Knee problems when riding?

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Knee problems when riding?

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    10-24-2010, 02:48 AM
Knee problems when riding?

Sorry wasn't sure where to put this.

I have noticed that sometimes when I ride my left knee will start to hurt really bad. It doesn't hurt too much when I am moving and actively riding but when we stop to take a break or if I take my feet out of the stirrups and straighten my knee it hurts. Sometimes this also happens when I am at work, it hurts to straighten it. If I keep it bent it is only a slight irritating pain but when I go to walk I have to kind of limp so that my knee doesn't straighten out all of the way or else it is pretty bad pain. It also happens randomly when I get out of bed and sometimes even starts to hurt while I am laying in bed.

Someone suggested that maybe the fluid that my knee is supposed to produce between my knee cap and my joint is not being produced properly and is therefore causing rubbing. I can't afford to go to the doctors especially because it only happens every so often. It will happen and then go on for a few days but then I won't notice it for a few weeks or more. It just depends.

Any ideas?
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    10-24-2010, 05:54 AM
Green Broke
Gotta question for you. Do you notice this mainly with riding? I also have the same problem or similar. I was thinking it could be the stirrups but I don't know. I wanted to try those stirrup swivels or knee savers. They sell them on ebay for around 30 bucks. Otherwise try a knee brace. ??
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    10-24-2010, 06:04 AM
Green Broke
Have you hurt it? Like a sports accident or anything, if so a knee brace would be good
    10-24-2010, 08:10 AM
If you are riding English, I would see a doctor. If you are riding Western I would also see a doctor but first try "turning" your stirrups Turning Western Stirrups it will take the stress off your hips, knees, and ankles without having to buy those silly add-ons.
    10-24-2010, 10:33 AM
Mine do this too. No injuries, but probably too many fences. I was told to try yoga and stretching each morning and being certain I'm drinking enough water. It's amazing how not getting enough water will make you sore and creaky.
    10-24-2010, 01:33 PM
Thank you for the responses. It has never been injured before. It didn't used to do it until about a year ago.

I do notice mainly when riding but sometimes it happens when I am not riding as well. It seems like anything that puts pressure on it like standing at work for 6 hours or something like that is what makes it hurt.

I don't notice it all of the time though, only about 25% of the time maybe even less. I do ride english so maybe I am putting too much weight down on that knee or something.

I will try drinking more water :] and stretching and see if that helps out. If worse comes to worse I will try a brace.
    10-24-2010, 08:44 PM
Mine do this too. If I do my 1 hour jump or flat lesson its not so bad. But when I went to a couple 3-day events this year after sitting in the saddle a couple hours it really started to hurt. I also can't go on really long trail rides cause my knee can't handle it. Its dumb cause i'm only 16.
    10-25-2010, 01:39 AM
I feel ya Beau I am only 18. If I could afford a doctor I would go see one but alas I can't so unless it gets a lot worse I will just have to brush it off.

My boyfriend is actually going in for an MRI tomorrow on his knee. He has already been examined by a doctor, had x-rays, saw an orthopedic surgeon and is now going for an MRI. He has a Ganglian Cist on the outside of his knee and they are doing the MRI to see if he needs surgery or not.

Dang all these knee problems!
    10-26-2010, 03:02 AM
Have you been riding for a long time? I assume you have, but when I first started getting into English riding (as opposed to Western) I had problems with my knees hurting. It was because I had to position them differently in the stirrups. Now I'm used to the positioning so it doesn't hurt anymore.
    10-26-2010, 07:47 AM
Green Broke
Well ladies and gentlemen, looks like we will just have to cut our legs off! :) ya, I only notice this when I ride for a long time. Iridehorses, I never knew you could turn your stirrups. When I ride and it starts to hurt I just take my feet out of the stirrups for awhile. But it sounds like most of you ride English and have to be proper. I don't show or have a trainer to worry about. So when I ride its for me not someone or something. So for you guys that do you'll have to find someway to relieve that pain. I don't know that much if anything about English so I don't have a solution to this problem.
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