI and was all hopped up on morphine. Then when I left the hospital our car got smashed into in the parking lot of Walgreens.

Just adding those things in there to see what others think. But I do need some advice. My parents don't want the horses to stay if I'm not going to ride them. But I love my Moe so much it would break my heart if they just sold him to some stranger.
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It can be hard to fall off and get hurt by a horse then to get back on. It sounds like you need to get your confidence back, you need to take baby steps with him. Do lots of ground work lots of lounging before you ride and then get on a be led around by someone so that someone is with you who has control from the ground. Then move on to short rides at a walk keep moving yourself up. As the horse wanting to be with the other horse you need to separate them if you can. Are you riding with the correct bit because it can make all the difference and I know its easy to say but you can't have fear. Maybe find a pro who can help you or someone who isn't afraid. Good luck!
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I know exactly what you're going through. I've fallen off more times than I can count off of a lot of horses, but over the summer I fell off of my mare and got a concussion.
It took me forever to finally be able to get back on her, though I was fine with her on the ground, but couldnt bring myself to get back up, I was scared.

One day I was out working with her and just decided that I had to get on, so I did. It just made me appreciate her more. So my advice to you is to not try and rush yourself, but to get confident on the ground and work your way up; youll know when it's time to try riding again.
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I've had several very bad falls. The worst probably being when my project pony reared, smacking me in the face multiple times, then bronco bucked until I slid off (I was unconcious) and she just missed my face with her feet. I was just walking her, and it was completely random. She nearly broke my jaw, and it still, over 3 years later, still causes problems for me. only know what happened because my mom was there and told me. But I remember walking to the car on the gravel driveway and blood was dripping all over it. THAT was terrifying. I waited about a week before I got back on her (partly because I was too swollen to fit a helmet on, haha) and I was so happy I did. I wasn't very afraid of her, but I also wanted her to know she couldn't get away with doing something like that.

So after my extrememly long and probably unnecissary story, here's my advice. As others have said, don't rush it. If you're not comfortable getting on yet, don't! There's nothing wrong with being a little nervous. It also might help if you have a friend who rides who could get on your horse and walk him around first, just so you can see how he's acting. Also, if you're afraid of just riding him and not other horse, you may want to consider selling him. I know you said you don't want to, and I completely understand that, but if you continue to be nervous on him it won't be good for either of you. You could even try leasing him, so you can take him back if you think he's not being cared for. Just something to think about... But anyway, I hope you can get over your nerves. It's never fun to have to get back on when you fall off. Good luck :)

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I've fallen a few times myself and i feel for you. The most 'traumatizing' experience was at a horsie summer camp. We were cantering down a dirt and rock trail and the horse behind mine got too close and my horse bucked out. I lost stirrups and reigns but since my horse was just following the ones ahead, she didn't slow down or stop. Before I could get my balance again she bucked out at the other horse again and over her shoulder I went. I don't remember how many times I rolled, seemed like forever. When I finally stopped rolling I popped back up on my feet like "I'm ok!" but I was dizzy and disoriented. Someone must have called out what happened because the next thing I remember was one of the counselors coming to me and asking if anything hurt. I raised my right hand because my pinky was swollen and that was sore, but as I was going to show them that, she grabbed my shirt and dabbed my face and my shirt was soaked with blood. Turns out I split my lip wide open. I had to walk all the way back to the barn because they didn't want me getting back on. Then I one of the counselors brought me to the local hospital. I was so scared, all by myself with the strange person going to a hospital - the first time I ever had to go to one. I got to talk to my mom on the phone but that was it. I had to wait three hours and then they saw me. I ended up getting 3 stitches in my lip, being so upset about all that I forgot about my finger which, come to find out later, was broken. I had 'road rash' up and down my stomach and bruises and scratches elsewhere. The next day when it was time to ride I had an anxiety attack and started crying my eyes out. I didn't feel that it was because I was afraid to ride, I felt that there were no 'safe' horses there to ride. The one that threw me off was the one that I LIKED to ride, the other one's made me nervous for some reason or other. So, for a week, I read my book while everyone else went for a trail ride. After a week, something just clicked in my head and I rode that same mare that bucked me off. I was shaking in my boots and that same dam horse came up behind my mare again and she kicked out a little but we were only at a walk. I turned around and about spit venom at the person riding behind me to keep their horse the hell away from mine and that was it.
Seeing as you have already gotten back on that horse that bucked you off, I can't say that's the 'cure' for you. My only other suggestion is to have a trainer come to your house and give you a 'lesson' on that horse. Learning from a professional how to correct the problems you're having will help your confidence and will also help you to be able to ride this particular horse so your parents dont sell it
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I had a fall when I was younger (six or so) that nearly put in me a coma. I don't really remember what happened exactly, but I do remember my horse (at the time) stomping on me. It sucked. My grandfather was still alive then (who gave me the horse) so I had no choice but to get back on (as soon as I had recovered of course) or he was going to take my horse away. Probably not the best way seeing as I still flinch when a horse starts to hop or rear up with me.

