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I've fallen off quite a few times, but I don't keep track of how many.
One fall wasn't Grumpy's fault- it was a while ago, when I was still learning to sit deep in the canter, came off in the corner, landed on my butt.

Another time we were jumping- I didn't set him up correctly and he ran out just before the jump, whereas I kept going over it.

Once my friend and I were riding bareback and decided to switch horses. Her mare Angel is not an angel by any means. Anyway, Angel's gaits are super-smooth, but she likes quick turns and her back is so smooth and flat that it's hard to stay balanced even at a walk. Angel tried to put me in the fence, so I pulled her towards the inside of the arena, and she turned a little too quickly-- I came right off and landed on my butt, and then she took off. Thankfully we were in the arena and had the gates closed, so she didn't get far. :)
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Okay so ive been riding for 5 years and I lost track of how many times ive fallen off. But Ill tell you some of the funny ones. Well I ride a pony who just loves to buck (now we have tried everything even a Chris Cox and craig cameron clinic) well he was being good (You know he will be good when his hissy fit is at the beginning of the lesson when you ask for a trot) and my trainer told me to do an extended canter well I sat deep and asked him and well he decided to buck and I was cought off gaurd.
Another time was when I took my pony to a show. Well it was the night before and we were schooling and I sometimes hold my breath the ENTIRE course. Well my trainer gave me this really long course like 15 jumps and he did perfectly and after the course I went to turn him while he was still cantering and I passed out and fell. Well I now talk to him or say my ABC's so I have to breath
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I've had two really noteworth falls in my 10ish years of riding. I've also jumped off raher than fall a couple times...My trainers have always joked about how stubborn I am about it-(like how did you not fall off?) once in a show I was in a bareback class and ended up hanging on by an elbow and an ankle- and got back in place. I placed in that class too...:) So, if I see it coming, I'm not falling...but:

My most fun fall was on my friend's Quarter horse. She had only bought her about 3 weeks before, but she was a lesson horse at our barn before that, so we both had ridden her. Dixie was 21 at the time but still ready to run (in fact, at 30 she still ran away with me last month). My friend is the better rider, but I am braver, so she asked me to ride her a bit to take the edge off. We did great until it was time to stop and switch riders. At that point, you stopped Dixie by aiming her at the wall, and she'd either stop, or turn sharp and slow down. My friend was on the ground, and she said "I'll just jump in front of her and she'll stop" I didn't like that idea, so I pointed her at the sawdust pile in the arena. It was about 8 feet high at the top, and big, so I figured it was solid enough to stop her.....she JUMPED over it! I flew over her head, and bounced off the arena wall and landed on my back in the sawdust heap unhurt, and my friend walked over and kinda sheepishly said...oh,I forgot to tell you I let her play in that. :)

The other was last week on my Bonnie. She is only 3.5 and I (with a trainer) have been training her. She had never cantered with a rider, but we were doing so great working trot that I went ahead and cued her to canter. First lap was perfect. About ten minutes later I cued her again, but coming around the corner she stumbled and went to her knees. I flipped over her shoulder and landed on my back. The whole thing is kinda fuzzy, but I have some nice road rash from the fine gravel in the outdoor arena, and have been limping all week. Luckily my hip took most of the impact, so I only knocked myself silly, and didn't break anything. I was really glad for my helmet that day! :) In fact, today is my first day back in the saddle, as I've been too sore to mount up.
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Im a jumper so we have many...interesting falls. This fall i was helping train a little pony to jump higher maybe 15 hands so we were taking it slow then we decided to test him my trainer set a 3'3 course and the first time he was perfect she added a tripple and the first time went great ten we screwed up the course so we had to redo it then i asked instead of getting a 4 stride to get a 5 and he refused right intront of the jump as u can imagine i did this whole fly over the jump thing so i got back on and tried to redo it this tim i asked him for the 4 and he refused infron of the jump again so i asked him to circle but instead of citciling he bucked me onto the jump

The most recent was the most embarassing i was riding my horse Rupert and we have an electric gate and it beeps when it opens and closes we were trotting and came by the jump standard going away from the gate and it beeped right as we were going to pass another horse he threw me into the jump standard and the other lady flew off backwards they both trotted over to the center of the ring and they rolled on my nice saddle... I was fine i landed on a soft spot so was the lady we laughed it off

