Had a near fall tonight

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Had a near fall tonight

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    08-11-2010, 10:56 PM
Red face Had a near fall tonight

Scared the absolute bejesus outta me! I had mounted Stiffler and was waiting while Indyhorse mounted Freyja. While waiting, Claymore came out of nowhere and came at Stiffler from behind (according to Indy). Stiffler is very much at the low end of the totem pole so when Claymore comes at him, you can tell he thinks "oh $h!t." When Claymore did this, Stiffler apparently lunged forward. I was TOTALLY unprepared for it so when he lunged, my lower half stayed in the saddle but my upper half was kind've thrown back. Out of reflex I threw myself forward which caused me to catch on the pommel with my inner right thigh as my left foot had come out of the stirrup and I was somewhat crooked.

I SERIOUSLY have NO idea how I stayed on. Mind you, all of what I just wrote took literally all of maybe 10 seconds from start to finish. Indy told me to stay on and ride him for awhile but I'll be honest. I wanted off. Bad. But that is my usual method for dealing with things like this. Avoidance. Riding it out really helped me, I know it did. I'm just REALLY sore now :) I really owe it to Indy... She is teaching me a LOT about Stiffler and his behavior. She is also helping me build my confidence as a rider too. Gotta love her! :)
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    08-11-2010, 11:04 PM
So glad that you have someone to ride with and build up your confidence :) I miss that.
Sorry to read about your near fall though! Glad everything went ok and you're ok and not terribly hurt.
    08-11-2010, 11:19 PM
Oh goodness, at least you are ok!

I had a near fall on a horse crossing a creek once. I had never jumped a horse before that day, and I didn't ask her to, either. Long story short, she caught me off gaurd and leapt a distance of 8-10 feet and then started trotting off. Sometime in that 5-6 seconds, I worked myself so I was hanging on the side of the horse. Literally like old movie Indian style sideways. I managed to hoist myself back on and stop her. If it wasn't for my instructor making me take her back across the creek right then and there (after he made sure I was ok), I probably wouldn't be able to cross creeks now.
    08-12-2010, 05:26 AM
It is pretty scary when that happens isn't it? But 'nearlys' don't count!

Lucky you to have a friend who helps you - wish I had one.
    08-12-2010, 10:47 AM
Green Broke
This is what happened to me... My mare now (Lady). My sis in law and I were fooling around in the field and just having fun. Now I just bought Lady not to long ago at the time. We decided to see which arab could run faster. Dumb. So we started at one end of the field and raced. But the field is only about 6-7 acres, so not alot of room. At the far end of the field is the road and at the end of the field before that is a barbed wire fence. You can only imagine what happens next. As we are racing, my sis turns to the left and I tried to turn but Lady must have had the bit and kept going straight. Right into the tree near the barbed wire. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! I flew over her into the tree but held on to the reins. I was soooooooooo scared and shaking. Thank god we didnt go thru that barbed wire. I know god was watching because the tree we ran into was not big at all. Maybe like brush?. I did jump back on and worked the crap out of her. After being scared like that I got mad! First and last time she ever did that to me. I actually went home crying and thought she wasnt the horse for me. But now after 10yrs, I still have her and we are as one. Sometimes you just have to stick with it as scary as things can be and work them out. In time you will have the best partner/friend in the world.

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