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        01-25-2012, 08:00 AM
    No you are not alone. But yeah depends on who and how they ride. I have had people ride my horses behind my back and did see a change but I think the horses learn to adjust to riders.
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        01-25-2012, 08:15 AM
    For me it depends on WHO is riding and WHICH horse. My bombproof seniors that will tolerate newbie mistakes and not be affected by them, sure - I have lesson kids on them all the time as well as friends, family, whoever wants to just ride a horse. My youngsters, those in training or my personal horse - nope, don't allow anyone on them (aside from my mom on occasion who is a retired trainer) until they are finished and to the point of being un-phased by rider error. I put too much time into them for them to backtrack in training due to another rider's mistake.
        01-25-2012, 11:15 AM
    Originally Posted by Dew    
    Hi all, is it just me or does anyone else here get funny about other people riding their horse?? Any advise would be great thank you
    It is absolutely NOT just you!

    I am extremely selective about letting anybody else do ANYTHING with my horse.

    When I was a teenager (a looooong time ago!) I let someone else ride my horse and they were hard on him and hurt his mouth (nothing permanent, thank the Lord!) And honestly, it hurt me more than if they had hurt MY mouth! I've had a much more restrictive policy ever since that day.

    What I would watch out for the most would be (1) really inexperienced folks and (2) people who fancy themselves as trainers/accomplished riders who really don't know what they're doing. I'm a firm believer in the policy "you follow my instructions and ride like I say or you don't ride MY horse". Period.

    I am my horse's advocate and protector and he depends on me to be faithful to him and to take the best care of him that I can and I intend to do that to the best of my ability! That includes being selective/careful about who rides and who doesn't...

    So, you are not alone!
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        01-25-2012, 11:32 AM
    I've let my entire family up on my horses. The only thing I wouldn't do again is ride doubles with my nephew. He wanted to "run" and tried to push me off my horses arse. I told him if he did that again I was going to grab him off that horse and beat his arse until he couldn't sit on anything for a week. He doesn't realize how dangerous it can be.
        01-25-2012, 12:03 PM
    Only very special people hop on my horse. He doesn't do well with beginners, he goes into a panic or takes over and carts them around in patterns at whatever gait he chooses (usually a trot) or if it's my mom, circles in a walk.

    Which is why finding a lessee is proving to be difficult. It's not finding someone that likes him, EVERYONE does.. it's finding someone whom he can work with.

    Originally Posted by Dew    
    Thank you all. The person who handled him was just more forceful with him, ie catching him, saddling etc. My horse was quiet before all this happened and now it is very hard to do all the above with him! I am a novice rider/owner and am just trying to figure it all out. The day it all happened was the day the horse also bucked me off. Could he have lost trust in me? He has only been with us for about a month..
    Maybe he's just testing where he fits in. Perhaps that person seemed more like a herd leader (hence the skittishness and putting horse in his place) than you. Yes it may have been too rough, but now you have to get this new behavior under control. A trainer would be helpful since you're new to this.

    If you need anything else, keep on asking!

    Good luck
        01-25-2012, 12:03 PM
    Two people have ridden Mudpie: my trainer Jessica, who has competed and one at two-star events on the east coast, and my trainer Debbie, who put dressage training on him to begin with and is one of the most incredible riders I've ever seen. I do, however, let people sit on him (several little children have had "pony" rides on him -- but they were Pony Club kids and decent riders themselves, they just wanted to ride Mudpie) while I lead him around, as long as they don't really "ride," you know? I'm really protective of him...

    But when it comes to my other horses, as long as the person can safely and effectively ride the horse, I don't really care.

    I just am super gung-ho about my Mudpie(:

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