Not to mention many more stupid falls...
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I have some, but probably my funniest is when I was doing mounted games at my pony club, when the pony I was riding bolted across the arena, so to stop him, I aimed him at a corner, unfortunately, he nearly went straight into the corner, then pulled a sharp turn, so I wound up in all of the spare games proprs, half in a bucket.
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Haha, this thread is reminding me of a really bad ride I had a few months back. Dougal used to buck a lot when I got him and about mid time this year he got a lot better and hardly bucked at all. I was schooling one night, just went into trot and he went absolutely NUTS, huge vertical rear and then launched into an enormous rodeo fit. I came flying off. Was pissed but got back on and he did the exact same thing about 3 minutes later, got me off again. Third time he did I managed to stick it out and he gave up after that. :L For a 14.2hh he can throw some mean bucks.

Usually when I fall off he doesn't run off. There's only been 2 times he was actually bolted off after I've fallen off him. The fall i mentioned earlier in the thread about whenh e bucked me off at flatout gallop in an open field.

The other was on the XC course. I was at PC, we were doing training and some lassie couldn't get her horse over a jump so I went and stood on the opposite side quite a while away. Meanwhile, there was another group of riders riding off into the distance to another part of the course. Dougal was extremely excited to be out on the course, jogging on the spot and snorting, he loves xc. Anyway, Dougal sees them riding off and does a rather spectacular set of acrobatics. Does a lovely vertical rear, leaps through the air like some kind of lippizan horse and then launches into one of his crazy bucking fits. I went absolutely FLYING off him, didn't have a hope in hell of staying on and he bombs off after the other ride, bucking the whole way. I wasn't hurt at all, suprisingly!

Hahah my most pathetic, embarrassing fall was on my first time outo n the XC just a month or 2 after I got him. It was at the end of the training and we were both knackered, just standing really relaxed near the water jump. Dougal shook really, really hard and because I was so relaxed I just slithered straight off him. xD He wasn't even moving, haha.
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My most interesting spill happened when I was 12 during a group riding lesson back in Britain. I was one of the more intermediate students in the class, but I was put on a horse that was way to advanced for me to ride. The riding stable had double booked one of the horses, and being nice I agreed to let the other girl ride the horse I was supposed to be on.

Well things were going ok at first. We were in the arena and taking turns cantering. My horse loved to canter so I had no issues getting him going, but he didn't want to stop. So we went round the arena twice. As we approached the other horses I thought he was going to go round again as he was showing no signs of stopping. Instead he slammed the breaks on and catapaulted me over his head!

What makes it so memorable is the fact that I landed heavily on the backside of another horse, then somersaulted off that horse and onto the ground landing on my neck with my legs over my head.

I ended up with a chipped tooth, split lip and whiplash (which actually came on a few days later when my neck seized up). What was bad though was the riding school did not tell my mother when she picked me up. I didn't cry until I was in the car driving home, and my mum asked me if I was ok as I was so quiet. I burst in to tears then because I hurt all over, my mum was so angry at the riding school. At least I didn't break anything though.
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I can still remember the first time I fell off. I was about 7 and at pony camp. I had the most wonderful mare as my pony. She was quiet and she was a beautiful pinto and the sweetest thing you have ever met. A dream pony, right? At the closing of camp we had a show and you got to pick out of a hat what you'd do as your closing event. I got barrels...So I groomed that sweet little girl to within an inch of her life and got on got ready and there we were ready to go and there goes the gun and that sweet little angelic mare turns into a cannon ball shot out of a cannon. Little did I know she was a retired professional barrel horse. I'm seven and don't know squat about squat and she goes around that last barrel and I flew. I still love that little mare even if she did dump me on my butt...She was just doing her job.

Since then, I lost count...but I'll never forget my first.
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Hmmmmm, where to start?

The first time I actually remember falling off, I think I was about 4 or 5 years old (I started riding before age 2). I remember I was helping to check the cattle in one of our pastures with my mom and brother and my ol' Appaloosa pony named Cheyenne decided to shake himself after we walked through some water. He shook me right off.

Probably the silliest time I fell off was when my mom and I were just goofing around and kind of playing tag as we were out trail riding. I don't remember exactly, but I think I went to reach for her and stretched farther than I was able ... and made myself fall off!!

