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I am so desperate to learn to ride, it's insane.Just can't do it

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        06-19-2013, 10:29 AM
    Originally Posted by wild old thing    
    true true. What I was trying to say was I found the English saddle gives me more direct contact with a horse. My horse's Western saddle is humungous. And heavy. And thick. The construction I believe is about wrapping the leather down and around the horse distributing the weight he's carrying better - for longer working/riding, ropes, etc. I could be wrong about that but that's what I think.
    I'm sure it depends on the saddle. Mine is a lightweight western trail saddle. It is purposely made without a lot of extra mass and leather.
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        06-19-2013, 04:38 PM
    Originally Posted by tinyliny    
    The other thing to realize is that even falling off is not the end of the world. I am not saying go out and fall off, but if you did fall off, 90% of the time, other than a short shock, it's usually not as bad as you think it will be. I don't mean to say ignore it and pretend it isn't a scary thing. But maybe to remind yourself that it's totally survivable.
    I can honestly say this is true. I've been riding my whole life but took quite a few years off. I've fallen in the past but I was a lot younger and like most teenagers and kids, I never considered the risks. I got back into horses a year ago and have owned my new mare since November 2012. I was terrified of the risks, especially falling. So scared I would only ride her in the small round pen (maybe 30 ft) and I actually would hardly ever ride her anyways. I considered selling and just saying to heck with horses all together. Everyone always asked why I was still doing ground work when she was obviously ready for the saddle and I couldnt admit I was scared (to much pride lol) Luckily my trainer and friends pushed me to ride her and I got more confident. I started trotting and even took her out on the trail solo. Then one random day after being moved to pasture she spooked and I fell off. It was my fault for a number of reasons. I thought for sure that fall would ruin everything. I jumped up and started yelling at my husband to help me back on (was bareback). I rode maybe 10 more minutes at the most and turned her back out. I didnt get back on to correct her, I got back on for my own sake lol
    Anyways my point is: that fall didnt ruin my confidence at all. It really helped my riding and my confidence level. If anything it boosted my confidence. Now I know I can fall and still be OK. It sounds crazy but my riding has improved ever since my fall. I don't have as much fear holding me back. Yes, I still worry, sometimes we can't help that. I have an anxiety disorder too but falling isnt such a big deal anymore. I fell, I survived. Im not saying go out and fall by any means but like tinyliny said its totally survivable so don't let the worry over take you.
    My best advice is that you just have to suck it up and do it. The more you do it, the easier it will become. Good Luck!
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        06-19-2013, 05:26 PM
    OP I thought of you when I saw this photo this morning:

    Now you need to find ways to climb further up the ladder!

    Not too long ago I was stuck at "I can't do it" with cantering. It scared me, it was too fast.. I was so scared. So it quickly turnd into "I won't do it" because my horse and I weren't ready!

    Fast forward a few years and my new coach wanted me to canter since we had been walk and trot for so long. With such an encouraging coach, I jumped to "I want to do it" . Then it became "How do I do it?" and she showed me. Then "I'll try to do it" was my response as I sat there with my eyes shut on the lungeline. As I gave the cue for canter, I chanted "I can do it.. I will do it!" over and over to empower myself with positive thoughts.

    By the end I grinned and said with confidence: I did it!

    And girl if I managed to canter, to get on that horse and ride... you can too!

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