I'd say your best bet is to take it small steps. You say you are comfortable with him on the ground, so go from there. Saddle him up, and if you start to get nervous, take it off. And do it again the next day until you don't have that anticipation. Once that fear is gone, get on him. You don't have to walk around if you don't want to. Keep taking it in baby steps until you feel comfortable getting on him, walking him, trotting him, loping him, etc. Could take some time, but I think it will really help you recover.

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It's nice to see that others have felt the same. My mother acts like there is no logical reason that I would not want to ride him. She's only ridden a horse about three times, and only two different horses. She wants to force met to get back on, and is disgusted with me the days when I don't feel comfortable riding him. My sister rides my other horse, and acts like a buthole and just takes the other horse out of the arena. My own horse gets really freaky when he's separated from the other horse, so I've had a panic attack multiple times when he started trotting around and whinnying. Only to be yelled at by my mother.

I will definately try to build up confidence, but with my family, it's almost impossible. But I'll still try. :3
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Originally Posted by ButtInTheDirt View Post
I will definately try to build up confidence, but with my family, it's almost impossible. But I'll still try. :3

I can relate. Some of the boys in my family are bronc riders (or used to be anyways) and make fun of me when my three year old rears up and I get all nervous. You just gotta learn to ignore them and help yourself on your own time.

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Same thing happened to me! I was to afraid to ride the horse a fell off so I asked to ride a different horse. I felt way better on a different one. After a few weeks my confidence was up a lot and I was put on the horse I fell off. I now love him!

I know the reason the did not want to ride him again was because it was his fault I fell off. He bolted. I fell off him again a few months ago ( This was after I got my confidence back ) but it was my fault I fell off.. So I got back up ( Without realising I had tore ligaments in my back ouch! ) And I was fine. I did not get scared of him that time.

So I think if you fall off a horse and it was the horses fault you will be more afraid of it. If it was your fault or it just happened then you will not be so afraid.

I fell off my own horse for the first time the other day. We were jumping, She stopped before the jump then decided to jump it. She did not deliberately try to get me off so I got back on and jumped again. I rode her again yesterday and I was a bit nervous but that is because I am nervous of her anyways. I am always afraid when I am on my own. When other people are around and I am on her I feel a lot braver XD
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i know the feeling i really do.

my preivous horse wasn't the best ridding horse, she was green i was green. she use to buck me off everyday. if i didn't ride her for more the 2 days it took me a week to get her back to what she was before the days off, and that was ridable without hitting dirt.

one day we decided to ride in a damp arena and went over a 20cm jump she decided that she would bore down on the bit and pulled me out out of the saddle, i managed to get back up in the saddle while she cantered off, along came the end of the arena which was a fence then star pickets and wire into another paddock, so i turned her and she slipped, we both went down and i landed face first into the arena and she was on her side sliding behind me. i dislocated my jaw. i went to work that after noon then i rde her the next day (in a paddock jumping) and then went to my second job that night and worked until the 5am.
i use to ride her out alone in the paddock or arena with my mobile phone clipped onto my jodphures so that if i fell off i could call for help.....i look back now and think "omg what was i thinking"

i sold her after 11 months of owning and battling with her and bought a nice gelding that was sooo lazy. i was nervous on him for 2 more years, i was a total wreck,but i was determind to ride, so i rode, i rode on the roads to gymkhannas and adult riding, trail riding, jumping, then i went to pony club and started eventing him. when i galloped i would freeze in fear but in the end my fear went and i am now a confident rider with a young horse i'm bringing on.

selling her was the best decision i ever made.

if i was you (and i have been) i would be doing what hflmusicislife suggested. it will be hard but life isn't only about the easy decision. i have sold 2 horses because they weren't right for me at my stage in my riding career. maybe if i owned diam now i would know what to do, but if i had the same results i would make the same decision but sooner.

good luck to you, stay safe.

remember one life, one chance.

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