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HUGE confidence issue

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        09-24-2010, 01:10 AM
    One of my friends had a huge riding accident, I don't know how it happened but it ended up with her being dragged between the back legs of a horse while it was double-barreling towards a fence. She though it would stop but it didnt, jumped the barbed wire fence with her following, flipped over and landed on top of her on the roadside and broke her pelvis.
    After that she was not riding again. She was so mortified that she would not ride a horse unless it was walking on lead-rein. But then she got another horse who gave her back all her confidence and she is now able to ride off-track tbs and her big new 17hh dutch warmblood with very little braking systems upon him lol.

    And I come off my horse, got bulldozed over top of and broke several ribs and bruised a kidney, but at the time I didnt realise my ribs were painful. Sat on the ground swearing and screaming at my horse because if she had slowed up when I asked her it wouldnt have happened (still mostly blame myself though) but I got back on after 5 minutes on the ground and rode the living SH*T out of her, me half covered in mud of course from the only puddle I the paddock.
    Then I couldnt ride for 6 months cause of my ribs and I was so ****ed scared of my horse I set up a circle of standard fencing so that she couldnt take off with me on her again. I had been jumping nearly 1m and went got bulldozed when I jumped 30cm.
    Heres the vid...
    It doesnt look nasty from that angle but hell it was. It was my fault for not holding her back strong enough, but it was also her fault for not listening to my aids.

    Then I had another fall which was preeeety **** shameful as I fell off going OVER the second jump of a sj course. Both bubbles and I jumped the jump at the same time but I was underneath her hanging on around her neck.
    I was in a hell of a lot of pain cause since january my shoulderblade has been dislocated and I shouldnt be riding anyway but I do.
    If Julie hadn't forced me to get back on and jump another jump right then and there, my pride, and my confidence, would have been driven 6ft deep. Thank goodness for Julie :L
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        09-24-2010, 01:20 AM
    There are very few people in the world who would stand up and say I like being hurt. Falling off sucks even if you don't break a bone or having a lasting injury, you are still sore from the bruises. And frankly it makes sense for your body and mind to tell you not to do this again and to be afraid, as you want to protect yourself.

    You have a choice, either quit riding, or face your fears and do something that is enjoyable to you.

    And someone please repost this, when I hurt myself. :)
        09-24-2010, 01:37 AM
    Hollybubbles: LOVE the video!
        09-24-2010, 02:05 AM
    Thanks OffTheTrack lol I get bored very quickly, so I make loads of videos.

    Good thing about that fall is everybody gets a good laugh out of that video cause I made a huge idiot of myself lol.
    So I can look back and laugh at one of the most painful falls in my life.

    "What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger" that's what I go by anyway lol
        09-24-2010, 04:42 AM
    Thankyou everyone for your replies I have since had 2 very good confident lessons we have gone back down to quite small jumps but I feel a hell of a lot better already!!
        09-24-2010, 05:07 AM
    That's good to hear then
    That's good though, develop your confidence back up slowly. It's taken me over a year to be able to jump 85cm again after breaking my ribs over 30cm when I had been jumping 90cm before that

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