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How to keep myself on horse without gripping?

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    12-10-2012, 03:24 PM
Lots of good tips here, I would find an instructor. An experienced rider would be helpful as well, but instructors usually have a keener eye for picking apart the situation as it is happening and helping you understand it.
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    12-10-2012, 03:41 PM
It is always a combination of balancing act and gripping, no matter what anybody says. If you don't balance, no amount of hanging on with your knees, calves or hands (on the saddle) will keep you on that horse. If you don't grip at all you are a sack of potatoes, and will soon fall off.
If you remember your very first horse ride, maybe a rental, you should also remember how sore your inner thighs were from constant contractions and relaxation, but no stretching. We all use those muscles to stay in the saddle or on the bareback horse. It doesn't help to vice grip the saddle bc that pushes you away from the horse, and we try to ride as deeply in the saddle as possible. You are also pushing away from the horse bc your heels are not weighted, as they should be.
HERE is an exercise to help you learn to ride and balance in a deep seat. Get a safe horse--don't know about what you own now, but you are looking for an arena where the horse is not tempted to pull the reins out from you and graze. Drop your stirrups and ride at LEAST one full hour without them. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Let your feet just hang=--don't bother to pull your toes up, as if you had stirrups. Resemble the photos of American Indians riding without stirrups, toes pointed down. You don't need speed. Your body is incapable over gripping tightly at the knees or lower for an hour, and you will feel yourself sinking deeper into the saddle. THIS is what you want. If you can stand it, try sitting the trot without stirrups.
My first lessons were Hunt Seat and my isntructor had us post without stirrups 3x each rein in our lessons. He told us that you'll never know when you might lose a stirrup going over a jump, so you should be able to stay on the horse, anyway.
I spent a great deal of time (Ridden since I was 10yo, horse owner/trainer for 27 years) working on sitting the trot. In fact, I ride with my English stirrups one hole longer than most people my height and build. If I lose a stirrup I can still stick the saddle.
    12-11-2012, 10:22 PM
Today on our ride my friend who is an instructor....kept saying.....sit deep in the saddle while trotting....try not to bounce! It was really hard not to bounce since I put alot of weight into the stirrups. If I ride using a bareback pad can the help me have a better seat? Im afraid that if I squeeze with my legs to hold on he will go faster!
    12-12-2012, 12:02 AM
It takes a lot of time in the saddle to sit the trot. A good instructor expedites the process. No-stirrup work helps, or just identifying that you are putting your weight in your stirrups and making a conscious effort not to until it becomes natural. Lunge work helps a lot, as well, so you can focus just on you and not the horse.

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