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    09-08-2011, 02:14 PM
On bull riding. Been there. While I was waiting for my birthday QH filly to grow up (she was under a year when I got her) I did break my uncle's bull. Use to ride him around the pasture with a halter. Easier to break than to ride. Have to pull their tail to get them going.
After I broke him he was the devil to catch :)) Not that he was easy before, when he'd do the whole "I'm tough bull and you better back off" routine. After I started riding him he would run if he saw me coming with a bit of rope. Not really a great ride though. Just something to ride while my horse matured. I still did a lot of ground work with her.

On the subject of boys not taking lessons while girls did. I'm not sure anyone on the side of the county I lived in took lessons. I didn't see a round pen at all or a paddock that wasn't larger than 1/4 acre after I returned from Germany. My grandfather and some of the old timers gave me pointers and tips and watch over me. Of course I already knew how to ride. Most of the tips were for training. I doubt if any of them knew what a riding helmet was. People born in the late 1800's didn't know of such things. But the did know horses (and cattle, pigs and virtually anything else they could raise).

I knew a couple of girls at school who rode English, but they came from the other side of the county, so we didn't see each other riding much. Looked good in those pants when I did see them :)
I started out English in Germany and had no problem with it, until I decided that I liked to ride long distances. Found out two basic things (well, I was told them by some of old time horse mentors and discovered them to be the case). If you're going to spend a long day (or days) in the saddle a western style seat is the most comfortable for the rider. If you're going to make those long rides your horse will prefer the larger Western style tree vs the smaller English one (distributes the rider's weight over a greater area, so it's easier).
Never did like the horn though. Love the endurance and plantation saddles they have now. Had an old McClellan back then as a spare saddle, but the tree didn't fit my horse very well, so it didn't get used much.

But I digress off the topic.
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    09-08-2011, 04:59 PM
Originally Posted by its lbs not miles    
On bull riding. Been there. While I was waiting for my birthday QH filly to grow up (she was under a year when I got her) I did break my uncle's bull. Use to ride him around the pasture with a halter. Easier to break than to ride. Have to pull their tail to get them going.
After I broke him he was the devil to catch :)) Not that he was easy before, when he'd do the whole "I'm tough bull and you better back off" routine. After I started riding him he would run if he saw me coming with a bit of rope. Not really a great ride though. Just something to ride while my horse matured. I still did a lot of ground work with her.
This made me laugh out loud!!!
That's so funny!! I definitely don't understand why more men don't ride. Men who ride are awesome, and the ones I've met have a lot to offer. The trainer who helped me with my gelding is male, and he has a gift with horses.
    09-08-2011, 05:14 PM
I don't know how the switch happened, but I think it is past the breaking point. It is tough to make the pitch that riding is masculine when the magazines are all about what shirt to wear to match your tack, and what is the latest color in barrel racing saddles.

And if the guy doesn't know how to ride, and he is in a place where learning on his own isn't an option, he's screwed. I haven't met any male instructors. The group lessons I sometimes take are otherwise 100% female. In my 50s, I don't give a rat's rear...but a 15 year old boy isn't going to want to have 12 year old girls show him up riding horses. Yet many 12 year old girls are experienced riders, and you can be an excellent athlete in other sports and not be fit to ride well. Running, for example, left me tight in all the spots I need to be loose for riding.

So yes, there are pretty girls taking lessons - and the boy will look like a dork in front of them until he gets up to speed. How many 15 year old boys are willing to look like a dork in front of pretty girls for 6-12 months just because his parents say it would be a good way to meet girls?
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    09-08-2011, 05:26 PM
I don't know about anyone else, but I saw a major shift in girls riding more than boys when I was little (so, the mid-80s). That's when things like "My Little Pony" came out and when Barbie and friends decided that riding horses was cool. Suddenly, little girls became all about having a pony and little boys definitely didn't want to do what little girls were doing. I do have to say that growing up in a ranching community, I know probably as many guys that ride as girls that do. One of the guys I house-sit for has two geldings that he is training as roping horses. In high school, the guys with horses were the cool ones, the ones without had to be on the soccer team to get any attention from the girls.

There aren't any boys in the more visible show rings, true, but in the rodeo arena and out on the trail, there are plenty. My BO's son is 9 and has two horses that he rides quite regularly. We have several men at the barn that are avid trail riders. In fact, I'd say that there are just as many men at our barn that ride their horses 3-4 times a week as there are women...maybe more.

The show ring has become the woman's domain, though, because, as someone stated, it's become all about your shirt matching your tack and your tack matching your horse and all about being pretty. Last I checked, when you were roping, it didn't matter if your shirt was green and your saddle pad was fuchsia and mattered how you rope. So men, who I have found are generally fashion-challenged anyway, tend to gravitate more toward the side of horses where they don't have to be pretty.
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    09-08-2011, 05:38 PM
I'd never say never :))
40 years ago I'd have said there's no way you'll ever have more girls riding than boys. And back then we were all riding before we got into high school, except some of the girls I went to high school with (the ones who looked good in their pants). Sad memory came to mind. One them lost her mother to a riding accident in the Summer after graduation. Her neck broke from fall. Her head was protected though.

What the girls thought wouldn't have matter to me when I was in Germany. Even if we'd had more of them in the class. I just wanted to please my instructor. She was a very pretty lady. Her daughter was my age and also my girl friend for a brief time, but she didn't want to keep taking lessons from her mom, so we didn't see each other so much after that.

I guess times have changed. Was a time when it wouldn't have matter if she rode better. It was about being around them. And if it did matter, then the drive was to become better. My youngest son did that all through high school. Competing with girls, but was for grades. Even for SAT scores.

