horse wont canter

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horse wont canter

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  • 5 year old horse wont canter
  • Horse can only canter a couple strides

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    10-16-2011, 04:28 PM
horse wont canter

Hi I own a rising 5 year old quarterhorse/appaloosa/thoroughbred gelding that is a bit lazy he will trot but when I ask for a canter it takes a while for him to do it and then after a couple of strides he will stop sometimes he wont canter at all.
Although sometimes he will canter straight away I was just wondering why this is and what I can do to get him to be a bit more energetic and fit
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    10-16-2011, 04:56 PM
Does he canter consistently on the ground (longe)? It is important that he has this under his belt before you try riding it. If he is consistant on the ground then start looking at your cues, have another experienced person watch you. I am NOT trying to downplay your level experience! Sometimes even advanced riders can miss a miscue or slight position problem while riding that someone can see from the ground. Or pehaps he is just testing you, trying to see if he can avoid what you are asking. Be firm when you ask for changes, make sure he does it and doesn't get his own way and start from step one (from stop to walk then continue until each time you ask for a change he responds right away). Also make sure he isn't sore, I have seen HUGE changes in horses that have been sore and get chiropractic treatment or have feet issues fixed. And if none of this works pick the brain of a experienced trainer. Good luck! Update us when you find a solution as it could help someone else with similar problems :)
    10-16-2011, 10:36 PM
Thanks for the advice
As for your first question, it takes him a lot to get him to canter when lunging and its not consistent.
Also I used to think he was just testing me but he has been doing it for a while now, he also will stop randomly and will stand there until I give him a few nudges with my legs.
    10-16-2011, 11:10 PM
Is he doing anything out of character?? The reason I knew my horse has a sore back was because it was extreamly hard for me to get him to pick up the right lead. And that was odd for him. But I had had other people ride him and people watch me and nobody else picked up any videos that he was sore. So I had to use my own instinct and knowlege of my horse to decide if he was just being testy or if there was an issue. Lucky I chose the later because he had a very sore back and VERY tight bum muscles. We're now 3 months into back healing *sigh* eventually he'll be fit as a fiddle. Anyways, sorry I didnt mean to ramble about my horse. I just told that story because if your horse is sore he can be hiding it VERY well, and may only be showing the slightest indicator that he is sore.

If your sure he is not sore, then I second what loveleighlady said about having someone watch you ride. They may beable to see little things that may be harder to catch while in the saddle. Or watch someone else ride your horse since you know how your horse usually moves, responds etc. that way you can also see if he responds any diffrently with a diffrent rider on his back.

Also try strengthing your cues? I have known a few horses who were just lazy and needed to be pushed for everything. Squeeze,bump,kick,crop.
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    10-18-2011, 06:22 PM
I am probably going to have someone watch me ride on the weekend she trains horses up for dressage so it will be good to get tips and ideas off her
I also rode him the other day and started strengthening my cues a lot more and he did a bit better with the canter thing except he didnt hold it for very long

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