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How do I slow her down?

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  • How do you slow your seat in horse riding

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    01-16-2011, 10:42 AM
You give a horse something to lean into, they are going to take it.

When I attended a clinic taught by a Spanish Riding School Rider/Instructor, I learnt that - Your seat rides the hind end, your legs ride the ribs, and your hands ride the shoulders...not the face.

I also learnt in another clinic - that you ride SEAT into LEGS into HANDS to SOFTEN. Slow your seat down, let go of the face, and your horse will come down to you.

I can't elaborate anymore, because I now have to go to work.....
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    01-16-2011, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by SBSB    
I've just found a video of her, I don't know if it'll be useful, but you can have a look if you want. YouTube - 19.03.10 steffi... lesson at godley stud riding school

It gets interesting at atound 2:49 when you can see that she's speeding up at the canter and only slows down when she loses her footing slightly near the end. When I was riding her, she started cantering at really fast immediately, not like in this video when she speeds up.

Right, so she's a riding school mare that's mostly used for flatwork & some hacking and the occasional jumping.

Lakota, I'd be very willing to try your exercise but the simple matter of fact is that it's a group lesson and my instructor would simply not let me go off and do my own thing.

Gottatrot, I've seen her with the curb rein completely taken off, or knotted like you said, so I'll ask my instructor if this is possible.

Please remember that she's not my horse so I won't be able to change things like her bit, or what we do in lessons. I apprecciate the suggestions but they're not possible.

Thanks guys. :)

My best advice to you is to go somewhere else for lessons.

The instruction is less than inadequate.

Not only is the bridle wrong for your level of experience it is even wrongly put on the horse.

Your hand position for either this bridle or any other is wrong and was NEVER corrected by the instructor. You seem to be (outside your arm/hand position) to be reasonably good and I fear that at this place without CORRECT guidance your riding overall will not progress.
    01-16-2011, 10:53 AM
It is called a safty stop now horse can go forward with there nose at your toe.
You ask her nicly to slow down. She dose not leson ask her a little harder. She still dose not lison take on rain. Sit back realy deep in your saddle do not lean forward. And pull one rain to your tommy and hold. Mare will start to circle. And come to a stop. When stoped back her with intent. Then walk halt back. Trot halt back. Do this a few times and ask for canter agien. Repeat repeat repeat. Now it she ever is going to strong and scary skip asking nicely just go to safty stop. Do you safty stop first at walk and trot to prepare your self for the circle.
You can also use the rail. Whicht causes a more sudden stop for you and is not as easy to keep your seat. But go along in the arena. Ask for the canter. When you are ready to slow ask her nicely and corectly. If that dose not work do it a little harder. On the third time if she dose not leason turn her in to the rail and make her stop she will eather stop or hit fence. Now I do not recomend this for everyone. It takes a lot of skill so you do not fall off or hurt your horse
    01-16-2011, 10:58 AM
Green Broke
Lordy Lordy what is happening to the English language?

Raywonk, does GA mean Georgia? As in US of A? I see that you are new to the forum, so welcome. For future reference, please make use of the spell check icon on the top right of the text box so we can understand your messages!
    01-16-2011, 01:05 PM
Oh sorry did not know ther was a spell cheak. Yes GA USA.

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