Now he wants to learn how to take care of a horse. Not interesting in riding, but he's figured out if he knows everything about taking care of them he can catch plenty of the girls at the local stables.
    09-08-2011, 05:41 PM
I just want to say some of them cowboys look awful good in thier jeans without much thought about it. LOL
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    09-09-2011, 12:44 AM
Well according to the movie Toy Story, astronauts replaced cowboys when the first man walked on the moon. Little boys then wanted to be astronauts. Don't know if there is any truth to this though!

It seems in the United States, English barns and riding is predominantly female. I know in my area, it's literally like 90% female riding English style. If women stopped riding, I don't think English barns wouldn't be able to stay in business.

When guys do ride in the US, it's western. I think that is a leftover fantasy of being a cowboy. However Western riding seems very split to me. Probably a bit more men than women, but definitely a fair share of women.

So overall between women dominating english riding and western being so split, yeah, it does seem women are running the horsey world right now. I think we spend more money on our horses as well. Everything from the clothes to the tack. The guys I know who are into riding, seemed more frugal about it. I have a feeling the horse world would be really hurting if they lost their female crowd.

If anyone has a different experience in other parts of the US, then set me straight! I'm going by the east coast. I've lived in NJ, FL, VA and CT.

There aren't any boys in the more visible show rings, true, but in the rodeo arena and out on the trail, there are plenty.
Definitely! I don't know if trail would fall under Western or English riding because it seems it's own thing. I guess it would be western. But anyway, yes, plenty of men on the trails!
    09-09-2011, 01:44 AM
Where I am it seems like everyone rides. Or ropes or rides bulls or broncs or ..... If you ride English I guarantee you are a girl or thought to be gay. They used to try to get my husband to show because I taught him how to ride huntseat. Used to say they'd give him a blue ribbon just because he was a guy riding English, LOL! He just never wanted to work at it enough to really go showing. Maybe some day though.

I've ridden all my life, started out western riding whatever Dobbin was out in the pasture, then stable nags that you rent for an hour, then went Huntseat and Jumpers, tried team penning on an English saddle, loved it but the cowboys were all aghast that I was so 'suicidal'. Never did understand why they thought penning on a hunt saddle was so dangerous. Then I started doing lots of trail rides and some CTR, still all English. Now I'm doing trail rides and showing Western Pleasure. Would like to learn to show Trail in the horse shows but gotta get my stallion a little more schooled and experienced in Western Pleasure before we go try that. I never have ridden saddle seat. Back when I was a kid showing the open circuit I only saw a very few saddleseat riders and thought they just looked wierd, posting straight up and down, daycoats and everyone tells me it's lots of fun but it looks like too much work for me at my age.
    09-09-2011, 07:00 AM
Moon landing had not effect where I was. I didn't start riding until after that anyway. And it was at least 75% male at our stable. Different instructors there with their own classes. We had the most girls with 2 out of 8 to start. About 2 months later it was all male.

I started out English. Went to Western with great resistance, extreme duress and just short of kicking and screaming *laugh*. My older, and far more experienced family members and neighbors told me I'd prefer it for the kind of riding I was going to be doing. I was forced to try it. NEVER admitted they were right (but didn't have to since I didn't go back to English *laugh*).
What they were right about: If you're going to be riding pretty much all day for days the Wester seat is so much more comfortable for the rider and a proper fitting Western style tree is more comfortable for the horse (distributes your weight over a larger area). So they did know what they were talking about. Oh, and reining turned out to be (as they said it would), so much easier and more functional (great always having a free hand to use *smile*).
Always hated that horn though (more than once really wish it hadn't been there and felt like cutting it off). I was loaned the only remaining McClellan saddle in the family, and it was nice, but the tree didn't fit the horse like it should, so it didn't see use but a couple of times.
Today I'm more into some of the endurance and plantation designs. No horn, but the comfortable seat and large tree like the Western. A lot of them are based on the McClellan, but more padding on the seat.

Based on how I was, guys might be a lot more resistant to change then girls.

Have to agree that girls are where the money is for stables. I think it would have a bigger impact on instructors than stables. A stable's expense is based on it's horses. If they don't have as many boarders, then they'll have less income, but also less expense. Of course if they rely heavily on rentals, then they will certainly be hurting without the girls.

Guys may also be more frugal. The only thing I don't look for a big cost savings on is the saddle. And that's because I know it's going to cost to have the custom tree made for her back. Of course if I never planned to ride more than a few hours a few days a week, I'd probably shop more frugally, since there are off the rack trees that would come close enough.

I use to find it interesting how many women were into long distance and endurance riding, since it's not the easy Saturday or Sunday trail ride for a few miles. But taking into account the % of women who are riding I should have expected it.

I just wish more girls had been riding when I was a kid. Might have had someone better looking than my horse (not that she wasn't lovely *smile*) on my 30+ mile rides, or even just my 5 mile workout rides.
    09-09-2011, 04:57 PM
Women really drive a lot of the economy when it comes to clothing, shoes, etc. You can see it in malls where women to men stores are a good 5 to 1. And department stores always have a much bigger women's selection than men's. I guess it does make sense that the tack shops and catalogs have more things for women. I know I love getting the catalogs from Smartpak. I just got another one called Back In the Saddle. I guess is't just an online store. Tons of cute things for Western and English riders.

Anyway, it seems like the guys are either drawn to the rodeo type stuff or the trails.
I did see a guy at my barn taking lessons but he was there with his two daughters. I thought now there's a great dad! The girls were doing way better than him, lol.

BSMS you are totally right about a boy not wanting girls to show him up. He really would need a lesson barn that is strictly western riding to get other boys there. And from what I've seen, the English lesson barns seem to outnumber the western ones.

Is that the same for other people or has that just been my experience?

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