Kind of a funny one is I was working in a small corral with our mare, Misty, trying to get her to accept having a person behind the saddle because she absolutely HATED when we would ride her double. Of course, I didn't have as good as control with the reins when sitting behind the saddle by myself to simulate double riding, and she got me off one of the times. But that little stinker came right back over to me where I was sitting on the ground because she wanted me to let her out of the corral! I couldn't even really be mad at her when she did that. But we continued on with our lesson and she eventually got tired of bucking that day ... but she still does not like being ridden double. She's getting fat and old now so she can't get more than a few inches off the ground, so she probably couldn't put up much of a fight anymore.

A slow-motion fall (at least in my head) was when I was riding a horse names Scooter that I only had for a year while my horse Beau healed from his injury. But we were out in one of the fields that was just baled into round bales. We were galloping slowly through the field and I was turning every single bale in the field like it was a barrel, so we could practice our turns since I was training him to barrel race. I was galloping slow and watching for holes, as the ground was so-so. As we were getting to the end of the field with only a few bales to go, I went to round a bale and he slipped. It happened so quickly. I fell off to the inside but still kept a hold of my reins. I landed on my back against the hay bale and I distinctly remember looking up at him and locking eyes. I could tell he was trying his very hardest to get back up quickly but not to step on me! I thought for sure there was no way he could get up without stepping on me, but somehow, he was able to. That moment probably was no more than a half a second, but I swear that time stood still as we looked at each other when he was trying to get back up. I walked him for a while to make sure he was okay, which he was, but that kind of "connection" was pretty amazing!

I think I have a tie between two of them as far as which one hurt the most.

The first one happened when my mom and I were doing the Hangman's Race at a fun show. It's where two people ride one horse. The back person grabs onto a rope that is hanging from a hangman-looking kind of pole and they must hold on and hang there while the other person takes the horse around a barrel and then comes back to pick up the hanging person. You cannot touch the ground or you are disqualified. The fastest time wins. I was always the hanger, cuz I was the young'in. Well, there was a ton of people entered that day with tough competition. We were mostly doing it just for fun but we came into the rope a bit too fast. I was thinking in my head though "oh shoot, if I don't try to grab for it now, we'll have no chance of placing for sure". So I tried to grab for it with both hands ... and missed the rope ... and went off over the back of my 16.1 hand horse and landed right on my lower spine. Both of my legs were tingling as I sat there (I'm thinking ... not good!!) and I had a nasty bruise after that. But I wasn't seriously hurt.

The other one was when I was training a late 2-year-old to ride. I was having a bit of trouble with her bucking, which I later found out the people I had bought her from had LIED to me in that she had already been sent to a trainer and that trainer was scared of her because the horse kept dumping her ... they told me she'd only had the saddle set on her ... liars ... but that's another story. Anyway, she would always immediately start bucking before I could even get my feet into the stirrup (mind you, she was a perfect angel with any and all groundwork) so I decided to tie her up in front of our barn to the sturdy post. So if she decided to act up, she wouldn't be able to go anywhere. WELL ... she snapped her leadrope in her fuss and me (the idiot) didn't bother to put on a bridle or reins. So when she was free, she obviously took off bucking and running and I had nothing to stop her with. I hung on for a good 100 yards I think but then I just started to lose it and off I went. She almost kicked me in the head on my way off too. I banged my knee up a good one and it swelled immediately and I couldn't even walk on it. We'll say I learned a hefty lesson with that one.

I've fallen off tons of other times, those were just the memorable ... or NOT so memorable!!!

Just like the old saying where you are not a good carpenter unless you are missing a finger ... I say you are not a good rider until you have tasted dirt.

∞*˚ Βгįťţαňγ ˚*∞
It is not enough to know how to ride; one must know how to fall.
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Originally Posted by rumba12 View Post
I can still remember the first time I fell off. I was about 7 and at pony camp. I had the most wonderful mare as my pony. She was quiet and she was a beautiful pinto and the sweetest thing you have ever met. A dream pony, right? At the closing of camp we had a show and you got to pick out of a hat what you'd do as your closing event. I got barrels...So I groomed that sweet little girl to within an inch of her life and got on got ready and there we were ready to go and there goes the gun and that sweet little angelic mare turns into a cannon ball shot out of a cannon. Little did I know she was a retired professional barrel horse. I'm seven and don't know squat about squat and she goes around that last barrel and I flew. I still love that little mare even if she did dump me on my butt...She was just doing her job.

Since then, I lost count...but I'll never forget my first.
Your story is awesome, I run the barrels and my first fall was very similar on the horse in my picture. Her name is Rose. By the way I LOVE your picture.
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